Kubota B2301 VS B2601: Which One is Better Overall?

If you are looking for a reliable, easy to use yet powerful compact tractor for your backyard garden or maintenance, both Kubota B2301 and B2601 would be ideal for the job.

Both B2301 and B2601 are driver-friendly and highly reliable. They have many similar features such as a powerful category 1 3-point hitch, multi-plate wet disc brake, same fuel tank capacity, and many more.

However, the gross HP and PTO horsepower of B2601 is more than the other one. Also, the tire size and displacement are higher in Kubota B2601.

This article will discuss and compare the features of the two compact Kubota tractors to help you find the best one. So, without further ado, let’s start with it!

Kubota B2301 Vs. B2601: A Quick Comparison Table

As stated already, both Kubota B2301 and B2601 share many similar features, while having numerous differences.

Let’s have a look at their specifications in the table below before jumping into the comparison in detail.

Engine Gross HP at 3200 rpm22 HP25.5 HP
PTO Horsepower17.7 HP19. HP
Fuel Tank Capacity23 liters23 liters
TransmissionHST (3 range)HST (3 range)
Rated RPM2800 rpm2800 rpm
BrakeMulti-plate wet discMulti-plate wet disc
3-point HitchYesYes
Tire Size6-12 (front) 9.5-16 (rear)7-12 (front) 11.2-16 (rear)
Travelling Speed11.9 mph12.7 mph
Ground Clearance12 inches12.8 inches
Weight1566 lbs.1632 lbs.

Kubota B2301 Vs. B2601: Head to Head Comparison

Now, it is time to dig into the details. I’ll go feature by feature and see if they have similarities or differences. It will help you find a clear winner as well.

Both Kubota B2301 and B2601 come with a liquid cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine, while B2301 offers 22 horsepower and the other one has 26 HP at 3200 rpm. Also, both of them have a three-range hydraulic transmission that provides powerful and smooth performance while lifting heavy-duty tools.

However, the B2601 has a mechanical transmission system as well which provides power through a gear-based system.  On the other hand, B2301 provides only a hydraulic transmission system.

If we talk about the hydraulic system in general, B2601 can lift slightly more, thanks to its hydraulic power steering with a 3-point hitch which accepts a variety of tools. The lifting capacity of the B2301 is about 1808 lbs. while the B2601 can lift about 1880 lbs.

The two tractors feature reliable tires to provide better traction and grip. The size of the front tire of B2301 is 6 to 12mm, while for B2601, it is 7-12mm. Again, the rear tire size of B2301 and B2601 is 9.5-16 and 11.2-16mm respectively. So, there’s not much significant difference in terms of tire sizes between these two compact tractors.

Again, both of them use diesel as their fuel, and interestingly, they have similar fuel tank capacity as well. Their fuel tank capacity is 23 liters. Both B2301 and B2601 operate in a 12 volts battery which is a basic battery with which you can charge your smartphones. Moreover, the charging capacity remains the same which is 40 amps.

While it seems that everything is the same between these two tractors, perhaps, it isn’t. B2601 weighs more than B2301 measuring 1632 lbs. (740 Kg), while B2301 weighs 1566 lbs. (710 kg).

Despite having the same wheelbase, B2601 has more ground clearance (12.8 inches) than B2301 (12 inches). Also, the latter one is slightly larger than its ancestor.

Kubota B2301 or B2601, Which One to Choose?

So, it is certain that both Kubota B2301 and B2601 are very powerful and extremely reliable compact tractors for your garden or business. They both have almost similar and equivalent features starting from the engine type, fuel capacity, transmission system, and braking system.

However, being an updated release Kubota B2601 comes with a better lifting capacity. It is also more powerful in terms of horsepower. It is larger, heavier, and has a better ground clearance.

Kubota B2301, on the other hand, offers superb comfort to the driver by incorporating a high back seat and reversible seat with greater leg space.

There’s no clear winner for the day here. If you need a more powerful tractor, you may go for Kubota B2601, while B2301 provides more comfort.

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Final Word

Kubota produces powerful and reliable tractors to be used in gardens, industries, or any other causes. Both the B2301 and B2601 are capable to lift heavy loads. Even though B2601 is slightly powerful, B2301 is also praiseworthy.

I hope this article helps you find the right tractor for your need. If so, don’t forget to share this with your friends who may find it helpful. Thanks a lot.

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