What are the Solutions of Kubota GR2120 Problems?

Kubota is a well-known brand that produces high-quality tractors. The Kubota GR2120 tractor is especially good if you’re searching for a tractor for your farm.

Nonetheless, some typical Kubota GR2120 difficulties include PTO failure, the engine suddenly shutting down, cranking issues, exhaust fumes, and overheating issues.

I’ll go through each of these problems in detail in this post, as well as possible remedies.

PTO FailureInspect the clutch packs
Engine Suddenly Shutting DownVerify the fuel level
Cranking IssuesInspect the internal battery state
Exhaust FumesReplace the fuel filter
Overheating IssueClean or change the coolant system

5 Problems with Kubota GR2120 and Their Solutions:

Let’s take a quick look at those possible issues and potential solutions.

1. PTO Failure:

One prevalent issue is PTO dysfunction or failure, in which consumers have noted that the PTO shaft begins to move without sufficient contact.

Even when the PTO is correctly engaged, some customers notice that the shafts don’t quite revolve.

PTO malfunctioning can occur for a variety of causes, but the most common is when the bush hog stops working while the PTO is still disconnected from the power source.

The Fix:

Inspect the clutch packs beforehand to make sure it’s in good operating order and, if necessary, fix or change them as soon as you discover the PTO fault.

Whether the clutch packs are not the problem, inspect the PTO control valve and do performance testing to see if it’s in excellent operating order. Be careful to change the control valve’s seal if you notice any signs of wear.

2. Engine Suddenly Shutting Down:

It is one of the most typical issues that most Kubota tractor types, such as the GR2120. According to some customers, the vehicle functions properly at first but then closes down unexpectedly amid their job.

Whenever a tractor engine runs out of fuel or any internal part fails, including the air filters, fuel pumps, fuel filters, or lines, the engine will shut down unexpectedly during its operation.

The Fix:

Almost all of the time, it’s due to a lack of fuel, so be careful to verify the fuel level in your tractor’s fuel tank and replace it if necessary.

If the tractor isn’t running low on fuel, you have to inspect if your fuel pumps, filters, and lines are in good operating order or if any of them have become blocked or broken.

Change any blocked or broken components that you discover there. Also, be sure to examine the air filters to see if they’re blocked and, if necessary, change them.

3. Cranking Issues:

Even though it is a regular problem with any tractor or mower’s motor that it occasionally rejects to start or takes too much time to start, it is nonetheless inconvenient for any customer.

Many customers state that the GR2120 tractor’s motor runs well when properly cared for and maintained, however, the motor can sometimes behave itself and refuse to start.

This mistake usually happens whenever your tractor’s battery dies, or when the battery connections have a problem, such as a bad connection or are heavily damaged with dust and rust.

The Fix:

Thankfully, the cure is rather simple; you have to simply inspect the internal battery state, as well as the quality of the battery connections, as soon as you discover starting problems.

Aside from that, if severe filth and rust is the major cause, make sure to clean them using a specialized cleaning product. Use a tester to check your tractor’s safety switches to make sure they’re reading the right voltages.

Change the battery if it is defective or deceased, and adjust any of the battery wires that appear to be free from the connector. When none of the following remedies work for your GR2120 engine issue, call your local service provider right away.

4. Exhaust Fumes:

If the emissions from your tractor are colored it might make you nervous every time you consider running it. There’s nothing to be concerned about. The hue of the smoke can help us figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

If the color is black, it might be due to poor fuel quality, a full tank, or a blocked air filter. If the smoke is blue-white, it might be due to a moist discharge valve or an issue with the injection pipe.

The Fix: 

If the tractor emits black gasses, you’ll need to replace the fuel and fuel filter, as well as go to more advanced choices. Stay updated on the fuel level and don’t overfill it. If necessary, clean or change the air cleaner.

Take into account these suggestions for blue-white odors. By putting a suitable load on the engine, you might try to warm up the muffler. Inspect for any issues with the fuel injection mechanism.

5. Overheating Issue:

If your engine is subjected to far greater stress than it is capable of, heating is not uncommon. For that, reduce the shift or load to a lower gear. If the Kubota GR2120 overheats, its functionality will quickly deteriorate.

Excessive heat problems will worsen if the connection is not proper between the radiator and the hoses. Overheating might also be caused by an obstruction in your coolant. The gasoline will be impacted if the cooling system becomes clogged. 

The Fix:

Whether your engine gets too hot frequently, you should check the coolant level and see if it requires to be refilled right away. Remember to also inspect the hose and radiator.

If the connection is not proper, the condition can be resolved by wiping the radiator base or panel. You can change the coolant system and cleanse the whole blocking system if there is any obstruction in the cooling system.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

The Kubota GR2120 is used for farmers and general field management by its owners. A well-maintained GR2120 Kubota tractor can have roughly 6000 hours on it.

If you’re looking to buy a used tractor, Kubota boasts one of the greatest replacement parts facilities in the world, with components that are easily accessible and easy to locate. Furthermore, locating a Kubota shop manual is typically simple, making it simple to maintain your tractor working.

Still, there are a few unsatisfied customers who have faced some issues with their Kubota GR2120. One customer from Tractor By Net forum said that he had issues with the mower deck.

Final Thoughts

You will be able to cope with Kubota GR2120 issues now you’re informed of them. However, no technique can help you if you do not maintain your tractor on a constant schedule.

The Kubota GR2120 is not without flaws. As a result, you must read this piece. If you figure out how to deal with frequent issues, this tractor is the finest investment within range.

You may wonder how long you’ll have to go through this ordeal. There is no need to be concerned. It is all up to you. If you take proper care of the tractor and anticipate any potential problems, you may be able to provide excellent service.

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