TYM Vs. Kubota: Which One Should be Your Final Pick?

TYM is an excellent mower that has many competitors. Kubota is a hard competitor in the market and various features are quite similar to each other. Thus, it becomes hard to determine which one to buy.

Both Kubota and TYM are demandable mowers and if you want to know which one to choose, you need to find out the basic differences between them based on the specifications.

In this article, I will tell you about those differences so that you can pick the best one for your home and field.

TYM vs. Kubota: Quick Comparison Table

Engine Power24.4 HP24.8 hp HP
Cutting Width48 inches60 inches
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward and Reverse
Tire23 inches26 inches
Pricehigh rangehigh range
Weight3020 lbs.4,001 lbs.
Charging Capacity12 volts12 volts
TransmissionHydrostatic2 HST with gear reduction
Fuel Capacity6.6 gallons12.9 gal gallons

What Is the Difference Between TYM vs. Kubota?

1. Engine Power:

Power output from the engine is a fundamental and critical component of a mower. You won’t have any trouble cutting the grass in the field if you choose a robust mower that has a powerful engine.

The TYM has 24.4 horsepower, which may be used to power the mower and cut the lawn. You will get an adequate amount of energy from the mower, which is not accessible from standard lawnmowers.

Another fantastic mower brand is Kubota, which comes with 24.8 horsepower. It has a little higher horsepower rating than the TYM.

However, if you look at both of their engine power specs side by side, you won’t notice a huge difference. The odds, however, suggest that Kubota will emerge victorious in this contest.

2. Wheel Drive:

On many conventional mowers, the only possible driving direction is forward, and there is no provision for backward motion.

But that is not how the TYM operates. It is a commercial mower designed for use by professionals that is capable of driving forward and backward at speeds of 11.25 mph and 4 mph, respectively, in either direction.

But the Kubota has a driving speed of 10.6 mph and a backward speed of 5.3 mph.

Therefore, one may claim that TYM is a little bit better.

3. Tire:

Mowers can’t function properly without tires. On the other hand, whether the consumers want large or small tires is something that relies on their preferences. Some people may like smaller tires, while others could prefer larger ones.

The tire size offered by TYM is 23 inches, which is a size that is suitable for mowers of this size.

On the other hand, the Kubota tires have a size of 26 inches, which is noticeably larger than the TYM tires.

The larger tires offered by Kubota may be the deciding factor for certain customers.

4. Price:

The pricing of each of these mowers is far more than what is typically seen in this product category. The individuals who operate these mowers benefit from a plethora of helpful features and a significant increase in the degree of protection afforded to them.

They are on par with the top mowers that are currently on sale in the marketplace. As a consequence of this, the price is acceptable when the attributes are taken into account at the same time.

5. Cutting Depth and Width:

When you cut across the breadth, you ensure that you cover a large area and that the cut is smooth. Although most mowers concentrate on possessing a cutting width of 52 inches, TYM has achieved the remarkable feat of having a cutting width of 60 inches.

On the other hand, the cutting width of the Kubota is 48 inches. Because of this, TYM has a wider cutting width than Kubota does.

6. Weight:

When it comes to mowing a large field, some users of mowers believe that owning a heavier mower is preferable.

When equipped with ROPS, the TYM weighs in at a respectable 3020 pounds, which is not bad for a commercial mower.

The Kubota, on the contrary, tips the scales at 4,001 pounds when fully equipped with a loader, backhoe, and ROPS/FOPS. It is fairly hefty, and a tractor of this kind can operate for a significant amount of time.

7. Charging Capacity:

When shopping for a mower, you should give careful consideration to how easily it can be charged and how many hours it can operate on a single charge.

The volt rating for TYM is 12, which is the industry standard for batteries. On the other hand, Kubota is equipped with 12 volts.

As a result, the battery voltages of the Kubota and the TYM are comparable to one another.

8. Transmission:

The gearbox is one of the most important components of the lawnmower. A poor one might render the mower useless and make you resentful that you purchased it in the first place.

The TYM and the Kubota are equipped with respectable transmissions.

The transmission that TYM use is hydrostatic, and it performs quite well. However, Kubota offers something more. Because it includes two HSTs along with gear reduction, working with it will be quite smooth, and you won’t have any trouble operating the tractor in any way.

The fact that Kubota mowers have two hydrostatic transmissions makes for a superior mowing experience. As a result, it emerges victorious in this case.

9. Fuel Capacity:

If your mower has a large fuel capacity, you will be able to operate for a considerable amount of time without having to stop and refuel it. This is a significant benefit since constantly having to replenish the gasoline tank is not a task that is always pleasant to do. As a result, having a larger fuel capacity is always the wiser choice.

There aren’t very many mowers out there that have a fuel capacity as high as 6.6 gallons, so the fact that TYM does is rather impressive.

However, Kubota is one step ahead of the competition as it has a fuel capacity of 12.9 gallons! It is a significant quantity and of the highest quality.

Because of the greater fuel capacity, the Kubota will always be in a better position to compete against the TYM.

10. Warranty:

A warranty is highly crucial for the peace of mind that it provides about the quality of the goods. If you buy a product that has no warranty or a guarantee that lasts for a very short time, then you are not protected, and if something happens to it, then it will be a significant financial burden for you.

This is an astounding amount of warranty coverage for a mower offered by TYM, which is three years. You won’t have to worry about any additional expenses thanks to this.

On the other hand, Kubota offers a variety of warranty plans for its assortment of mowers, with terms ranging from two to six years.

Therefore, Kubota performs somewhat better in this aspect.

TYM vs. Kubota: Which One to Choose Finally?

Choosing the ideal lawnmower for your needs may be difficult if you compare these two mowers side-by-side.

TYM’s reputation, heavy body, and easy-to-use mechanism make it an excellent option for those who want to get started.

But Kubota will, nevertheless, be a superior option in many respects to TYM. It has a more powerful engine, more fuel capacity, a larger battery, and so on.

As a result, Kubota may be a better option if you’re looking to acquire one of these two.


Both Kubota and TYM are great mowers. But feature-wise Kubota will stay a step ahead of TYM. Even people who have used Kubota are very satisfied with it. Thus, it is a great choice for people who are looking for buying a mower.

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