The Key Differences Between Troy Bilt Tuffy vs Bronco

Troy Bilt is the name of a popular tractor company. It rose to fame after launching its powerful mowers in the market. Day by day the demand for those tractors is increasing. But there remain differences within models of their mowers.

Troy Bilt Tuffy and Troy Bilt Bronco are two very demandable mowers. But you have to choose one for buying. In this case, you need to know the basic difference between them so that you can pick one. The features like wheel drive, starter, price, weight, etc. are the distinguishing features between the two models.

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Troy Bilt Tuffy Vs Troy Bilt Bronco: Quick Comparison Table

There are some major differences between Troy Bilt Tuffy and Troy Bilt Bronco. The following box will show you clear information to make you more confident about your decision.

FeaturesTroy Bilt TuffyTroy Bilt Bronco
Engine Power4HP5.5HP
Tilling Width14 inches16 inches
Wheel DrivePower ForwardPower Forward and Reverse
Tire10 inches12  inches
Price499 USD1,200 USD
Weight81 kg224 kg
Charging Capacity12 Amp15 amp
TransmissionGear-Driven Cast-Iron & BronzeCVT
Fuel Capacity1.26 litre4.9 Litre

What Are The Difference Between Troy Bilt Tuffy vs Bronco Based on Features?

1. Engine Power

The engine power of Troy Bilt Tuffy is 4HP to regulate all its functions. On the other hand, the Troy Bilt Bronco engine has 5.5HP power which is higher than Troy Bilt Tuffy.

In this case, Troy Bilt Bronco is more powerful than Troy Bilt Tuffy Bronco as Bronco can carry out various types of functions easily.

2. Tilling Width

Tiller breaks clay into tiny sizes which refines the aeration of clay. Troy Bilt Tuffy has 14 inches tilling width.

On the other side, Troy Bilt Bronco has a cutting width of around 16 inches. This is higher than Troy Bilt Tuffy.

Eventually, Troy Bilt Bronco is the winner for having the capacity of cutting grass precisely.

3. Wheel Drive

John Bilt Tuffy has the wheel drive of power forwarding only. However, Troy Bilt Bronco has both the power forward and reverse which is advanced compared to Troy Bilt Tuffy.

Therefore, Troy Bilt Bronco is the winner as it carries out more beneficial features for the users.

4. Tire

Troy Bilt Tuffy has a 10-inch tire diameter which is responsible for running the tractor forward or reverse. The measurement of the tire plays a major role to move through the field without experiencing any trouble.

Contrarily, Troy Bilt Bronco has 12 inches tires for movement which is larger than Tuffy. So the users’ preference will go for Bronco.

5. Price

The price of Troy Bilt Tuffy is around 499 USD. This is quite affordable to the customers. In contrast, Troy Bilt Bronco costs around 1,200 USD. This is much more expensive than Tuffy.

As Troy Bilt Bronco contains all types of advanced specifications, the expensiveness is justified.

6. Weight

The weight of Troy Bilt Tuffy is around 81 kg. This means it feels light when the users run it in the field.

In contrast, Troy Bilt Bronco is around 224 kg. It is a heavy-duty lawn mower model. It carries large tools it weighs that much.

So Troy Bilt Tuffy is the winner in this respect.

7. Charging Capacity

The charging capacity of Troy Bilt Tuffy is around 12 Amp. The Amp unit denotes shows the implication to start and regulate the motor as well as organizing other activities.

In reverse, Troy Bilt Bronco has a 15 amp battery capacity which indicates a high range value of a battery.

Finally, Troy Bilt Bronco is the winner so it gets the market value.

8. Transmission

The transmission of Troy Bilt Tuffy is gear-driven, while Bronco has Cast-Iron & Bronze type.

It denotes the tractor gear which facilitates the power from the engine to the wheels.

It is also responsible for optimizing the acceleration of the tractor by altering the torque and adjusting to the condition.

On the other hand, Bronco has CVT( continuous variable transmission) type transmission. It is far better than Tuffy. So CVT system can alternate its functions according to the tractor’s activities.

So the appreciation goes to Bronco which has a friendly feature for the users.

9. Fuel Capacity

As the deposit of fuel is considered as a fluid tank, the volume is the major factor for utilizing the feature in the tractor. The fuel capacity of Tuffy is about 1.26 liters which is not much for a good mower.

On the contrary, Bronco has a 4.9 Liter of the fuel tank which can hold up more fuel compared to Tuffy. So finally, having a large tank Bronco is far better than the Tuffy.

10. Starter

Tuffy contains a recoil-type starter for controlling the use of power to equipment. On the other hand, Bronco consists of a flywheel starter.

When the engine spins, the combustion energy turns the engine running with the help of the flywheel. So Bronco gets the extra point for its starter.

11. After Service & Warranty

With the Tuffy, common issues are a clogged carburettor and misaligned belts. It also appears to be hard to use.

Bronco on the other hand manifests starting problems. Within just 50 hours on the engine, the problem starts.

In case of transmission issues, Troy Bilt in general is not much helpful. The warranty work on these tillers is 50/50 between reputable and shady.

12. Durability

In the long run, the Bronco lasts more than the Tuffy. It’s because Tuffy is not friendly to impact. And you will see the joints getting broken, nuts coming loose and things like that.

Broncos, on the other hand, are withstanding. At least up to 5 years, you will have a smooth experience with it. This with the annual oil changes of course.

13. Engine Reliability

Both Tuffy and Bronco use engines made by Briggs & Stratton. However, the capacity is different.

We all know how far a B&S can run. But as per customer reviews, the Bronco engine is more reliable. It has better longevity.

Troy Bilt Tuffy or Troy Bilt Bronco Which One to Choose?

Troy Bilt Tuffy and Troy Bilt Bronco both are compatible models. Troy Bilt Bronco has more upgraded features for which it gains.

As it contains advanced features compared to Tuffy, Bronco operates its engine, hydrostatic system and transmission system properly.

And Troy Bilt Bronco costs expensive because it deserves it for configurational cost.

Troy Bilt Tuffy is also another model which is inexpensive. But the service of the mower is not as good as Bronco.

It has gear-driven cast iron and bronze for the transmission system. So it has hardly one advanced feature. Overall, Bronco is the winner for its outstanding specifications.


Now you know of the drastic dissimilarity between Troy Bilt Tuffy And Troy Bilt Bronco. The Troy Bilt Bronco seems perfect for most users. Thereby, you should go for Bronco.

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