6 Most-Common Problems With Kubota B2601

The Kubota b2601 is a four-wheel-drive tractor with a 26hp engine. It is a part of the Kubota B series of six tractors.

This compact tractor was first introduced in 2018 and has shown its productivity from various homework requirements to tough farming jobs. This machine offers great diesel power, nice hydrostatic transmission, and many more.

Like any other machine, it has also got drawbacks. You should know the pitfalls before buying this tractor.

Here are the 6 most common problems you may face with Kubota b2601 tractor.

kubota B2601 Problems

6 Most Common Kubota B2601 Problems:

1. Hydrostatic Transmission And Pedal Problem

The customers are facing a treadle pedal problem. The treadle pedal is controlled by the foot to deliver the output of the engine to the hydrostatic transmission.

The users mentioned that the pedal was way too stiff than the L series or LX series tractors. If you push to the reverse, it will also take quite more effort than the forward push to engage the transmission.

Some customers were annoyed about these as their knees are hurting for the excessive forcing to pedal.

The stiffness can happen for two causes – 1] The joints or the bolts may be tightened too much 2) Enough lubricant is not applied. 

To solve the reserve issue, you can give the pedal a little more bend with your hand on the reverse end.

2. Seating Issues

If you check out videos on Kubota b2601, you will find out that the passengers are having problems with the seats, especially with the reversible backhoe seats.

Since it is a compact tractor, it is obvious to have a congested seating area.

However, before buying, you should check the seating arrangements. The adjustable steering wheel and retractable seat belt may help you in this regard. 

3. Quick tach loader connection problem

A few customers said that its quick tach loader connection was leak prone. This can happen if the seals around different fittings are no longer close firmly.

You have to check the hydraulic fluid filter regularly to regulate the optimum power in the hydraulic circuit.

Since the hoses have to undergo constant chafing, you need to pad or protect the hose section for leak-free lines.

And if the fittings are damaged, you should contact the dear or go to a nearby auto supply house to replace the fittings. 

Every 400 hours, you need to replace the hydraulic or transmission fluid and hydraulic or transmission filter. 

4. Overheating

The customers encounter overheating issues. It can be for the blocked air filter. And the engine will fail to produce enough power for the failure of the flow of gasoline to the engine.

Additionally, cooling fins also can be a significant cause of this problem.

Clogged fins won’t be able to reverse the problem.

So, you should check the filter and fins and clean them regularly. 

5. Starting problem

The consumers may face some starting problems. It can be for the dead battery or faulty safety switches, or dirty terminals.

So, you should clean the battery cables to solve the issue. Or you can contact the seller within the warranty period.

6. Engine issues

Another common issue noted by the customers is that the engine has gone out of work. This can happen because gasoline can get mixed with diesel fuel.

Apart from that, blocked fuel filter or improper parking brake switch or soot in the engine can also be other reasons.

 A customer mentioned that he had smelled the gas tank to figure out the problem. 

You have to flush the fuel system to revive the engine’s function. 

Occurrence in 2018: Kubota recalled their all Kubota zero turn mowers, compact tractors, and ride-on mowers from 2014 to 2018. It was because the machines have issues with overheated and pressurized coolant reservoir tanks. Kubota repaired those models without any charge.

What Do the Customers Say?

Lots of users say that they are using Kubota b2601 for years for its excellent lifting power, high levels of efficiency, compact design, maximum output for different types of implements and attachments. This machine will serve you for years compared to its competitors.

When they faced the issues, they contacted Kubota, and most of them get the services within the warranty period.

What Is The Resale Value On Kubota B2601?

YearNew Price
Model 2021$20,100
Model 2019$19,500
Model 2016$19,995

The Verdict

Kubota b2601 comes with the D1105 three-cylinder engine with E-TVCS(three vortex combustion systems) for the ultimate fuel usage.

This versatile machine combines with modern field technologies and can withstand tough field conditions.

But nothing is 100% perfect. All the issues are common and can be solved. A good dealership can help you to get rid of the problems stated above.

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