The Key Differences Between Kubota l4701 Vs. Kubota l3901

Mowers are an integral part of owning a field or a farm. And Kubota is one of the most popular brands of mowers.

It has plenty of different types of mowers that have been praised by critics.

The L4701 and L3901 are two such mowers by Kubota which have excellent features. However, there are many differences between these mowers.

If you want to know those differences then this article will guide you.

Kubota l4701 Vs. Kubota l3901: Quick Comparison Table

FeaturesKubota l4701Kubota l3901
Engine Power47.3 hp37.5 hp
Cutting Width72 inches50 inches
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward and reverse
Tire24 and 16 inches24 and 16 inches
Weight3307 lb2777.9 lb
Charging Capacity12 volts, 40 amps12 volts, 40 amps
TransmissionHydrostatic transmissionHydrostatic transmission
Fuel Capacity11.1 gallons11.1 gallons
Max Speed15.8mph14.2mph
SteeringHydrostatic power steeringIntegral type power steering
Max Torque107.9lb ft85.5lb ft

What Is the Difference Between Kubota l4701 Vs. Kubota l3901 on Features?

1. Engine Power:

Engine power is one of the most important things in a mower or any kind of vehicle. Hence, a good and powerful engine is necessary for stable mower service.

Kubota L4701 has 47.3 hp which is very promising. Not many mowers have this much horsepower available.

The Kubota L3901 has 37.5 hp which is also remarkable. However, Kubota L4701 has more power than the L3901. So, it wins the engine power.

2. Max Torque:

To create power from a car’s engine, torque signifies the amount of stress an engine can withstand in order to generate a given level of power to spin the engine on its axis.

The max torque of Kubota L4701 is 107.9lb-ft while the L3901 has 85.5lb-ft max torque.

Thus, L4701 has better torque than the other variant.

3. Wheel Drive:

Both Kubota L4701 and L3901 can drive forward and reverse thanks to their gears. The speed of these mowers is also good.

L4701 can run at 15.8mph speed and L3901 has a max speed of 14.2mph. Both of them have decent speed.

However, if you want to pick one then Kubota L4701 is a better runner.

4. Tire:

Tires are an important part of the mower. If you do not have good-sized tires, it can be a troubling issue.

Kubota L4701 and Kubota L3901 both have similar size tires. It fits perfectly for the size of the mowers. They have 24- and 16-inches rear and front tires respectively.

5. Price:

Price is a major point when buying a mower. If a mower isn’t worth the money, then it is better to skip that one. Also, someone has a fixed budget for something.

Thus, you should consider the price before deciding.

Both Kubota L4701 and L3901 are expensive mowers. But both are worth the penny. Although the price of L4701 is higher, it has better performance than L3901.

Thus, if budget is not the issue for you, L4701 is a better choice.

6. Cutting Width:

If your mower does not have good cutting width you will need to use it more to clean the whole field. Hence, it is great to have a bigger cutting width for a commercial mower.

Thinking of that, Kubota L4701 build its cutting width of 72 inches which is massive! And the L3901 has 50 inches cutting width.

Although many people will argue that the bigger width will not do much good, it may be better to get bigger than a smaller one.

7. Weight:

The weight may not matter much for a tractor and other mowers. However, you should not get something which is too heavy because it may need more power to move and not a very light-weight one also. A standard one is better.

The weight of Kubota L4701 is 3307 lb which is a decent weight for a big mower like that one. The weight of Kubota L3901 is 2777.9 lb which is less than L4701. A heavier mower can do the job faster.

8. Charging Capacity:

The charging capacity is a necessary part of the mower. When the battery can charge at a good speed and without any issues, you will not face any problem driving the mower.

Kubota L4701 and L3901 have a 12-volt battery with 40 amps. This is good for a mower’s battery. You will not have any kinds of trouble from any of the mowers in charging.

9. Transmission:

One of the most important parts of the mower is the transmission. The power that is generated by a lawn mower’s engine is transferred to the wheels via a transmission.

Which is also responsible for regulating the mower’s speed by adjusting the amount of torque it produces in response to varying environmental factors.

Now, both the mowers of Kubota use Hydrostatic transmission which is a decent transmission for mowers.

There is no winner in this section although some people will argue that L4701’s transmission is smothering.

10. Fuel Capacity:

L4901 has 11.1 gals of fuel capacity. And the same amount of fuel capacity is found in the L3901 model. Both are decent in terms of a mower.

A good fuel capacity like 11.1-gal can easily help you cut the grass of a large field without refilling the tank. This is a big advantage for you if you buy any one of these two mowers.

11. Starter:

Electric starters are great and improved starters and have many advantages like fast starting and it is very convenient.

Both the Kubota L4701 and L3901 have electric starters which have great build quality.

12. Steering:

When you are buying a mower, you should check the steering. If the steering is working fine then you can give it a point.

In terms of steering the Kubota L4701 has Hydrostatic power steering and the L3901 has Integral type power steering. If you compare these two types then Hydrostatic power steering is better than the other one for smooth and easy-to-move steering.

Thus, Kubota L4701 wins here.

13. Warranty:

When it comes to a warranty, a good company will give a long-term warranty to safeguard the product for the customer and to cover future issues.

So, about the warranty, it can be said the more the merrier!

Both the Kubota mowers have the same 3 years warranty. It is a standard warranty for mowers in the market. So, there is nothing bad about it. Both of them will tie in a warranty.

Kubota l4701 Vs. Kubota l3901: Which One to Choose Finally?

After seeing all the information and comparing the differences it is very clear that Kubota L4701 is better than L3901.

Although Kubota L3901 has many features of a good mower, in comparison to L4701 there are not great.

Kubota L4701 has better engine power, better torque, and even better max speed.

The steering is smoother and the overall quality is better than the L3901 mower.

Hence, if you can spend a little more buck then you should buy an L4701 mower.


When you don’t know the comparison between the two Kubota mowers you will have a very confusing time. Both may seem quite similar. But there are many differences that you should know by now by reading this article.

Hope this article will help you buy the right mower.

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