The Differences Between Root Rake Grapple Vs Root Grapple

Grapples have to be the coolest tool in the world! Root rake grapples and a root grapple (also known as rock grapple) have been debated over for some time now. I’m not going to get into the naming of these implements and grapples because I think it’s completely silly and arbitrary how they do it. 

But there do exist some big differences! And that ranges for more than just the shape of the bottom of these tools.

In this article, I will discuss in detail the differences that exist between these grapples. So by the end of the article, you are sure of which one to buy. Read on!

What Are The Difference Between Root Rake Grapple vs Root Grapple Based on Features?

Grapples are used to carry heavy things like logs, farm machineries ( small mowers), big pile of brushings and many more.

You can also drive in a grapple through a thick bush of berries or other stuff and harvest them using the grapple. Consider the following things when buying a grapple.

1. Grabbing and Lifting Performance:

The root grapple has a flat bottom and the root rake grapple has a round bottom. The root grapple can hold heavy items like logs of trees very well. They carry that better than root rake grapples. You will need lesser trips in transporting logs as root grapples can hold many at a time.

However, the rounded bottom of the root rake grapple does less damage to the ground below. The flat bottom of the root grapple cannot provide that.

If you had to clean some bushes or harvest some berries, you may find the root rake grapple more suitable. The reason is, that the root grapple arm will not curve as much. So it can create an opening in the bush but not harvest as many fruits or weeds. It can not ‘rake’ it out essentially.

Again with a root grapple, you can pick up rocks of various sizes from within the dirt. And the arm will shake the rock to sift the dirt and sand away. But you will have a smaller harvest bush or weed from working with this grapple.

So the root grapple wins this one.

2. Ease of Use and Comfort:

Using the root grapple is easier than the root rake grapple. First of all, the root grapple is very easy to put on and take off. Whereas it is difficult with the complex rake structure of the root rake grapple.

Moreover, you need to open the rakes up. But they are just always angling. Someone with a lack of skills will suffer with operating root rakes.

The rigid and smooth bottom of the root rake grapple can slide under rigid machinery and grab on to the thing. It also has a more fine control than the root grapple when carrying tires and such.

So the root rake grapple wins this one.

3. Reliability:

The first thing you will realize about the two grapples is that the root grapple is less wide than the root rake. That provides benefits for deeper and concentrated penetration made by the root grapple.

This means root grapples are far more reliable to pick up heavy logs. In comparison with rake grapples. Which are wider but their ‘grabbing’ area is not bigger.

This means they can rake out weeds more precisely, grabbing on to more soil. But of course, due to many reasons, you are looking for a budget friendly root grapple to rake your land.

It will not grab as much weeds or roots. But it will grab big gravels. The bottom teeth and the upper more sharp teeth grab on to larger things better.

4. Price Comparison:

Rooty rakes can range from around $1,000 to $ 5,000 or more. On the other hand, the roo grapples have a price ranging from $800 to $3,000. So you can see that regular grapples are budget-friendly.

5. Engine Power Comparisons:

Normal root grapples can be pulled by any engine that delivers 40 to 50 HP (minimum). A range of 50-70 HP is preferred. The weight of the grapple is related in this case.

A root rake grapple on the other hand requires more horsepower. So you are looking at least 60 HP engines to run it on a tractor.

6. Durability:

The durability of a root rake grapple is somewhat better than the root grapples. This owes to the heaviness of the root rake. It may also be because the rake doesn’t really engage in carrying heavy stuff.

But in the case of generating force, the root grapple is better. It digs deeper into the ground and takes out rooted logs, big pieces of stone and gravels, large chunks of soil and much more.

But be careful of Chinese products. In those grapples or rake grapples, the teeth are not made of durable material. Buy grapples that are made 100% in the US. Strong steel-build is what you are looking for.

Also, take care when buying a ‘factory-direct’ product. The brand that will sell it is also the brand that produces it. If anyone else it selling the grapple, do not trust them.

The Blue diamond, Titan etc produce durable grapples.

7. Resell Value:

The thing about root grapples is that, it can be made or customized at home. However, building vs buying a grapple depends on its resale value. And grapples that are properly maintained have a good resale value.

However, customized grapples are not all that popular in the market. You see that eBay is filled with branded grapples selling in $500-700 range that are really efficient!

However, the root rake grapples have a slightly less resale value than the root grapple. This may be because used rake grapples are not enduring enough.

Root Rake Grapple vs. Root Grapple, Which One to Choose?

The root rake style allows you to use the top lid to draw brush, vines, and other detritus. You can reverse it and take the debris backwards. This isn’t recommended with many long root grapples.

If it makes sense, the root rake grapple can accomplish almost everything the rock grapple can. But the root or rock grapple can’t quite do everything the root grapple can.

If you look at the benefits, then I would suggest you to go for the root rake grapple.


Q: How much do grapples weigh?

Ans: 1000 to 2000 lbs.

Q: How much does a bobcat grapple weight?

Ans: 7893 lbs.

Q: How much does a skid steer grapple bucket weight?

Ans: 621 lbs (approx.)


From the above discussion, it is pretty clear that root rake grapples are a much more economical choice. So you can go for it without any doubt.

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