5 Common Simplicity Broadmoor Problems (Solution Added)

Simplicity has a 100-year track record of invention, tenacity, and high-quality products.

If you are unfamiliar with their Broadmoor, the Simplicity Broadmoor series may be the best option because Simplicity delivers mid-range and acceptable quality items that have all of the essential features that most Broadmoor buyers look for in a vehicle.

Consumers, on the other hand, have been complaining about certain typical troubleshooting concerns like engine shut down issue, sticky transmission, Hydraulic problem, etc.

Here, I have decided to address the 5 Simplicity Broadmoor problems.

5 Most Common Simplicity Broadmoor Problems and Solutions:

Check out these Simplicity Broadmoor problems and solutions in details below:

1. The Engine Suddenly Stops

Several Simplicity Broadmoor users have complained about the frequent experience of engine stops.

After a few hours of use, the engine abruptly stops and does not move.

Overheating is the source of the problem. It might be due to an overheated engine or a lack of coolant. It can also happen if the motor-driven fan fails to turn due to a blown fuse or an electrical problem.

Installing fans will primarily help to cool the engine while also wrapping the exhaust to avoid overheating. And take a short break after 45 minutes of constant use.

Overheating problems can sometimes be exacerbated by filthy radiator and grille screens. Clean all garbage or debris from the hood compartment and relocate the radiator front cooler slightly if this is the case.

2. Engine Starting Difficulty

One may also encounter hard starting, slow, or no start issues with some of the older Simplicity Broadmoor models.

At first, it works just fine and due time it slows down. The engine continues to run at full speed but the drive wheels don’t go anywhere. Then it progressively slows down until it barely moves.

It’s also a very common issue that can arise with any BROADMOOR model, no matter what the band is, and there can be several different reasons behind the engine starting problem. Especially when it gets older.

Changing PTO can solve the problem for a while but it gets starting problem after changing the main PTO.

3. Sticky Transmission Problems

Another most commonly mentioned issue that many users have already experienced is noticing rough transmission causing minor troubles. The problem appears in the 99 Simplicity model.

After starting the engine it mows very smoothly and gets progressively roughed and slows down and the pedals do forward and backward and don’t engage at all.

You may notice rough transmission when the transmission filters are clogged because the clogged filter puts extra strain on the transmission fuel pump to pull out the transmission fluid. And it could be that the transmission belt falls off during the engine swap. Checking the routing and the tension of the transmission belt could solve the problem.

Due to severe and extensive usage of the BROADMOOR vehicle without regular maintenance care, further difficulties such as loose bolts on the rear differentials and suspension missing the needed dampeners might arise.

4. Hydraulic Transmission Problem:

The transmission will fail if a pulley is toppled, but the wheels will not move.

If the hydraulic transmission ruptures or the filter becomes clogged, there is a possibility of hydrostatic transmission difficulties. This part cannot be replaced if it is damaged.

When troubleshooting hydraulic transmissions on Broadmoor, make sure the motor is turned on and off, as well as that the wiring is okay. If the pump is producing weird noises, make sure it’s fitted correctly.

Check that all of the components are in good functioning order.

5. Step Cuts Issue:

Step cuts are most usually a result of your Simplicity Broadmoor’s deck not being balanced or the tires not being correctly filled.

Step cuts can be caused by damaged blades and deck shells, as well as poor blade positioning. Damaged blades and the deck shell, as well as poor blade placement, can produce step cuts.

Step cut issues can be resolved by properly leveling the deck, inspecting and inflating the tires, changing the blades, repairing or replacing the deck, repairing or replacing the spindle, and reinstalling the blades.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Simplicity BROADMOOR?

Simplicity Broadmoor is without a doubt one of the oldest names in the lawn-mowing industry.

Simplicity has been producing tractors and homes broad moors since 1937.

Simplicity now boasts one of the best zero-turn and riding Broadmoor lines in the lawn care business. Some also mentioned that the engine braking of Simplicity Broadmoor is quite good.

If you want to go a little deeper, the Broadmoor has mowing decks in 52-inch and 50-inch sizes.

Broadmoor is also equipped with a Tuff-Torq gearbox, unlike the Regent (precisely the K62 high-speed variant). Apart from technical differences, Broadmoor is more user-friendly and comfortable than Regent.

Push Start, an armrest, and power steering are all standard on the former. Broadmoor costs between $3,809 and $5,800 for the update, depending on the mowing deck size you choose.

Broadmoor offers the Briggs & Stratton Professional Series Engine in 23 hp and 25 hp versions, much as the Regent.

Final Thoughts

Simplicity Motors Corp claims to have a completely devoted staff participating from the very beginning to the very end of the process to assure the highest level of quality before leaving their facilities.

Not only that, but their R&D and quality assurance teams are constantly searching for new methods to improve the quality and performance of each product line so that customers only get the best products delivered to their homes.

However, there are still restrictions, and those previously mentioned issues can occur with any Simplicity BROADMOOR.

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