The Key Differences Between Raptor SD Vs. Bad Boy

Raptor SD is a mower made by Hustler and Bad Boy is the mother company of many amazing mowers like Maverik, MZ, Magnum, etc. Both of these company makes great mowers for easy use with a powerful engine.

However, you’ll have to make a decision on which one to buy.

The most common differences between Raptor SD vs Bad Boy are Engine Power, Weight, Transmission, Starter Type and Fuel Capacity.

In this article, you will find the major differences between these two mowers and you will know which one will suit you more. So, check this article now.

Raptor SD vs. Bad Boy: Quick Comparison Table

FeaturesRaptor SDBad Boy
Engine Power23 HP22 HP
Cutting Width52 inches52-61 inches
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward and Reverse
Tire13 and 20 inches13 and 22 inches
PriceMid to high rangeMid to high range
Weight700 lbs.1230 lbs.
Charging Capacity12 volts12 volts
TransmissionHydro-Gear ZT28003100 Hydro-Gear® 10cc Integrated Transaxle
Fuel Capacity3 gallons6.5 gallons

What Is the Difference Between Raptor SD vs. Bad Boy on Features?

1. Engine Power:

Engine power is a crucial factor for any kind of vehicle, especially a mower because if you have low energy to run it you cannot mow the field and it will need a lot of time.

The engine of Raptor Sd will give you 23 Hp which is great for a mower. On the other hand, Bad Boy provides 22 Hp which is also decent compared to Raptor.

Although not much difference in the Hp of both mowers, Raptor wins the engine power.

2. Wheel Drive:

Raptor SD can move both forward and reverse with a standard speed. Thus, it makes it very flexible to work with and cut the grass easily. The speed forward is 8 mph and the reverse is around 4 mph.

The Bad Boy has almost similar speed in both forward and reverse movement. It can run at 9mph forward and 3mph backward. 

3. Tire:

Tire size can say about the durability and how much weight it can carry. The front tires of Raptor SD are 13 inches and the rear ones are 20 inches. 

Bad Boy mowers have a front tire which is 13 inches just the same as Raptor but the rear tires are 22 inches. There is not much benefit you will get from a bigger tire which does not make much difference.

4. Price:

The price range can vary depending on the models of Raptor SD and Bad Boy. Both have low price mowers and also premium-level mowers.

Hence, it is unwise to make an exact price difference between these two.

5. Cutting Width:

52 inches cutting width is a decent one. Most mowers have the same 52 inches of cutting width. Raptor SD has the same cutting width.

However, Bad Boy has both 52- and 61-inches cutting width. Thus, you can call the Bad Boy a winner here.

6. Weight:

A decent weight will keep a good balance while mowing. If you have a very heavy mower then it will be hard for you to move it and may cost you extra fuel. And a light mower may not be as efficient as a balanced mower.

Bad Boy mowers have a weight of 1230 pounds. On the other hand, Raptor has around 700 pounds.

7. Charging Capacity:

The most common in battery volt is 12. And the is no unusual thing about the Raptor and Bad Boy. Both have a 12-volt battery.

Both of them have high reserve capacity and thus, they can power the mower for a long time so that you won’t get disrupted.

8. Transmission:

Transmission is a very important factor when buying a mower. For easy and powerful work, a good transmission is necessary.

The Bad Boy has a 3100 Hydro-Gear® 10cc Integrated Transaxle which is quite good and can give an excellent performance. 

And the Raptor SD has Hydro-Gear ZT2800 which is also a good one for compact mowers. 

In terms of performance, 3100 hydro-gear has the upper hand as it can run a heavy mower.

9. Fuel Capacity:

The Raptor has a 3-gallon fuel capacity whereas the Bad Boy can hold about 6.5 gallons of Fuel making it a great choice. 

However, it totally depends on the users and how they will use fuel capacity. If you do not have a large field then getting a big and heavy mower with high fuel capacity will not be a good choice.

10. Starter:

Raptor SD uses a solenoid starter which is a very easy and fast way to run the mower and needs less torque. But the electric starter of Bad Boy needs more torque compared to the solenoid one.

11. Warranty:

Raptor SD will win the warranty section with three years of warranty which will assure you of any kind of problems getting solved by the company. But Bad Boy will provide you only two years warranty which is lower than Raptor. 

Raptor SD vs. Bad Boy: Which One to Choose Finally?

There are many things which can make you buy one over the other. It may be the efficiency or maybe the engine or the usability. 

There are many different Raptor SD mower models out there, and all of them are heavy-duty machines.

The grass may be mowed for a longer amount of time without any problems. This kind of mower is ideal for those who need to mow grasses in an area that is much larger than the average.

As far as lawnmowers go, the Raptor SD boasts the best motor available.

On the other hand, with the newest Bad Boy mowers like Maverick, you won’t feel melancholy and will have a fantastic time.

With the help of an international commercial network and cutting-edge technology, the bad boy enterprise is steadily developing. Bad boy commercial mowers are adored by users for these reasons.

Both of them have excellent engine power and transmission. Bad Boy may have some upper hand on this matter but Raptor SD is not a bad choice either. The competition between these two is quite close. 

On the mower deck length, both the mowers have variations but mainly stick to 52 inches cutting width which is a standard one for mowers. 

Both of these mowers offer exceptional usability, but the bad boy mower comes out on top when it comes to accessing the engines and other components. However, this cannot be conclusive evidence about the usage of the product.

Lastly, the warranty given by the Raptor SD manufacturer is better than Bad Boy which can turn the table for some people. With a similar price tag, this is something people may look for.


Choosing a mower depends on many things. Some people want a safer mower that is protected by a long-term warranty, some may want a powerful heavy-duty mower for day-long work. 

Some people may also want something that is much more flexible and easier to use. Hence, you may want to buy Raptor SD or Bad Boy depending on your preferences that are shown in this article.

Hope this article made it easy for you to pick the best one which matches your need.

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