The Key Differences Between Kubota LX2610 Vs. L2501

If you are privy to Kubota mowers, you must at least once were stuck between their LX and L series. Particularly two models, LX2610 and L2501, bamboozle everyone.

But what is the main difference? Are they only similar in size? How do they differ in the application? Most importantly, how to decide upon Kubota LX2610 Vs. L2501?

Yes, they are similar in size but very different in applications. What, how and why of these mowers is what I’m explaining in this article! Want to avoid long internet searches? Then read this summary of my research on these two mowers!

Kubota LX2610 Vs. L2501: Quick Comparison Table

There are some differences between Kubota LX2610 Vs. L2501. They are discussed here below.

Kubota LX2610 Vs. L2501:

TypeCompact Utility TractorCompact Utility Tractor
Engine (gross):24.8 HP24.8 HP
PTO (claimed):19.5 HP19.0-25 HP
EngineKubota 1.3L 3-cyl dieselKubota Direct Injection, 3-cyl diesel.
Fuel Tank7.1 gallons10 gallons

What Are The Difference Between Kubota LX2610 Vs. L2501 Based on Features?

The LX2610 and L2501 look identical! And there may not be very many differences either. But the small differences add up. And those comparisons are made below:

1. Load Capacities & Performance:

This is where you’re going to notice some of the biggest differences between these two tractors it’s going to be in the performance and the capacities of these loaders.

The LX2610 has a 60-inch bucket. The L2501 has a bucket of 66 inches. The standard bucket is a 54-inch bucket. So the 60-inch one doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

The LX2610 has a LA535 loader. (The number on the side of the loader is the lift capacity in kilograms). The L2501 also has the same marking denoting LA525. But the former cannot lift more.

Because they measure the lift capacity to the top of the lift height. On the LX it’s going to be 84 inches so seven feet to the top at the pins.

The one thing that Kubota does mention on this loader is the top of the lift height is 94 inches on the L2501. So although the number is higher on the LX2610 the number on the side of the loader (535 versus the 525), it lifts 10 inches lower.

So if you put these two loaders head to head lifting a pallet of interlock or brick or anything like that, say three feet off the ground, the L2501 will outlift the LX2610

The cylinders on the bucket and the lift arm are a little bit beefier on the L2501 to allow it to have a little bit more lift Capacity.

Everything about this tractor is economical. Kubota took down a lot of the luxury features from the L2501 that you don’t really need in a tractor. If you’re looking to do more agricultural heavy lifting type type tasks, go for this one.

However, the LX2610 has a lighter frame. This is not good for carrying and balancing the load. Add its tiny axles to that, which may also need a spacer.

2. Ease of Use and Comfort:

One reason to pick the LX over the L2501 it’s offers a bit more deluxe experience. The loader lever is in a more ergonomic position down by your armrest.

So you’re able to use that loader efficiently for hours at a time. It comes with a nice floormat with good quality rubber. It reduces some of the noise while you’re operating this tractor. It’s nice and flat so it’s easy to get in and out of this tractor as well.

The LX2610 also comes with an LCD screen. So you can see your engine RPM, your PTO speed. You can also see what’s the PTO spinning at. All your information will be on that little screen up there.

Additionally, the seat is just way more deluxe. It has a little bit of suspension to it and it also comes with armrests.

The L2501 does not come with armrests so this is a premium luxury tractor. For people who do a lot of weekend warrior-type tasks and just want a more deluxe experience when they hop up on their tractor, the LX2610 is their pick!

In terms of maneuverability, everyone agrees on the LX2610. It is lighter, and easy to maneuver! So LX2610 is the winner in this case.

To discuss the L2501, the floorboard is completely metal. So it is going to be a little bit noisier while you’re operating it. It also has a hump in the middle so getting on and off this thing is not as easy.

The L2501 is more of an utilitarian tractor. The loader stick is put it up in front of you instead of down below the floorboard. So you do have to reach forward in order to actually use the loader on this tractor.

3. Price Comparison:

The Kubota LX2610 is sold from $30K onwards. The Kubota L2501 is sold from $18K onwards. On sale, you are likely to get much less of a value.

4. Engine Reliability:

The LX2610 has a 1.3L 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. The L2501 comes with a 1.6L 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. The engine on the LX is bigger and can hold more fuel.

However, the L2501 has a tendency to be more withstanding. The other onehas had many reported issuesof lack of power.

5. Hitch:

The LX2610 has a deluxe pin-style hitch system as you see on the B01 series, the B26 and 230. The L2501 has a more economical turnbuckle style.

Here you do have to get that wrench in order to adjust your side links and the angle adjust on your three-point hitch. So if you’re newer to the tractor world, LX it’s going to be a more beginner-friendly while adjusting your three-point hitch.

6. Engine Features and Power Comparisons:

Between these two tractors, the engine PTO system makes a huge difference. The PTO on the L2501 is a live independent one. So you do have a clutch to engage and disengage that PTO.

On the LX2610, there is a fully independent PTO. It also comes with a mid PTO. So you can run that mid mount mower deck or the front snow blower.

But on the L2501 you can only run those rear implements that’s going to be your brush hogs, rear snowblowers, tillers and anything that runs off the back of the tractor.

Both the mowers require a 24.8HP engine.

7. After Service & Warranty:

In the case of the L2501, usually, the engine suffers from power loss, cold start or a hard start. The air filter can be clean but this problem would persist. It usually starts around 70-100 hours on the engine.

This issue is not covered by the 3-year powertrain warranty. The general warranty on this one is 2 years or 1,500 hours.

In case of the LX2610, an oil pan leak, shortly after the purchase is common. Usually at around 15 hours. This is covered under warranty.

Other issues are rare while the machine is under warranty. The normal warranty for LX2610 is 24 hours. For the powertrain, the limited warranty is 72 months for non-commercial use.

8. Durability:

The L2501 weighs 5,000-6,000 pounds more than the LX2610. This allows doing any kind of rough utilitarian agricultural projects. It will give you a little bit more back-end weight so you’re able to dig those plows into the ground and do anything like that.

The LX2610 is more geared towards somebody on a finished property. Someone who’s looking for a little bit lighter tractor. So when you’re driving across your finished lawn you won’t turn and rip up your property while using that tractor.

9. Resell Value:

The LX2610 has more resell value than the L2501. This is because the former is sturdier, and it has a higher price to begin with.

Kubota Lx2610 or L2501, Which One to Choose?

The LX2610 is going to be perfect if you want a more deluxe experience with a nicer operator station. The LX has a mid PTO that’s absent on the L2501.

It’s an awesome value tractor. It gives you so much value for your money and it’s going to be perfect if

There’s no FPF emission system on either tractors. But judging by overall cost and performance, the LX2610 is the winner.


Q: What is the difference between Kubota B Series and LX Series?

Ans: Different chassis, implements and many more.

Q: How much does a Kubota L2501 weight?

Ans: 2425 to 2623 pounds

Q: Does Kubota L2501 have a shuttle shift?

Ans: Yes, it has mechanical Synchro-Shuttle transmission featuring inline forward and reverse shifting.


From my research, I hope it is clear to you now which tractor you want. None of these tractors are without fault. But this article best describes the comparisons between Kubota LX2610 vs. Kubota L2501.

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