Differences Between Lawn Tractor Snow Blower and Walk Behind

Snow covered regions often necessitate the use of snowplows and blowers that may be mounted to a lawn tractor or zero-turn-radius riding mower. This is especially true when the snow is thick and deep.

There are significant differences between a lawn tractor snow blower and a walk behind snowblower. These differences include mainly in their appearance, weight, maneuverability, speed, space and so on.

Both kinds have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Read this article to learn the distinctions between these two types and to determine which one is right for you.

Lawn Tractor Snow Blower vs Walk Behind: Quick Comparison Table

There are several key differences between a Lawn Tractor Snow Blower and Walk Behind. Time to take a look.

Lawn Tractor Snow Blower vs Walk Behind:

FeaturesLawn TractorWalk Behind
AppearanceLarger in SizeComparatively Smaller
WeightHeavier80-100 lbs. (41 kg)
ManoeuvrabilityNot That MuchBetter
SpeedMuch QuickerComparatively Slower
Required SpaceDue to its large size requires more space.Requires less space, as size is comparatively small.

What’s The Difference Between Lawn Tractor Snow Blower and Walk Behind Based on Features?

1. Appearance:

The lawn tractor snow blowers are larger. As with the lawn tractor, there should be a space for a person to drive the tractor.

The walk-behind snow blowers are comparatively smaller. As no additional space is required for driving, it is controlled by walking behind.

In case of appearance, the walk behind the snowblower has the advantage because of its small size which eventually helps to control the snowblower more comfortably.

2. Weight:

Depending on the type of snowblower the weight varies greatly. The lawn tractor snowblowers are the heaviest. Cub Cadet makes the biggest tractor-mounted snowblowers with a weight of 277 pounds (126 kg).

The walk-behind snow blowers are comparatively lighter. They generally weigh around 80 to 100 pounds.

When it comes to weight, the walk-behind snowblower has the benefit of being lighter, which allows for a more comfortable operation.

3. Maneuverability:

The lawn tractor snowblower is more efficient and convenient to use. However, mobility is limited. Due to its bigger and heavier dimensions, this kind of snowblower has less maneuverability.

The walk-behind snowblower, on the other hand, will bring you improved mobility and performs more detail work.

While the lawn tractor snowblower is quicker and simpler to use, the walks behind can assist you with detailed work. As a result, walk-behind snow blowers have the edge in terms of maneuverability.

4. Speed:

The lawn tractor snowblowers operate at a high rate of speed. Because it is operated as an automobile, it has a faster pace than walk-behind snowblowers.

Whereas, the walk-behind snowblowers operate at a relatively slow speed. Because it is controlled by walking from behind.

Therefore, in terms of speed, the lawn tractor snowblower outperforms the walk-behind snowblower. The primary benefit of a lawn tractor snowblower is that you can ride rather than walk.

5. Required Space:

Lawn tractor snowblowers demand more space due to their bigger size.

Whereas, the walk-behind snowblowers are smaller in size, they take up less space.

That is why I will recommend you the walk-behind snowblowers over lawn tractor snowblowers since they are easier to maintain and take up less space than lawn tractor snowblowers.

Lawn Tractor Snow Blower or Walk Behind: Which One to Choose?

Lawn Tractor and Walk-behind snowblowers both have a devoted following. Someone is used to operating a lawn tractor snowblower, while others like walk-behind ones. Both these two groups of people choose their snowblower selections based on their work preferences.

I mention several times in the article that I do not recommend buying lawn tractor snowblowers due to their difficulty to install, operate, and maintain.

These types of snow blowers will not work unless the buyer has a completely flat and consistently shaped surface to blow.

Even if the buyer has a perfect ground to blow, he also needs a garage with direct access to that surface, and sufficient space adjacent to that surface to blow the snow. And surely a tractor with sufficient power (V-twin preferred) and a foot pedal controlled hydrostatic transmission. 

Again, the buyer must be vigilant in ensuring the amount of snow is accumulating. It must be blown if it gets up to a height of four to six inches.

 Since lawn tractor snowblowers are incapable of handling a large amount of snow, particularly heavy snow.

After evaluating all of the conditions, I recommend that you can get a lawn tractor snowblower if you have the facilities mentioned earlier; otherwise, I recommend that you should purchase a walk-behind snowblower.

How Many Types of Snowblowers Are There?

In certain regions, snow blowers are categorized as single-stage, two-stage, or three-stage. Though three-stage snow blowers are capable of quickly removing heavy or frozen snow, they are often only necessary in areas with a significant amount of snow.

Can You Clear Snow with a Lawn Mower?

However, if you are cruising around on a riding lawn mower, clearing knee-high snow is simple. The appropriate alterations might even make you feel at ease. 

You do not really have to get out of your chair to clear the snow with a snow blower mounted to your lawn tractor.


After reading this article, you should understand that the decision between a lawn tractor and a walk-behind snowblower is not based on the snowblower’s quality or specs. It is mostly determined by the location and environment in which you live.

Additionally, the facilities required for lawn snowblower maintenance are another factor to consider before making your choice.

To sum it up, People who live in areas where the surface is not entirely level, lack the necessary space to blow snow and a garage in which to maintain the snowblower.

 Also, those who do not have enough time to blow the snow before the snow accumulates more than four to six inches are strongly recommended to get a walk-behind snowblower.

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