7 Most Common Problems with Spartan Mower

Like the name, Spartan mowers are one of the most powerful and muscular cutting machines in the industry.

With more comfort, better maneuverability, faster speed, and increased fuel efficiency, they have disrupted the traditional mowing sense.

However, Spartan owners have faced some issues over the years that you should know in advance. After going through lots of forum threads and customer reviews, I have found 7 most common problems with Spartan mower.

spartan mower problems

1. Uneven Cut

Among all the complaints, dealing with uneven cuts is the most common one. lots of customers are facing it and there are lots of discussions on the topic.

But the surprising fact is that it is not the direct fault of the manufacturer. It seems that either the dealer or the customer is responsible for it.

Let me explain so that you can understand the situation better.

If the deck is not clean or the air pressure is not right, the cuts may not be as expected. Moreover, the same problem can occur when the blade gets dull.

So, it the duty of a user to regularly check the deck and the blades. Make sure that they are in perfect conditions, and the mower would provide smooth performance.

On the other hand, due to installing the wrong blade or not correcting the belt tension can lead to the same disappointing results. As you can understand, solutions for both issues are in the hands of your dealer.

Furthermore, find whether the blades are spinning fast enough. Because low RPM can also cause uneven cuts.

Tip: After examining the belt tension, you may assume that it doesn’t need fixing. However, some people have made the same mistake. I recommend you to take it to the seller and let him/her check it. If everything else is fine, the belt tension will be the only culprit.

1. Starting Issues

You must know that the successful starting of a mower (not only Spartan) depends on the condition of several components and connections.

Besides some common things such as bad wiring, weak or dead battery, dirty or disengaged spark plug, blocked air filter, old gas, I have come across a peculiar situation.

Some customers have said that they took their unit to the dealer after failing to start it. The seller told them that the problem was with the LCD circuit board. Now, it does not make any sense, does it?

Surprisingly, replacing the board with a new one solved the issue for a certain period. Furthermore, the users changed it a few times more. Every time, the mower runs smoothly but the problem occurs again.

In such situations, it is the best practice to contact the manufacturer and solve the issue.

Again, I have mentioned some common facts that lead to starting issues above. You should keep those in mind while troubleshooting.

2. Not Enough Powerful

Compared to other competitor models, lots of people think that this is an underpowered lawnmower considering the size.

However, there are opposing opinions on this matter.

3. Less Reliable

Here, I want to shine the light on two matters. One is the too much reliability on electronics, and another is the use of non-metal parts.

I am not saying that having a smart operating system and lots of techs onboard is a bad thing. But it can go bad very easily, and troubleshooting the problems is not possible for normal users.

On the other hand, it has some plastic parts that give it the muscular look. They are not that sturdy and may not withstand rough uses.

4. Keypad Going Bad

Normally, outdoor machines such as mowers should have all electronic components protected. Rain or snow must not affect them.

But that is not the case for the mowers from Spartan. If you leave the mower too long on the outside or don’t clean around the buttons regularly, your machine’s keypad may go bad.

5.  Deck Noise

Another complaint was about hearing very loud noises after engaging the blades. One user found out that the blade on the mandrel was loose, making sparks while rotating, thus he thought that the problem was a loose blade.

Nonetheless, tightening the blade could not solve the issue. So, it is possible that his mower’s bearings were worn out.

Tip: As soon as you hear such loud noises, you should stop the machine immediately and take it to the nearby shop for repair. Because it possesses a safety hazard.

6. Fuel and Air Gauge

You may relate to this issue because lots of owners are facing it.

The nature of this issue is that by filling up the fuel tank, one may notice that the gauge is indicating a partially full reservoir.

That is the fuel gauge problem. Regarding air gauge, your cutting machine may not be showing the tire pressure or temps.

Now, is your mower setting off the buzzers even when the tank is full or the tires have the right amount of pressure?

If the answer is yes, you will need to contact the seller of the manufacturer. Because the problem needs expert attention.

Spartan Dealer’s Experience

In one Reddit post and several other forum discussions, I saw some comments from Spartan Mower dealers.

One thing they all agree on is that products from Spartan get returned for repair than lots of other brands.

According to the dealers, only the keypad issue discussed above is a real one that falls directly on the responsibility of Spartan.

All other problems with Spartan Zero Turn Mowers are either a fault on the user end or installation mistakes by some sellers.

Final Thought

Those are some common issues face by Spartan Owners. One thing I want to mention is that their customer service is very good. According to one customer, the company saw him complaining about a certain engine issue and contacted him.

The discussions were in a forum not their official website or he didn’t even mail them. But the manufacturer took care of the matter. So, if you are facing any problem, you should first contact your seller and then the Spartan. Hopefully, you won’t get disappointed.

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