Kubota B2601 Vs. B2650: Which You Should Go For?

If you have researched compact utility tractors, you will know that people love 26 HP engines for certain reasons. Having Tier 4 compliant is the biggest one.

This is where lots of customers can’t decide between two very popular Kubota tractor models. That is the reason for my research behind the Kubota B2601 vs B2650 comparison.

In this article, I have included all significant differences between the two models to paint a clearer picture. Though the models are almost identical, there are lots of differences in their performances and other aspects.

Kubota B2601 Vs. B2650: Quick Comparison Table

Before moving on to the main section of this article, let’s have a quick look at the table below.

Kubota B2601 Vs B2650:

FeaturesKubota B2601Kubota B2650
Power Output25.5 HP26 HP
Fuel Tank6.1 gal7.3 gal
72″ Mower Deck CompatibilityNoYes
3-point Lift Capacity1808 lbs.2139 lbs.
Speed12.7 mph11.9 mph
Ground Clearance12.8”14.6”
DashboardAnalog; Less infoDigital; More info
Weight1632 lbs.1786 lbs.

What’s the Difference Between Kubota B2601 and B2650 Based on Features?

1. Engine Reliability:

Kubota is a multinational company that originated in Osaka, Japan. It is one of the most trusted brands in the agricultural machinery industry.

Over the years, Kubota has proved that its diesel engines are very efficient, and reliable. But you have to use it with care and proper maintenance.

In diesel engines, soot and vibration are common, and Kubota engines are not an exception.

However, if you keep the air filter clean, and change the oil regularly, you will not face this problem like others.

The number of Kubota user complaints is very low. So, you do not have to worry a lot about the investment you are going to make.

2. Power Output:

From the spec sheet, you can tell that both belong in the same power output category which is 26 HP.

In real-life, Kubota B2601 is slightly less powerful than the new B2650. Also, the engine is completely new in the newer tractor models.

The first big difference is in the performance upgrade in the new engine. It doesn’t have the previous models’ issues.

And, people love this particular power output range because of its Tier 4 compliance. Anything below 26HP, the regulations are different.

3. Operability:

There are lots of features that can be covered in this section but I am going to about only a few.

Firstly, the B2650 is better because it is compatible with 72” mower decks. It means that you can mount larger blades cutting large areas of grass faster.

The B2601 model is compatible with up to 60” mower decks. This older model is slightly smaller in dimension too.

After that, the 3-point lift capacity is important too. There is a massive 1959 pounds difference between their capacity, and the newer B2650 is ahead.

Besides, there are a few more benefits to the 3-point hitch system compared to normal ones.

Furthermore, more ground clearance and a larger wheelbase are considered to be better. Guess, which model has the better specs? It is the B2650 again.

Having 1.8” more ground clearance and a 4.2” larger wheelbase, it is more stable and capable of moving on the toughest terrains.

Lastly, the biggest improvement Kubota has done in this series is by providing a digital dashboard in the B2650.

Compared to the old analog one, you can now see more data such as engine RPM, PTO RPM, etc. 

4. Durability:

I have already told you that Kubota engines are very reliable. And, the tractors are overall durable too.

Here, I am comparing two compact tractor models, and both are manufactured by Kubota.

The sturdy metal construction along with premium component use makes the tractors last for years.

The only condition here is to take good care of the machines. Know the service intervals for different parts, and strictly follow the operator’s manual.

5. Speed and Runtime:

Speed depends on a lot of factors. The good thing about more speed and a larger fuel tank is that it can finish a job faster saving lots of time.

The above table shows that there is a 1.2-gallon difference between the B2601 and B2650 tractors. And, the latter one is ahead in this parameter.

Nevertheless, B2601 has some parks too, and it is slightly faster than the other one.

The possible reason may lie in the operating weight of the two.

As both tractors come with almost similar power output ratings, the one weighing less (B2601) can go a little faster.

Here, B2650 weighs almost 154 pounds more.

6. Service & Warranty:

Both models belong to the same series. So, there is no difference in the warranty period.

It is standard for 72 months or 2000 hours for residential or non-commercial uses. And, that period can come down to 24 months or 36 months based on a few conditions.

Like any other tractor model, the best and most reliable information on service interval is available in the operator’s manual.

7. Price:

I can’t mention the price of these models as they change depending on the state you are living in and lots of different factors.

But there is one thing I can tell you for sure which is that B2601 costs way less than B2650.

Besides all those discussions above, if you don’t have enough budget, I think that the choice is kind of fixed here.

Kubota B2601 or B2650: Which One to Choose?

In this Kubota B2601 vs B2650 comparison, the first and basic difference is in their versions. Both belong in the B series and have a 25HP power output rating.

But one is version 1 and another is version 50. Other than that, they differ a lot in many other categories, and you have read it all above.

The B2650 is a premium tractor with more comfort, better control, and improved stability. Moreover, it has a 3-point hitch control system.

For that reason, with more FEL lift capacity, tilt wheel, and extra 3-pt lift capacity, my vote will to the Kubota B2650.

There is more to the story. Those who want something more compact and lightweight than B2650 can go for the B2601. It can handle lightweight jobs.

If you want a more realistic hands-on kind of comparison, I can recommend a great video that covers the topic with incredible details.

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