Kubota Vs. Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers: Which One To Pick?

Comparing Kubota vs. Husqvarna, zero-turn mowers are very common among lawnmowers. But is it the only reason why people talk about it so much? What are the significant differences between these mowers? Which one is better? 

Even though Kubota and Husqvarna are very similar in size, Kubota is more bulky and rigid. If you want to deal with the best, Kubota is the right pick. However, Husqvarna is an excellent match for budget finders and beginners.  

In this article, I’ll brief you on the difference between Kubota and Husqvarna, and I’ll also be including a basic comparison chart for a better understanding. So, this article may work wonders for those new in the business.  

Kubota Vs. Husqvarna: A Quick Comparison

There are tons of differences between Kubota and Husqvarna worth comparing, and I’ve listed below some of the vital ones. Take a look. 

Dimension & Weight(76.4’ x 67.3’x 65’) (75’ x 67’ x 40’)
AppearanceLarger in sizeA bit smaller
Transmission Gear reductionHydrostatic
PriceCosts more than regular mowers and tractorsBudget-friendly
UtilityRiding mowers, commercial and zero-turn mowersResidential, commercial,zero-turn, lawn and garden mowers
Warranty12 months2-4 years

What’s The Difference Between Kubota and Husqvarna Based on Features?

1. Dimension & Weight:

A mower’s dimension and weight play a vital role in its performance and durability. There isn’t much difference between the weight and dimension of Kubota vs. Husqvarna. 

The dimension of Kubota is 76.4′ x 67.3’x 65′. And Husqvarna possesses a dimension of 75’ x 67’ x 40’. The difference may seem meager, but it bears a great difference. Kubota’s greater dimension makes it bulkier and tougher. 

Contrarily, Husqvarna is less durable but more manageable. Those newly dealing with mowers can pick the latter one. Husqvarna LTH2142DR is worth your glance.  

2. Engine:

A lawnmower without a power pact engine is of no use. Luckily, both Husqvarna and Kubota have a strong engine. Whereas Kubota offers 25 HP, Husqvarna’s engine is 24 HP. 

There’s no alternative to Kubota if you crave a beast-like engine. It’ll render you jaw-dropping performance and efficiency, and an A-1 engine can ensure more fantastic cutting and durability. 

3. Appearance:

A mower’s appearance decides its first impression. Before noticing another specification, a customer focuses on their mower’s outer appearance. Both Kubota and Husqvarna win customers’ hearts at first sight. 

Whereas Kubota appears a bit larger, Husqvarna is comparatively small-scale than Kubota, and Kubota’s bulky outlook often attracts customers.

According to professional lawnmowers, Kubota’s have an ideal appearance for top-notch outcomes and endurance.

4. Transmission:

Your mower’s transmission is the sole factor controlling its speed. Right now, Hydrostatic mowers are ruling the market. Kubota and Husqvarna are no different.  

Both Kubota and Husqvarna offer Hydrostatic transmission in one pedal. Plus, Kubota offers gear reduction transmission technology with its engine, and Kubota’s transmission process is much more digitized than others. 

5. Price:

Even though Kubota costs a little more than Husqvarna, it’s worth every penny. What’s the point of buying something cheaper which does nothing! According to the survey, maximum customers believe their investment in Kubota has paid off. 

Husqvarna can be a safe option for entry-level lawn mowing chores, and it’ll offer you the best outcome within a limited budget. You can learn more about it from the Official website of Husqvarna

6. Utility:

Kubota is a brand covering all types of mowers. Be it residential or commercial; they have it all. They also offer you a great collection of zero-turn mowers, and all of their mower types ensure premium services.

Husqvarna is a brand that has digital riding mowers and zero-turn on budget. You can take a trip on the latest mower without splashing your riches. A child’s play with Husqvarna is executing beginner-level residential or commercial mowing work. 

7. Warranty:

A mower’s warranty is critical for its succession and withstands ability. Every consumer demands a lasting warranty with their lawnmower, and both Kubota and Husqvarna offer you an extended warranty period. 

If you purchase a Kubota’s mower ranges from the legal dealers. Usually, Kubota offers a warranty for up to 12 months. You can constantly use a Kubota mower for a year without taking it to the mechanic.

Husqvarna is the mower that ensures a long-lasting warranty for 2-4 years. If you’re scouring for a brand that’ll take care of your mower for years, no other brand can beat Husqvarna.  

So, Which One Will be Your Final Pick?

You’ll find many Kubota vs. Husqvarna mower articles on the internet. But none of them portray their comparison the way this one does. The content reflects my team’s brainstorming hours by being precise.

Your particular choice of mower has to be based on quality, performance, durability, etc. Even though Husqvarna seems a bit cheaper, Husqvarna is worth paying every penny. If you’re looking for A-1 service, nothing can beat Kubota. 

What is the Key Difference between Husqvarna 7021P and Kubota T1880?

Both Husqvarna 7021P and Kubota T1880 are acing in the business of lawn mowers. And choosing one between both of them can be pretty complicated. So, comparing their features can make things less difficult. 

Features of Husqvarna 7021P:

  • Honda GCV160 motor in the engine
  • Up to 249.93kg lighter than other mowers
  • Ensures Electric start
  • Fuel capacity of 15L
  • Includes Auto-choke feature

Features of Kubota T1880:

  • 3x broader engine
  • Controllable speed
  • 54cm wider chopping speed
  • Ensures cordless function
  • Steel deck ensures durability and performance

Are Husqvarna Mowers any good?

Husqvarna mowers are great for people who want quality within a budget. As a beginner, it’s risky to invest in something pricey on the first attempt. In such a case, Husqvarna will never displease, and it’s been serving its mower fans for decades.  

And its long-lasting warranty period safeguards your lawn mower’s overall health, and you can constantly use it without worrying about another purchase.

These mowers demand minimal maintenance and better performance than other budget-friendly mowers. 

No wonder Husqvarna is one of the most trusted brands globally.


This article clearly defines the main difference between Kubota vs Husqvarna lawnmowers. You can consider this article for choosing your desired mower brand. 

Kubota is a premium brand that meets its customer’s needs and ensures quality. Purchasing this masterpiece with a high price tag is not unworthy. Even though it costs a little more, it’s worth paying for a new one. 

Husqvarna contrarily is a good pick for those who’ve just decided to step in lawnmowing chores, and it’s the best within a limited budget. You can’t find another product rendering better performance than Husqvarna at such a low price. 

Before getting your hand on these two, make sure that you know what you want. Noting down your needs before making a purchase is essential.

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