5 Most Common Problems With Kubota BX2380 Tractor

Kubota BX2380 tractor resembles the perfect combination of unmatchable intuitive versatility, power, and reliability.

Kubota has been in the number one position for selling sub-compact tractors for more than decades with its BX series of tractors, and its BX2380 tractor represents the mid-level offering of its line.

However, there are some common problems with Kubota bx2380 as well that customers often encounter.

So, let’s learn more about those problems here-

Kubota BX2380 Problems

5 Common Kubota BX2380 Problems:

1. The Pins Of Folding ROPS Do Not Necessarily Line up Properly:

Though most customers claimed that this tractor works pretty smoothly and accessing controls are beginners-friendly, some people have also experienced trouble while handling the folding ROPS.

Some customers stated that pulling each side’s pins to get them out is relatively easy while setting the folding ROPS down.

But the problem arises when they fold the ROPS back up, and they fail to line up the pins.

So, they end up running the tractor with ROPS up, but only one side’s pin lined up correctly.

However, this is not a severe technical malfunction, but still, that is disappointing from a mid to high range product.

One can fix this problem by backing out the existing screws on the ROPS front, and the pins will go in.

Or, you can use a small type of Dremel to fix this, grind the hole with that tool and make it a bit bigger.

2. The Throttle Lever Of The BX2380 Often Slips:

The throttle design may seem frustrating to some users because the throttle lever sometimes slips while running the tractor.

Users have pointed that when they pull the throttle down and put it somewhere, it goes right back.

So, what happens here is, the two jam nuts located on the bottom part of the throttle control the tension on the slotted lever, whether it is down or up.

But over time, invariably, the tension on the throttle wears down unless you put Loctite or an acorn nut there to keep that intact on the position.

One can fix this by putting a wrench on the throttle handle and snug it up. Then, giving it, few turns until the throttle cable starts responding correctly again.

Again, some may consider it is not a big deal since it is easily fixable. But some customers will agree that from an expensive high-quality brand like Kubota bx2380, they do not expect such flaws.

3. The Connection For The Third Function Seems Dense:

Mostly, customers get the third function installed during their purchase since it is a factory part.

But some customers have mentioned their disappointment over the difference between their expectations and what they got.

The electrical connection for the third function part is pretty low in quality. Customers also stated that some connector pieces just lay and flop around because those are not tied up securely.

Now, for this lacking, we cannot blame the company since some dealers use aftermarket options for the third function to save some bucks.

However, this kind of customer service from the authorized dealers also ruins the brand’s reputation.

Therefore, Kubota needs to ensure that all their exclusive and authorized dealers are not compromising with the quality service they should provide to customers.

4. The Switch Seems Janky:

Some users have mentioned that the Kubota bx2380 tractor’s switch located in front of the hand gear or grab handle is pretty janky.

While running the tractor at some point, the top of that switch randomly falls off, which is troublesome.

Using the switch without that top is quite difficult because one has to put their finger down and stick it in there to operate.

Therefore, customers have to replace the switch with a new one, and when this happens frequently, it is a waste of both money and time.

In that case, Kubota can solve this problem by making some changes in the design.

5. Placement Of The Fuel Tank And Grab Handle :

Though the fuel fill placement of the Kubota BX2380 tractor is in the standard position, that placement may not be comfortable for all customers.

Especially those users from the United States will agree with this particular issue.

People have to use a particular type of gas cans with small spouts for fuel filling tasks based on the United States government instruction.

The problem arises when you try to fill the fuel tank using that gas can grab handle directly gets in the way because of the lack of space between the fuel tank and grab handle.

Some users may find it a minor designing error, but if the grab handle was placed further forward to keep a decent distance, this problem would not arise in the first place.

What Do The Customers Say?

“Diesel powered, quality construction, heavy duty made for years and years of service. Parts and service readily available, expensive to buy But long life, easy maintenance, very safe and economical to operate”

Bill of Lakeland, FL

“Kubota makes great machines for perfect fields. It is not the greatest over harsher lawns due to their deck hangers which are solid mounts that use fine thread bolts to give you your height. I do wish they would make a secondary chain deck hanging system since not everyone is mowing a golf course.”

Dean of Montgomery, IL

According to most user’s feedback, Kubota BX2380 does not have any major flaws. Most of the issues that customers face is either minor or due to a lack of regular maintenance. Therefore, those can be solved by simply contacting the dealer or manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, as a brand, Kubota always has a great reputation for acknowledging the customer’s feedback and complaints. Also, those minor issues that people commonly encounter can be fixed, as I have already explained.

Kubota tend to listen to customer’s experiences and work on the lacking to improvise their product quality.

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