5 Common Walker Mower Problems & How to Troubleshoot Easily?

Your mower is no less than a weapon while mowing your lawn. But if your walker mower is faulty, it can then spoil the whole appearance of your backyard lawn, and that’s why learning about walker mower troubleshooting is so essential. 

Inconveniences like loss of power, the rise of smoke, starting problems are very common with walking mowers. These trivial problems often appear like a considerable danger for beginners. 

As a landscaper, you can solve these problems with the help of this article. Here, I’ve mentioned the problem along with an instant fix. This article is no less than a holy grail if you’re planning to purchase a walking mower. 

5 Common Walker Mower Problems and Their Solutions:

If you’ve been using a walking mower for years, you will witness some problems regarding it. I’ll be demonstrating the solution to some problems that came through troubleshooting- 

1. Loss of Power

The early sign before your walking mower loses power is the splitting sound that it makes. The sound signifies that your mower is about to stop functioning. But such a sudden halt can affect your lawn’s overall appearance. 

One of the significant reasons behind a walking mower’s power loss is its residual dirt. A dirty filter can also be the reason for the power loss. Sometimes the blades become blunt if dirt has piled up inside the walking mower.

Your mower can also face loss of power if there is an issue with the spark plug. A faulty spark plug can force your walking mower to pause within your mowing session. 

The Fix:

Taking out your mower’s fuel filter and gently wiping it can solve the issue. Firstly, you have to locate the position of your mower’s fuel filter. Use a moist and gentle cloth for rubbing against the dirt. 

Cleaning the mower’s blade can be a bit difficult. You can check the user manual to figure out the cleaning method of the blade. And if the mower blade is too tricky to clean.

A spark plug starts showing terrible issues after some years of constant usage. In that case, replacing it with a new one is ideal for eliminating your disturbance regarding the spark plug. 

2. The Rise of Smoke

Suppose you smell or see the rise of smoke from your mower while trimming the grass. The advent of black smoke while mowing the lawn is widespread among lawnmower owners. 

According to the statistics, such an issue occurs when the engine blows up. However, this problem is a matter of concern and a serious one. Overfilled oil inside the chamber sometimes can be the reason for black smoke. 

Leakage in the oil chamber can also result in the production of black smoke. When your walking tilts towards a specific side when going through a sloppy area, such disturbance occurs. 

The Fix:

Locating and examining the fuel chamber can solve the problem significantly. Check out if there is any leakage inside the fuel chamber. Cleaning up your clogged carburetor can resolve this issue. 

Before checking and detecting the oil leakage in the mower, don’t forget to check the oil leakage after turning off the mower. And stopping your mower from tilting to a side can obstruct it from leaking oil onto the muffler. 

3. Starting Problems

One of the main parts related to starting issues is the gas tank. You can’t start your walking mower if the gas tank is empty. Leaks in the gas tank can also be responsible for starting problems. 

Damaged mower batteries can also prevent your walking mower from starting fluently. The battery health of your mower plays a vital role in performance. If you’ve been using the mower battery for a long time, it gradually loses the ability to hold more power. 

Unwanted dirt builds up inside the air filter due to the reason your walking mower isn’t starting. Such inconveniences can block the airflow inside the air filter. 

Dirty spark plugs are another reason for your mower not starting. Sometimes moisture and oil stuck on the spark plug obstructs it and hinder its proper adjustment. 

The Fix:

Examine the gas tank thoroughly and check out if there’s any leakage. You can also bring it out to understand whether it’s empty or not. And if the gas tank has become very weary, you can replace it with a new one. All Mower Spares is an excellent platform to purchase a gas tank for your mower. 

4. Overheating Issues

Divergent lawn mower issues are responsible for overheating issues, and low oil levels are responsible for overheating problems. Low-grade fuel usage is also an important reason behind overheating problems of a walking mower. 

If your walking mower was resting aside with half-filled fuel for the whole season, you need to drain the oil first, and the residual oil will overheat your engine like anything. 

Clogged cooling fins are also a reason why you’re witnessing overheating problems. The clogging can be due to grass, moisture, oil, or stuck leaves, and unwanted dirt build-up stops the cooling process inside the walking mower. 

Sometimes faulty cooling fins can also cause your mower to overheat very frequently. If your mower heats up frequently, it can disperse heat and dislocate the actual position of your mower.

The Fix:

Cleaning your mower’s fuel filter, carburetor, and air filter can improve the overall condition of your mower and overheat less. Use a gentle cloth and mild soap to wipe off the residual dirt of the walking mower. 

You can also replace your old air and fuel filters to reduce overheating issues. Parts Tree is an excellent source of help in this case. You can find parts of any walking mower from this platform. Replacing the cooling fins can also be an ideal solution for such inconvenience. 

5. Unusual Vibration

Some of our customers come up with a complaint that their walking mower is vibrating too much. If your mower is also going through excessive and unusual vibration issues, it needs repairing sessions. 

Going through rocky or bumpy roads can lead your mower towards unusual vibration issues. A faulty drive belt also induces your walking mower to shake more than average. 

If your mower is running below the normal RPM or lacks proper deck adjustment can end up allowing your mower to vibrate more than usual. Faulty mower parts also can make your mower vibrate too much.  

The Fix:

Make sure that you don’t bend or damage the blades of your walking mower. Replacing the faulty mower part can also eradicate this common issue.

Your mower’s drive belt must be in sound condition to solve this disturbance. If the mower belt is too weary or fragile, you need to replace it with a new one. The belt also has to be installed appropriately. 


This article is an excellent guide for landscapers to buy a walking mower. The walker mower troubleshooting information described here includes some of the common problems along with their easy fixes. 

My team and I’ve brainstormed for hours to develop this informative content. I’ve arranged this content based on a professional’s advice. If you’re a beginner in this field, the article will work wonders for you!

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