5 Most Common Problems with Yanmar 424 and Their Fixes

Yanmar tractors are used in a variety of roles in many fields. In agriculture, lawns, and gardens Yanmar is the first choice. This giant tractor consumes low fuel and can deliver high-end power. But there arise a few common issues after using this machine a certain period of time.

Problems like engine starting issue, poor fuel usage, engine overheating, etc. are very common.

In this article, I am going to discuss Yanmar 424 problems and their possible solutions.

Coomon Yanmar 424 Engine Problems and Their Solutions:

We all know that nothing in this world is flawless. In the same way, Yanmar 424 has some problems. In this section, we are going to discuss some Yanmar 424 problems and their solutions.

1. Engine won’t start

Many users reported this problem. When the starter battery is fully charged but usually the engine won’t want to start. Most of the time this is a problem that may be caused by a corroded connection.

To solve this issue you have to disconnect battery terminals and try to clean them with a brush or sandpaper. If that won’t work the problem might be with the relay. You can use a screwdriver to short the negative and positive terminals of the starter motor to solve the problem.

2. Engine overheating

Another common problem users faced is engine overheating. Once the engine gets started then the heat increases gradually and it gets too hot. Then you must stop the engine immediately.

If the cooling circuit gets opened somehow, users usually face this problem.

You need to see the battery charge light if the problem is with the belt or not. Then you need to check if the seacock of the cooling circuit is open. Activating the cooling circuit is most likely to solve the problem.

3. The inboard engine turns but does not start

Here is another problem Yanmar 424 users often face. It often happens that the inboard engine turns but it does not start. When you turn on the inboard engine, then you realize the starter motor starts but the inboard engine does not start. It happens due to issues with the diesel fuel circuit. 

And if everything else is in order then the problem is with the diesel fuel circuit. Check if the fuel line is clogged or the tube needs changing.

4. Battery charged starter motor does not engage

When you try to start the inboard engine then notice that the starter motor does not engage. If you have already faced this problem then you are not the only one around. The possible cause is some rust or oxidation on the gear at the head of the starter motor.

The first attempt to solve the issue is to hit the head of the starter motor with a hammer and clean the rust. If it does not work, deoxidize the gear on the starter motor. This might save you from calling a mechanic.

5. Poor fuel usage

Another problem, Yanmar 424 users often face is poor fuel usage. You will have to keep filling the tank but you will get reduced coverage and speed.

The problem is likely with spark plugs when this kind of problem occurs. As the damaged spark plugs cannot burn the fuel efficiently, it will waste a lot of fuel.

The solution is simple, you have to change spark plugs to recover performance and field coverage.

Maintenance Tips:

Check the Engine Oil: To check the engine oil you will need a dipstick. There is an upper line and a lower line on the dipstick.

You have to make sure the engine oil is in between those lines.

If it’s under the lower line you need to add some oil and if it’s above the upper line you need to drain some oil.  If the engine oil is too old. Make sure all the old oil is out and replace that with new oil.

Transmission Hydraulic Oil Check: Check theside glass by the PTO shaft. Hydraulic oil will be

Halfway into the sight glass. If it’s above halfway you got too much hydraulic oil and have to drain out. And if it’s below halfway you have to put some hydraulic oil.

Tractor Coolant System: Check the reservoir to make sure that there is the correct amount of fluid in the reservoir. You have to ensure that your coolant reservoir is at the full mark.

Radiator Screen: The purpose of the screen is to keep big dirt and debris off of the radiator itself to help and aid in cooling the tractor.

Lower & Upper Radiator Hose: Make sure there is no dry rotting in the hose and no leaking. And also make sure the upper clamp and the lower clamp are both secure and tight.

Check the Battery: Make sure there is no corrosion and the clamps are nice and tight. Also, check the battery cables to verify there are no cracks and no breaks in them.

The battery tie-down should be nice and tight to avoid bouncing around while traveling across the field.

Any Loose Fittings While Tractor Walk Around: You need to check if there is any loose-fitting or any leaks. To do that you will need a test drive. If anything is found inconvenient, fix that.

Bottom Line

Yanmar 424 is a tough tractor designed to do a tough job. Yanmar has over 30 years of experience working with gas engines. This long-earned experience helps them to evaluate customers’ needs.

Yanmar has developed a proprietary gas ignition system for high output with the help of industrial diesel engine technology. So, if we look upon its heavy positive doings, we can set aside Yanmar 424 problems too.

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