The Key Differences Between Kubota B2620 vs B2601

Kubota is known as a very loyal name to the horticulturists as well as farmers. It renders a premium level of service to the users from the very beginning when they first launched their product. But there remains some delicate comparison between Kubota B2620 and Kubota B2601.

There are a lot of different models to look at before you buy one. You should look at things like the price, the efficiency of the engine, the gross power, and the flow rate of the pump.

For choosing the best and cheapest model between the Kubota B2620 and the Kubota B2601, read this article thoroughly.  

Kubota B2620 vs B2602: Quick Comparison Table

This chart will show you a clear view that makes you self-assured to pick between Kubota B2620 and Kubota B2601.

Kubota B2620 vs B2601:

PTO Horse Power19 HP19.5 HP
Engine Oil Capacity3.00 L3.1 L
Gross Power26 HP19HP
Rated rpm2500 rpm2800 rpm
Fuel Tank25L23L
BrakeWet discMulti-plate wet disc
Lift Capacity480.036 kg820 kg
Pump Flow Rate8.327902 L/min31.4L/min
Price13,888 USD15,680 USD
Differential LockRear standardStandard

What Are the Differences Between Kubota B2620 vs B2601 Based on Features?

1. PTO Horse Power

Kubota B2620 has an engine with 19 HP PTO which denotes a good profile for a tractor.

On the other hand, Kubota B2601 has a capacity of 19.5 HP gross power-based motor which is better than the first profile.

So ultimately Kubota B2601 is the winner in this case.

2. Engine Oil Capacity

Kubota B2620 fuel tank can carry a maximum of 3 liters of oil in it which is not a good amount for a vehicle.

On the other hand, Kubota B2601 has a little bit larger tank than the first one which amount is 3.1 Litre.

So, the better version is Kubota B2601. Because it can utilize more oil than the B2620.

3. Gross Power

B2620 provides a 26 HP gross power engine which is kind of average in quality.

On the other hand, B2601 provides a 19 HP gross engine that cannot produce power and does not have enough quality level for a good steering motion.

In this case, B2620 can perform better compared to B2601.

4. Rated rpm

B2620 has rated by 2500 rpm which plays the tractor to the maximum circulation as well as speedy motion.

In contrast, B2601 is rated by 2800 rpm which is more than the prior one.

Consequently, the side goes to the B2601 for the better performer.

5. Fuel Tank

The fuel tank of Kubota B2620 is around 25 Litre while the Kubota B2601 fuel tank is almost 23 Litre.

Overall, this is up to the users for which purpose they will use the tractor. In this regard, B2620 has a larger capacity to render service.

6. Brake

The brake is one of the most important parts of a tractor. The B2620 contains a wet disk-type brake. On the other hand, B2601 holds a multi-plate wet disc as a brake. According to my research, the latter is more efficient for regulating braking activities.

7. 3 Point Hitch Lift Capacity

It seems that B2620 can uphold 480.036 kg. The engine has optimization in this weight as well. In contrast, Kubota B2601 can carry a maximum of 820kg.

So B2601 is far better than the first one as it can carry a large amount of weight.

8. Pump Flow Rate

The pump plays a vital role in any kind of tractor. B2620 model has a pump that can supply fluid8.327902 Liter per minute.

On the other hand, B2601’s pump is upgraded. It can supply around 31.4Liter per minute to conduct the activities.

So, undoubtedly B2601 is highly efficient in pump flow rate for the tractor.

9. Price

The price goes to 13,888 USD for the B2620 model tractor while B2601 requires 15,680 USD for buying the tractor model. So B2601 is more expensive than the rest one as it carries upgraded features.

10. Differential Lock

Differential lock is another attraction for the users of the tractor. B2620 has a rear differential lock that’s short of the standard quality.

On the other hand, B2601 bears a standard model of a differential lock. So the final result tends to the side of B2601.

11. After Service & Warranty

Both the B2620 and B2601 have more or less the same features and same problems. One example I can pull up is the brake pedal issue. The machine will end up at the dealer for this.

Both tractors provide good after service and covers issues under warranty. However, you will hardly see any major issues within 600 hours (approximately). Which means, you will not get much out of the purchasable ‘extended’ warranty.

12. Durability

Kubota is really good with their tractors. So both the B2620 and B2601 are durable. Users reported that the tractors last well even on hilly areas and gravels and uneven surfaces.

The B2620 especially pulls well even with lower HP. If you’re worried about longevity, don’t be. You can easily run large PTO equipment on the B2620.

Kubota has used aluminum housings on the B series for a long time. Bothe the B2620 and B2601 have superb casting, material, and design.

13. Engine Reliability

In terms of engine reliability, B2601 wins. Lesser issues have been reported about its engines.

The B2620 has many issues. They usually start within a short time (if you’ve made an unlucky purchase). These include: the engine not starting or not turning over, clicking noises, broken top tank etc.

Kubota B2620 or B2601 Which One to Choose?

Kubota 2601 has more engine power, fuel capacity, and rated rpm which turns the tractor into an active beast. Moreover, the brake of Kubota 2601 consists of advanced technology which provides steady-state motion to the mower.

Additionally, it also has sufficient lift capacity and pumps flow rate for driving a mower more smoothly. Regarding Kubota 2620, it has enough level of gross power which renders the required power for uplifting activities.

In addition, the fuel tank is much bigger which impacts the users’ relief. But overall, you will get most of the highly advanced specifications in Kubota 2601. Besides, Kubota 2601 offers a reasonable price for the customers which is good news for them.


Kubota 2620 and Kubota 2601 both contain unique features which you already know now from reading this article. Kubota 2620 is more expensive so people will think more before purchasing this model. The maintenance and safety of the model are also another concern when they will buy it.

According to their warranty service and repair cost, you can decide to buy 2601. But you must maintain the manual given with the tractor properly for long-term usage.

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