Differences Between Primary Mower Belt and Ground Drive Belt

A deck belt is considered as the primary mower belt. A ground drive belt, on the other hand, considers a drive belt for all. Both are in high demand in the market for mechanically connecting a large number of rotating staff.

The primary mower belt might be compatible with the tractor’s drive belt. The function can be controlled by the deck belt on its own. Before purchasing, you should be aware of the price range, long-term viability, material composition, and drive efficiency of the two belts.

After reading this post, you should be able to determine which one is better for you and your mower. Continue reading till you’ve finished it.

Primary Mower Belt Vs Ground Drive Belt: Quick Comparison Table

The primary mower belt and the ground drive belt have several significant variances. This table can provide you with an idea, allowing you to confidently choose the best option.

Mower Drive Belt vs Ground Drive Belt:

FeaturesPrimary mower beltGround drive belt  
Material SpecPolyesterKevlar, Aramid
Weight453gm430 gm
Belt TypeDeck drive beltHeavy-Duty Belt
Mower ApplicationTransferring powerRiding Mower
Volume89.78 inches89.505 inches
Number of belts21
Deck46 inches 50 inches42 inches
ResistanceOil And Heat ResistantHeat Resistant
Drive Efficiency90%98-99%

What Are The Difference Between Primary Mower Belt vs Ground Drive Belt Based on Features?

1. Material Specification

Polyester compounds are found in the primary mower belt. The polyester material has a high resistance to hydrate mineral acids, which is beneficial to belt health. Because the primary belt is made of polyester, it can withstand heat.

The ground drive belt, on the other hand, is made of Kevlar and Aramid, which have a higher tensile strength. According to studies, these two materials are superior to polyester in terms of belt function.

Finally, the ground drive belt is superior because it contains productive chemicals.

2. Price

Primary mower belts are less expensive than ground drive belts due to lower market demand and manufacturing costs.

A ground drive belt, on the other hand, is more expensive due to the engine’s increased performance and maintenance capacity. Furthermore, the belt material is pricey.

So, if your money is limited, you can purchase a basic mower belt. A ground drive belt can be purchased instead.

3. Weight

The primary mower belt weighs roughly 453 grams. When it comes to transferring and pulling energy from one side to the other, the belt’s weight is crucial.

The ground drive belt weights roughly 430 gm in reverse, which is less than the first. When the weight is low, the movement and energy transfer through the belt is simple.

As a result, the ground drive belt is simple to use.

4. Belt Type

A primary mower belt is a deck drive type that pulls the mower forward while also assisting in the spinning of the blades.

The ground drive belt, on the other hand, is a heavy-duty type belt that can deliver energy through its chain. It guarantees that power from the transmission is reliably transferred to the rear wheels.

As a result, the ground drive belt outperforms the main mower belt. It not only performs well but also ensures that power is not lost.

5. Mower Application

The primary mower belt can be used to convey power in tractors by the users. A ground drive belt, on the other hand, can be used for riding.

It’s also in charge of connecting the engine crankshaft to the pulley for running the back hoop. So, depending on your needs, you can pick any of these.

6. Volume

The volume represents the belts’ height, length, and width. As a result, the longer the belt, the more power it can transmit. The primary mower belt has a capacity of around 89.78 inches.

The ground drive belt, on the other hand, has a volume of 89.505 inches. As a result of this study, consumers are more likely to choose the first belt, even though the volume difference between the two belts is minor.

7. Number of belts

In the mower, there are two basic mowing belts. A car, on the other hand, and a lawnmower both require only one ground drive belt. As a result, you can select one of these belts that best suits your preferences.

8. Deck

One variation of the primary mower belt has a deck size of about 46 inches. You can even obtain a 50-inch deck-size belt if you wish.

The ground drive belt, on the other hand, has a deck size of roughly 542 inches. The belt’s deck is only available in one size.

So, in this case, you can choose the first type because it provides a deck size option.

9. Resistance

Because of a specific design feature, the primary mower belt can withstand oil and heat. The ground drive belt, on the other hand, is a genuine heat-resistant belt.

It is vital to have the ability to resist to maintain consistent production. Otherwise, you may notice the belt’s activity shifting.

10. Drive Efficiency

While in use, the primary belt has a driving efficiency of 90%. A ground drive belt, on the other hand, has a drive efficiency of nearly 98-99 percent, demonstrating the belt’s superior performance.

As a result, customers must opt for a ground drive belt.

11. After Service & Warranty

A mower drive belt will last three to four years under optimal conditions. The primary mower belts. The Husqvarna offers a year of limited warranty on the belts. Mostly these are not under warranty.

On the other hand, ground drive belts can come with a lifetime warranty. Husqvarna too offers it.

John Deere Primary Mower Belt or Ground Drive Belt Which One to Choose?

The ground drive belt has a substantially longer life span than the primary mower belt. According to my research, a deck belt lasts approximately half as long as a driving belt.

As a result, the driving belt is more reliable than the deck or mower belt. Furthermore, the drive efficiency is nearly 99 percent, providing excellent service to the users.

The primary mower belt is made of good materials that protect it from oil and heat damage. Due to the tractor’s pressure, it can hold any form of weight. However, the drive belt’s product quality is considerably better for consumers.


Reading the article provides you with information that will influence your future purchases. If you value belt durability, a drive belt may be a smart choice for you.

So it is up to you to decide how you want to use it in your mower. After all, many positive reviews influence people’s desire to purchase a product.

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