How To Fix Toro Lawn Mower Rear Wheel Drive Problems?

Are Toro lawn mowers one of the most flexible machines you can propel in your yard, garden or lawn without fretting? Whether for a professional or a newbie, the Toro mower never fails to amaze. However, no mower is free from some trivial inconveniences. Toro is no different in this case. 

Problems like excess DebrisDebris, V-belt issues, Drive cable malfunction, drive pulley issues, and no power to the left wheel are common with Toro lawnmowers.

These issues may seem very critical to somebody thinking of purchasing Toro or is a beginner. But this article covers every problem and solves them effortlessly.

About Toro Lawn Mowers

The Toro Company is an American company based in Minnesota. The company manufactures lawnmowers, snowblowers, and irrigation system supplies. But the company is mostly known for the mowers they manufacture. 

The company manufactures residential and commercial mowers for your garden, yard, or lawn. You can find various types of mowers in their product line. 

The company initially used to build tractor engines and was known as “Toro Motor Company” in 1914. It was only in 1948 when that Toro entered the push market.

Toro Lawn Mower Rear Wheel Drive Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

1. Unwanted Debris built up● Wiping off the excess dirt and debris.
● Replace the components if necessary. 
2. V-belt issues● Replacing the belt with a new one can be the only valid solution. 
3. Drive Cable Malfunction● Get a new drive cable.
● Loosen the nuts and customize the adjustments. 
4. Drive pulley issues● Troubleshoot the issue and replace if the old one’s not worth using. 
5. No power to the left wheel● Troubleshoot the components and work on them simultaneously.

Toro Lawn Mower Rear Wheel Drive Problems and Their Solutions:

There can be many reasons responsible for the rear-wheel-drive of the Toro lawnmower. I’ve comprehended some of the vital problems below with their easy fixes. 

1. Unwanted Debris Build Up

Your lawnmower has a lot of unwanted Debris while dealing with turfs. This unwanted Debris and dirt can glide from the deck to the wheels. The soil, grass and dirt stuck in the mower become hard gradually. 

Thus, it obstructs the self-propelling feature of the Toro lawnmower. The mower also starts losing its functionality and productivity. As a result, it fails to yield the desired outcome. 

The Fix:

There’s no alternative to regular maintenance and cleaning to eradicate this problem. The user who doesn’t clean their Toro mower for a long time suffers from this issue.  

Before fully cleaning the whole mower, don’t forget to disconnect the mower. And if you think your Toro lawn mower is in the worst condition, take it to a nearby service point. 

2. V-belt Issues

The Toro mowers V-belt plays a pivotal role in propelling. This belt helps the mower in moving and turning the wheel. This issue is interrelated with many other vital problems. 

When somebody uses a mower for years, the mower becomes V-belt becomes slippery, loose, and worn out. As a result, it no more can control the wheel. 

Your mower’s V-belt issue arises when the belt breaks down or stretches gradually; it starts becoming weary. 

The Fix:

Before jumping into any solution, you need to observe the belt and its components. Going for a remedy without proper observation will be a wrong decision. I

f you feel the belt is too damaged to be used, replace it. You can get a new V-belt from Part Select

3. Drive Cable Malfunction

The drive cable of any self-propelled mower ensures that you can control the frontal part simultaneously. 

A malfunctioned drive cable can’t provide smooth and sufficient functionality to the mower. 

Sometimes simple wear and tear can affect your drive cables’ condition to a great extent. The beginners often worry about how to deal with this issue. But fixing this problem is easier compared to the other ones. 

The Fix:

Taking your mower to a service point and replacing the drive cable is the easiest solution. But if you’ve got some expertise, you can do it by yourself. 

You need to loosen the nuts around the handle and pull the jacket towards the engine. In this way, you can ensure that the mower doesn’t slack.

Lastly, ensure that the support nut is back in its place. 

4. Drive Pulley Issues

The Drive pulley, in general, is attached to the crankshaft of the engine. If your mower has driven pulley issues, it won’t run properly. A broken or worn-out pulley cannot continue the transmission. You can’t assemble the wheel without it. 

The Fix:

Troubleshooting the drive pulley is the ultimate fix for such inconvenience. As a landscaper, you need to inspect the drive pulley carefully and find out its problems. 

If you feel the drive pulley is too worn out to be in use anymore, replace it. 

Please take it to your nearby service point for a professional’s help. Otherwise, your mower won’t be able to yield the proper outcome that you expect. 

5. No Power to the Left Wheel

There can be many reasons responsible for why there’s a lack of power over the left wheel. According to the studies, there can be three common reasons behind it-

  • Faulty drive belt transmission
  • Trashed gear in the left drive wheel
  • A jammed rocking key area

Besides these issues, there are some unusual causes of this problem. Worn-out pinion gears and faulty little metal inserts can be the culprit behind no power to the left wheel. 

So, whenever there’s no problem with the drive belt, gear, or rocking key, you need to check the pinion gears and metal inserts. 

Sometimes not using a light lubricant can also give rise to such problems. 

The Fix:

Replacing the faulty pinion gears and metal inserts can heal the problem to a great extent. You can also try using a light lubricant and see if things get better. 

But don’t forget to re-install the mower after troubleshooting any problem that comes forward. Cleaning and lubing the keys have also helped a great number of users. Wiping off excess dirt from the keys helps the mowers run very smoothly. 


This article is a guide for users struggling with Toro lawn mower rear drive wheel problems. I doubt whether you’ll find any other informative article like this on the internet. 

This article consists of information and suggestions based on professionals’ suggestions. My team and I have brainstormed for hours to come up with this piece. I hope it works wonders for you!

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