What Is The Key Differences Between Toro Vs. Gravely

Purchasing a lawn mower has become so difficult due to the abundance of available options. Toro and Gravely are two prominent brands among the market’s alternatives. But are you even confused about these two? Then you are searching in the right direction.

The features that make Toro and Gravely distinguishable include the warranty of their products, the engine of the mowers, deck size of their mowers, price, and so many other alluring factors.  

In this article, I will compare all of the distinguishable features of the Toro vs Gravely companies. Eventually, I will provide a concluding recommendation to help you determine which of these two companies can fulfill your requirements.

Toro Vs. Gravely: Quick Comparison Table

Toro and Gravely are distinguishable by a number of characteristics. Take some time reviewing the comparison table.

Toro vs. Gravely:

Product LineWalk-behind, Push, Gas, Electric, and Zero Turn MowersWalk-behind, Stand-on, Electric, and Zero Turn Mowers
Warranty1 Year to 5 Years (with conditions)3 Years to 5 Years (with conditions)
EngineToro V-twin, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler enginesKohler, Kawasaki FS and FX series, and Yamaha MX-V EFI
Power12 HP to 38 HP14 HP to 38.5 HP
Mower Deck21’’-30’’ (Walk-behind)
21’’-22’’ (Battery-Powered)
34’’-60’’ (Zero Turn)
36’’-60’’ (Walk-behind)
32’’-60’’ (Stand-on)
48’’-60’’ (Battery-Powered ZTR)
34’’-72’’ (Zero Turn)
Seat AdjustabilityYesYes
Overall ComfortGoodGood
Cutting Height1″ to 5″1.5″ to 5″
Overall EfficiencyEfficientEfficient
PriceComparatively less costlyMore costly

About the Brand: Toro vs. Gravely

Toro, headquartered in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington, Minnesota, is well-known for its durability, versatility, and ease of use. 

In 1914, Toro Motor Company was established to manufacture tractor engines. It began manufacturing push mowers in 1948.

Toro, however, manufactures an extensive range of products, including irrigation systems and supplies, commercial and residential mowers, snow blowers, portable trimmers, leaf blowers, etc. for a variety of U.S. markets.

Gravely, situated in Brillion, Wisconsin, is renowned for its excellent efficiency, reliability, and ability to produce innovative and helpful equipment.

In 1922, the Gravely company was established by a man named Benjamin Franklin Gravely and his several backers.  

In 1940, Ben Gravely sold his stake in Gravely Tractor. Studebaker purchased his company in 1960 and renamed it Studebaker-Worthington.

In 1982, Brillion, Wisconsin-based AriensCo bought Gravely. Currently, Gravely is the commercial lawn division of AriensCo, with all sales occurring via authorized dealers.

They presently manufacture motorized lawn and garden equipment, including walk-behind, zero turn, and out-front mowers.

What are the Differences Between Toro Vs. Gravely Based on Features?

The engines, horsepower, size of the mower deck, warranties, and costs are all important points of comparison. These features are interpreted for your convenience below.

1. Engine:

Both Toro and Gravely engines are of high quality. Some of the models produced by these two businesses even use the same engine.

Toro mowers are usually powered by Kohler and Briggs & Stratton engines.

It also uses Toro V-twin and Kawasaki V-twin engines on some of its mowers.

In contrast, Gravely mowers usually use Kohler or Kawasaki FS or FX series engines.

Recently, mowers from the company have been outfitted with Yamaha MX-V EFI engines, making quick work of even in the largest fields.

2. Power:

Both Toro and Gravely are quite equal when it comes to the power of their engines. Both of these companies manufacture mowers that have powerful engines.

The mowers manufactured by Toro include engines that are remarkably comparable to those found in the mowers manufactured by Gravely.

The range of engine power for its mowers ranges between 12 to 38 horsepower.

However, Gravely equips its mowers with almost the same powerful engines as Toro mowers.

The power of the Gravely mower engines generally ranges from 14 to 38.5 horsepower.

3. Mower Deck:

Both Toro and Gravely have standard-sized mowers in comparison to the mowers currently available on the market. Both mower decks are suited to handle the mowing of large areas.

Toro has equipped its walk-behind mowers with cutting decks ranging from 21- to 30-inch. 

Its battery-powered mowers provide 21- to 22-inch cutting decks.

Toro’s zero turn mowers feature cutting decks ranging in size from 34-inch to 60- inch.

In contrast, Gravely has equipped its walk-behind mowers with 36- to 60-inch cutting decks.

They outfitted their walk-behind mowers with 32- to 60-inch mower decks.

The size of the mowing deck on Gravely zero turn mowers ranges from 34- to 72-inch, along with the 48- to 60-inch mower deck of its battery-powered zero turn mowers.

4. Warranty:

The mower manufactured by Toro provides a one- to five-year warranty.

In contrast, certain products of Gravely have, on average, a longer warranty length than those of the warranty provided by Toro. The company’s products are covered by a three- to four-year warranty.

However, both warranties have a variety of conditions. Such as,

  • There are restrictions on the number of hours used during the warranty period.
  • There is a limited warranty on particular components of mowers.
  • In the first two years, the mower will cover an unlimited number of hours.
  • Residential and commercial mower warranties differ.

5. Price:

Both Toro and Gravely provide reasonable pricing for their products. However, they are still distinct from one another.

The following is a list of the price ranges for the various products manufactured by Toro:

  • $399 – $1649 (Walk-behind)
  • $449 – $849 (Battery-Powered)
  • $3,099 – $8,999 (Zero Turn)

The following is a price list for the various products that Gravely manufactures:

  • $3,999 – $8,999 (Walk-behind)
  • $28,000 – $32,000 (Battery-Powered ZTR)
  • $4,099 – $15,999 (Zero Turn)

Toro vs Gravely: Which One to Choose Finally?

Both Gravely and Toro make mowers for both residential and commercial use. They feature a high level of overall comfort, efficiency, and similar cutting height. Likewise, the engine power in each of the company’s products is quite similar.

If you want an absolute solution, Toro’s wide range of product variety makes it difficult to go elsewhere.

Customers emphasized the availability of helpful support staff. Since Toro is the larger company, there are more Toro dealerships, licensed merchants, and repair shops.

Additionally, the price of Gravely mowers is very much higher than Toro.

On the other hand, the mowers manufactured by Gravely are equipped with a wider cutting deck, enabling them to quickly mow larger fields.

According to a reviewer who has owned mowers manufactured by both companies, “Gravely is the greatest option for a residential unit. The build quality of Gravely is much better than that of the Toro.

The choke cables and connections of Gravely are much beefier than Toro’s, which are exceedingly thin and often bend and bind.

Toro’s brake control module that controls all the safety switches commonly malfunctions due to water penetration and plastic gear failure. Even the manually operated deck lift seemed to be cheap and fragile on the Toro.

Now, when comparing commercial units, Toro is preferable than Gravely. The Z-Master will not let you show dissatisfaction.”

If you have a limited budget, Toro is an excellent option for you. It is also a well-known company with the abovementioned facilities.

If you want to mow a larger ground of your property and have a big budget, you can go for Gravely mowers. As it has a wider cutting deck, it will make your requirement fulfilled with less time and effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will a Toro Mower Last?

A well-maintained Toro lawnmower might last between 8 and 10 years (1.5 hours per week). However, if it is not properly maintained and cared for, its lifetime may be cut in half.

When Should I Replace the Oil in My Toro Mower?

Toro recommends changing the oil on zero turn mowers every 100 hours, or after the first 5 hours for brand-new mowers.

How Long will a Gravely Mower Last?

Gravely tests each model for thousands of hours. Their warranties cover 1,500 hours over five years. Therefore, Gravely mowers should last at least up to 1,500 hours.

Is It Worth Spending Extra Money on a Gravely than Toro?

Yes, A Gravely mower is a great purchase. Though the Toro is less costly, Gravely has the durability, reliability, and capability of cutting grass on almost any terrain worth spending extra money on.


You will be able to choose between the two mower manufacturers with more knowledge after reading this Toro vs Gravely article. Both are equipped to meet your requirements and give you excellent service.

To sum it up, Gravely mowers are good for large properties and big budgets. Its broader cutting deck saves time and work. Toro is a wonderfully affordable option. It is a reputable company with so many alluring features.

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