LS Vs. New Holland Tractor: Which Brand Is Best in 2022?

You’ve whittled your choices down to the LS vs. Holland Tractor competition, maybe for their flexibility. As a result, choosing between these two tractor manufacturers may be made easier by the information in this article.

The market has long been amused by the New Holland tractor series’ remarkable and cutting-edge tractor models, which offer top features and incredible performance capabilities.

On the other hand, LS tractors are capable of pulling big machinery like discors or mowers as well as loader jobs. They are dependable and simple to repair.

In order to help you choose wisely, I will evaluate and contrast every aspect of the two mower manufacturers in this post. As a result, carefully read the article.

LS Vs. New Holland Tractor: Quick Comparison Table

The LS and Holland tractors share several characteristics. Consider the contrast in the table below.

FeaturesLS TractorHolland Tractor
ManufacturerLS MtronCNH Industry
Engine Power22.7HP-102 HP35 Hp to 90 HP
Warranty5 to 6 years6-Year/6000 Hours
Seat AdjustabilityYesYes
Handling AbilityEasyEasier
Price$ 10,099 -$ 25,910$27,500- $440,000
Cutting width60-84 inch48-72 inch
Cutting height1-4 inch1-4 inch
Overall ComfortFineExcellent
Brand recognitionComparatively lessLeading brand recognition

About the Brand: LS and New Holland Tractors

LS Tractor:

Since 1977, the LG Group has operated its first tractor company under the name LS Tractor. Since LS Tractor and LG split up in 2003, the brand name “LS” has been used.

As a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment in Korea, LS Tractor is striving to establish itself as a world-class manufacturer of agricultural equipment. To do this, the company is working hard to comprehend the diverse needs of its customers and the market as well as to offer them high-quality goods and values.

The dedicated customers of LS tractor are its most essential asset. Customers using LS Tractor need to feel safe and comfortable.

New Holland Tractor:

In Pennsylvania, New Holland was founded in 1895. Ford and subsequently Fiat eventually purchased the company. It is now a part of CNH Global. They manufacture a variety of tractor types, from little 2WD tractors to huge 4WD tractors.

Over 110 years have passed since New Holland Tractor began meeting the demands of farmers and ranchers in North America. Additionally, New Holland produces a series of small tractors with similar features for comfort and ease of use as those found on bigger tractors.

What are the Differences Between LS Vs. New Holland Tractor?

Now let’s learn about all the details and differences between LS vs. Holland Tractor below:

1. Engine Performance

The greatest all-around engine solution that can be fitted to a range of construction tools and agricultural machinery is the LS engine.

The LS engine is working to create the greatest engine possible based on its extensive experience. The LS factory includes state-of-the-art production facilities and a reliable production control system.

Through a 95 percent automated equipment system, an unmanned logistics system, and an environmentally friendly production method, the LS engine manufacturing facility creates engines with high quality and high efficiency.

New Holland tractors have the potent ECOBlue HI-eSCR (High-Efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction) Cursor 9 engine. The engine was created by the FPT Industrial. Starting at 35 HP and going up to 90 HP, the New Holland tractor HP range.

The most fuel-efficient tractor model is the New Holland 9010, according to customers. The New Holland tractor brand offers 33 different types of tractors. All New Holland tractor models can accommodate farming equipment.

2. Reliability

Although LS is a wonderful tractor, finding a reputable dealer is equally crucial. LS is not a knockoff. Compared to other brands, they are not as well recognized. The greatest tractors in the business are LS models.

The best materials are used in their construction. You can select between LS tractors that are manual or automated. 

Because LS tractors have rollover protection installed, you will be safe if the tractor has an accident while it is being used on a farm. 

In this customer poll, New Holland Tractor came in the third position. It is also ranked among the top five tractor brands in both Australia and the United States. In general, New Holland is regarded as a dependable tractor. A blue New Holland tractor is not difficult nor unusual to see on American farms.

3. Brand Recognition

For the second consecutive year, LS Tractor received the Dealer’s Choice Award for tractor manufacturers.

LS Tractor is committed to enhancing the quality of its products. In order to guarantee that the goods provided to our dealers have the fewest possible quality concerns. They have introduced new procedures in response to the introduction of the new Tier 4 engines.

Since 1895, New Holland Agriculture has supported five generations of farmers worldwide by assisting them to increase their production and efficiency. This spans more than 125 years.

With more than 400 models in more than 100 product lines, the company now offers a full range of agricultural equipment products with a focus on small seed crops, livestock, hay & fodder, animals, and others.

4. Warranty

There are no hidden expenses, according to the company’s honest pricing policy. For an extended warranty, some companies charge an additional fee.

The limited powertrain warranty for LS tractors is five to six years long and covers both parts and labor. Very few exceptions apply, and there is no deductible.

LS Tractor has you covered, as you can see by contrasting our straightforward, concise warranty with those offered by the competition.

A 6-year transferrable warranty on the company’s full line of tractors has been announced by New Holland Agriculture.

The 6-year/6000-hour warranty guarantee, the first of its type in the industry, went into effect on October 2, 2020, and may be passed on to subsequent customers in the event of a resale.

LS Vs. New Holland Tractor: Which One to Choose Finally?

Innovative designs and commitment to the environment are hallmarks of the newest Holland tractors. So, such a farm assists farmers in maintaining their fields by using their energy for farm tractors and other agricultural equipment.

Due to its quick-refueling technology, the New Holland brand is more sophisticated than other brands; a battery-powered model would take hours to replenish. Totally biodiesel-powered machinery is it.This tractor obviously not perfect. There are some issues also.

Numerous LS are favorable. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that before you purchase an LS, make sure a dealer is close by.

In some situations, the LS Tractor’s dependability might become a problem. You can be in trouble if no one is available to provide Korean-made spare parts or mechanical support.


Are LS tractors the same as New Holland?

New Holland and LS are not similar. However, the NH have distinct engines in addition to other things. Some major components are made by LS.

How many different tractor types are there under the New Holland name?

The New Holland tractor brand offers 33 different tractor models.

John Deere vs New Holland, which is better?

New Holland is preferred for conventional agricultural labor, whereas John Deere is more frequently utilized for heavy tasks.

Do LS Tractors come from America?

South Korea is the manufacturer of LS Tractor components. The components are then sent to the United States, where they are assembled at several warehouses.

Are LS and Kioti tractors similar?

The Kioti tractor brand is created by the Korean company Daedong Industrial Co. Tractors with the LS brand are made in Korea by LS Tractor and sold throughout North America.


I must say according to the consumers’ reviews and brand recognition quality New Holland is an ideal choice. With its effective performance, Ls is a great tractor.

However, unless you essentially give away the old LS or any other off-brand, it will be very difficult to persuade anyone to buy it.

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