The Key Differences Between Kubota L3901 Vs. L4701

Who doesn’t fancy a Kubota tractor? Going to the dealership, people often get confused between any two Kubotas. One such pair is the Kubota Kubota L3901 vs. L4701.

Both look kind of the same, although the L4701 looks more beautiful. But is it really better than the L3901? Which one to pick between the both? What considerations should you keep in mind while purchasing?

Well, look no further than here! I have all your questions answered briefly but in all the details you were looking for. Give this a read till the end!

Kubota L3901 Vs. L4701: Quick Comparison Table

There are some major differences between Kubota L3901 and L4701. They are compared below:

Kubota L3901 Vs. L4701:

FeaturesKubota L3901Kubota L4701
Engine4-cycle diesel engine4-cycle diesel engine
Engine Power39 HP47 HP
Gross Engine Power33 HP44.8 HP
TransmissionGear-drive and HSTGear-drive and HST
Lift Capacity (Lift Point)900 Kg1300 Kg
PTO Power32.1 HP39.3 HP  
Total displacement111.4 cu. in.148.5 cu. in.

What Are The Difference Between Kubota L3901 vs. L4701 Based on Features?

Generally, a 60 to 70-inch implements with some meaningful work on the front loader is expected from a Kubota tractor. As you go through Kubota’s product line, you’ll find some gap when you go from a Deluxe B Series tractor to a Deluxe L Series tractor, or like a Grand L 60.

This decision is between the L series (L39010) and the grand L series (L4701). The grand L series is bigger and bulkier. But for many reasons here you may go with the L3901. Here are the reasons stated below.

1. Performance:

Between the tractors, the L3901 and L4701 have different chassis. The frame size on the L3901 is smaller than the latter. But it is more popular.

However, with a longer wheelbase, the L4701 can handle larger implements. It can comfortably implement 72-inch rotary cutters or 84-inch rear blades.

The loader’s lifting capacity on the L3901 is rather limited. It only has a lift capacity of roughly 900 pounds because it weighs about 1,200 pounds without the bucket. The bucket weighs a whopping 250 pounds.

This makes you take more trips and this capacity is not enough. Whereas the L4701 provides more lift capacity.

The configuration of the sitting chamber on L3901 is not user-friendly. This includes the footwell which is disturbing if you’re getting on and off the vehicle.

You can use so much with the Kubota L3901. For example, a dual-action sickle, two-spool tedder, old vertical side rake, and even an NH Super 69 baler (if you fancy). But all this on smooth ground. Not on Hilly areas.

The performance on the L4901 is fine on the hills with machineries on. But one disadvantage can be it’s larger size. It decreases speed and sometimes, efficiency.

While I don’t think you can go too big, you should absolutely make sure the tractor can move around without bashing into trees or creating deep ruts when working in the woods on trails.

2. Ease of Use and Comfort:

Both of these models have an old-school hump right in the middle of the seats. This is an economical decision on part of Kubota. Moreover, the seats do not have any armrests.

There are no additional pieces for cowlings and stuff. These will be added to any luxury tractors. The three-point lever or the shifting levers are also smaller in length.

However, both of these models offer a gear drive transmission. Owing to this, you can shuttle between forward and reverse on these things pretty easily when doing a lot of loader work. But it’s not nearly as efficient and productive as in a hydrostatic type transmission.

3. Engine Reliability:

The Kubota L3901 uses a D1803-CR-E4 engine. The engine is a good one. However, there is a problem of the engine overheating. You may suffer the problem of a cold start, merely within a week of usage of the tractor.

This happens due to the load to fuel imbalance. You have enough fuel to run but not enough to take load. The cold start problem increases when it’s cold or snowing. Moreover, the engine may keep dying on you due to the safety switch.

On a Kubota L4701, the problems with the engine are less reported. However, some people have reported very early problems with a hard cranking engine. The reason can be the electric fuel pump starving for the engine for fuel.

4. Price Comparison:

The Kubota L4701 is more expensive than L3901/. It is expensive by almost $3,000 more than the L3901. At this price point, the L4701 should be worth it right?

Here are the reasons why it might be worth it: It has more weight. It weighs about 500lbs. It also has the LA765 loader. And a few more things as you can read in this article.

On the other hand, with an extra $3,000 at hand, you can buy other attachments with the L3901. Now it’s up to you which price point seems fair to you and what you want to do as a consumer.

5. Fuel Usage:

The fuel consumption of the L3901 is approximately 2.4 hours per gallon. This is also the same for the L4901. However, if you look at the engine power they are operating at, the L4901’s capacities are amazing!

6. Maintenance and Durability:

Checking the oil on an L3901 is a bit problematic. This is because the dipstick is located way below and is unlabelled. The hydraulic and cooling line comes in front of the opening.

Another thing about the L3901 is, it’s important to clean out the radiator’s pre-screen. Because it collects a lot of loose material, especially when you’re using a brush hog to remove dry grass and seed from the grass.

This needs to be done regularly. But it’s difficult to do so with a loader, coming down on every side you open up the pre-screen.  

You can just leave the screen in and blow out the debris with a grass blower. The HST of the L4701 is prone to breakage and it may break repeatedly. This fix is a bit expensive. Otherwise, they are usually problem-free.

7. Engine Power Comparisons:

The engine on the L3901 has 39 HP. While the one on L4701 has a 47 HP. The five to six-footer L3901 does need a little bit more power than the standard 25 HP.

8. After Service & Warranty:

Both the Kubota models have a 12 month limited warranty. Under this all issues are covered except those caused due to some kind of damage done by the owner.

But for a 50-hour recommended regular service, changing the hydraulic oil will be the biggest cost. For parts, changing a few filters (fuel, hydraulic, and oil) will cost around $30.

9. Resell Value:

The resell value of the Kubota L4701 is more than the L3901. For some reason, the value-packed L4701 does not sell well. This may mostly be due to the purchase of a new L4701 being more preferable.

For example, a 5-year-old 280-320 hour L3901 can sell for USD 19K cash. The dealer may be offering USD 17K instead


Q: How much can a Kubota L4701 lift?

Ans: 1400lb loader lift capacity.

Q: How much does an L4701 Kubota tractor cost?

Ans: $27,833 (approx..)

Q: How fast does a Kubota L3901 go?

Ans: 14.1 MPH for HST models.


From the article above, it is clear that the Kubota L4701 is better than the L3901 (in terms of the performance tractors should be delivering).

So, you should make the choice favoring this one. Finally, keep in mind the needs you have without going for the tractor with the most features.

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