4 Most Common Problems with Meg-Mo Blades and Solutions

The Meg-Mo system is a new generation of mower blades. It’s a swiveling mower blade system with a round disk in the center and four short blades. Despite this, the Meh-Mo blades encounter a variety of challenges while in use. 

These meg-Mo blades, like any other mechanical device, are susceptible to a range of problems. To mention a few examples, there is a lack of consistency, a balancing difficulty, additional weight and high-power consumption.

Certain strategies may be able to assist Meg-Mo users in overcoming their difficulties. The article’s main focus is on the challenges and solutions associated with Meg-mo. Let’s have a look at the issues and potential solutions.

1. Lack of consistencyUse the blades on the light grass and avoid uneven fields
2. Balancing difficultyClean and adjust the blade properly
3. Additional weightContact the manufacturer and use custom-made blades
4. More power consumptionReplace the blades

4 Common Problems with Meg-Mo Blades and Their Solutions:

1. Lack of Consistency

The Meg-Mo blades are prone to failure. Because of their inability to deliver a consistent cut on a consistent basis.

In some instances, the blades of certain types of grass or fields do not cut cleanly because of the conditions. Numerous clippings have accumulated on the ground.

The pivoting blades don’t work as well as it does on a brush hog, because the blades are much smaller, with less mass, so are easier to deflect by tall, thick, or wet grass. 

In addition, the operator must mow twice in order to achieve a clean cut on the lawn. Furthermore, it is both time-consuming and energy-intensive for the customer.

The Fix:

Determine which grass types and field geometry are suitable for mowing with this blade by inspecting them. Make sure that the grass does not become too thick and long.

If the field is not level, avoid using these blades if at all possible. You can consult with the manufacturer about adjusting the blade to match the type of grass and the geometry of your lawn, if necessary.

2. Balancing Difficulty

Each of the four blades of Meg-Mo blades is attached to a center plate in such a way that it allows them to swivel. 

When the blades make contact with the grass, they frequently lose their balance, resulting in inconsistent cuts.

From time to time, things can become stuck at the blade’s connecting point, and this is a problem. When this type of phenomenon occurs, it becomes impossible for them to move.

The Fix: 

When installing the blades, ensure that they are balanced in accordance with the owner’s manual. 

Before you start mowing, look over the blades to see if any are loosely fitting on the central disk or if anything is preventing them from moving freely.

3. Additional Weight

Mower blades made of traditional materials are lighter than Meg-Mo blades. The central disk is made entirely of solid metal.

Some customers have expressed concern that the additional weight causes the engine to make a loud noise and generate heat as a result of the increased load.

The Fix: 

Meg-Mo blades are significantly heavier than conventional mower blades. The core disk is made entirely of solid metal.

Some customers have expressed concern that the additional weight causes the engine to make a loud noise and generate heat as a result of the increased load.

4. More Power Consumption

Mower blades made of Meg-Mo metal are significantly heavier than blades made of conventional metal. The disk that serves as the core is entirely composed of solid metal.

Some customers have expressed concern that the additional weight causes the engine to make a loud noise, which has been confirmed by the manufacturer. 

As a result of the increased workload, this will result in increased heat production.

The Fix:

If you require blades that are specifically tailored to your mower’s specifications, you should contact the blade manufacturer for assistance. It is critical that the blades are balanced properly.

It is necessary to replace the blades if they do not provide the correct cut in a single operation. If the blades are not the originals, they should be replaced.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Meg-Mo Blades?

The consumer feedback on the Meg-Mo blades is extremely fascinating. When the blades come into contact with a solid object, they swing out of the way rather than throwing it. 

The blades are not harmed as a result of this approach, and there is less need to sharpen the blades. 

The majority of customers found this new generation of blades to be both intriguing and practical, and they recommended it to others. 

This blade requires less sharpening and does away with the problem of hard items, such as tiny stones, being thrown by the blades when they are in operation.

In addition, the blades last longer than regular blades. If one of the four blades becomes damaged, it is simple to replace it with another. 

Due to the fine mulching produced by the Meg-Mo blades, it is not necessary to use a second mulching blade.

Final Thoughts

For the past 30 years, Mark and Brenda Sisson Owner of Meg-Mo System have provided lawn management and landscaping services to their customers. The Meg-Mo System was designed with the purpose of cutting working time and improving production in mind. 

Traditional blades are made of softer steel, but Meg-Mo blades are made of much harder steel. Without sharpening, they keep their edge for considerably longer. 

If you accidentally hit something you shouldn’t, the cutting tips stretch out of the way, preventing bent blades and spindle damage. With 12 cutting points, the rotary design gets a lot more work done. 

Furthermore, the manufacturer is really accommodating to customers. With the exception of a few minor flaws, they appear to be doing all you claim.

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