LS vs. Kioti: Which Brand’s Tractor Should I Get?

Being South Korean brands and having proven track records it is often very hard to decide between LS and Kioti tractors.

So, I have researched a lot and written the LS vs Kioti tractor comparison here.

The differences are not based on any particular model. In the end, you will be able to choose a brand that can match your needs.

LS vs. Kioti: Quick Comparison Table

Before the detailed discussion, I have gathered the data in the table below. Let’s have a look.

LS vs. Kioti

ManufacturerLS CorporationDaedong Corporation
Diesel EngineLS MtronDaedong Diesel Engine
Adjustable SeatYesYes
Parts AvailabilityVery GoodGood
OperabilitySlightly toughEasier
Warranty6-year Powertrain4-year Powertrain

About The Brand: LS Vs. Kioti

LS Group is the owner of the brand LS and Daedong Corp. is the owner of the brand Kioti.

Both are big agricultural machinery manufacturers in South Korea, and they operate worldwide.

Though the brand LS is new in the market (started in 2009), they are the fastest-growing one among many.

It is not a surprise because LS group is making tractors for various other successful brands for a very long time.

Still, customer feedback is everything. Seniority doesn’t prove one brand’s superiority.

After going through several forum posts and hearing user feedback, I can say that both brands make very durable, reliable, and good-performing tractors.

What’s the Difference Between LS and Kioti Based on Features?

1. Engine Reliability

Daedong diesel engines are used in Kioti tractors whereas LS Mtron manufactures diesel engines for LS tractors.

In overall satisfaction, product availability, parts availability, and dealer need LS tractor rank in the top 3.

So, there is doubt that LS tractor engines are reliable for using many years. And, the same goes for Kioti tractor engines.

I know that there are some issues with their engines but you won’t find a perfect machine anywhere.

Compared to other manufacturers, LS and Kioti have fewer engine issues. With regular and proper maintenance, you won’t have a thing to worry about.

2. Seat Adjustment

I have read the user manual for both LS and Kioti tractors. It shows that both brands provide the necessary adjustment options for maximum comfort.

You can use the bottom and side levers to adjust the position, height, and backseat angle as per your needs.

Read the seat adjustment section in your manual to know how the adjustments are done.

3. Overall Comfort

Both brands in our discussion today focus heavily on the rider’s comfort.

First of all, the design and engineering team at LS designed the operator’s cabin with practical functionality in mind.

The seats come with a high backrest, foldable and adjustable armrest, and smooth suspension systems.

The cushioning lets you sit for hours without introducing back pain.

Secondly, seats in Kioti tractors are also very comfortable. You can easily operate the machine without compromising your sitting comfort.

As long as the suspension matters, I can say that both brands provide premium shock absorbers so that you don’t feel uncomfortable in rugged terrains.

4. Overall Efficiency

LS and Kioti is making diesel engines for a very long time. Over the years, both companies perfected the recipe.

And, they now make world-class engines with very good efficiency ratings. So, I am not declaring a winner in this parameter.

5. Handling Ability

The joystick and other control levers are located close by in both tractor brands. So, there is no question about easy operability.

However, some customers say that the joystick on Kioti tractors is smoother.

And, you don’t have your hands in pain after a long day of work which is common in LS tractor users.

6. Servicing and Parts Availability

I have already mentioned in the above discussion that LS is a long-time winner in customer satisfaction.

It is because they are strict in customer relations. LS always tries to make all necessary parts available to your local dealer.

Kioti also has the same mentality but they are slightly lagged behind LS in this parameter.

Now, don’t rush to a decision because the above scenario varies based on the location you live in.

It will be best if you research your local dealers, talk to some tractor users in your community, and find out the best brand dealer in that particular area.

7. Warranty

One of the big reasons for preferring LS tractors is their long warranty period compared to other major players in the industry.

LS offers 6 years of limited powertrain warranty. You can get the same warranty period in other brands but you have to pay extra for that.

Buying LS tractors there is no extra cost to the extended warranty period. LS Group includes parts and labor in the warranty along with 2-year bumper-to-bumper protection.

On the other hand, Kioti offers up to 4 years of powertrain warranty. The bumper-to-bumper protection period is the same as LS.

You get the difference, right. Keep this in mind.

LS or Kioti: Which One to Choose?

You have reached the end of the LS vs Kioti comparison. It is time to recommend one brand.

According to my research, LS is ahead of Kioti in some important parameters.

Due to the rear hydraulic remotes, rear wiper, radio, and 5-year warranty period, LS tractors should be your priority.

But another thing to keep in mind is that check out the dealers in your area. Having a good dealer can also be a deciding factor.

And, both are very good brands. If you have a brand preference, there will be no chance of making a bad decision as long as you will choose from LS or Kioti.

So, which one are you betting on? Let me know in the comments.

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