What is The Key Differences Between Kioti Vs. Mahinda?

Kioti is a popular name in the mower market for its low price and great performance. It has excellent features for a mid-range mower. The build quality is also great.

Mahindra, an Indian company, reached the highest selling mower status in 2010. It is an exceptional mower that can last for a long time and provide amazing performance.

But when you want to buy one from Kioti and Mahindra you should know the differences between these mowers. In this article, I will tell you about those differences.

Kioti vs. Mahindra: Quick Comparison Table

Engine Power21 hp25 hp
Cutting Width60 inches72 inches
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward and reverse
Tire24 and 16 inches24 and 16 inches
PriceMid-rangeMid to high range
Weight1,485 lbs.2459 lbs.
Charging Capacity12 volts12 volts
TransmissionHydro-staticHST – 3 Ranges
Fuel Capacity6.7 gallons7.1 gallons

What Is the Difference Between Kioti vs Mahindra on Features?

1. Engine Power:

Without any debate, it can be said that higher engine power is always better. It can power the engine to cut the grass and run the mower even in harsh terrain.

Kioti has around 21 horsepower that can make it go all the way from one point to another on the field without any issues.

Mahindra is better in this part. It has 25 hp and the engine can power more than Kioti’s engine.

So, it is a better choice when you compare the engines.

2. Wheel Drive:

Both the Kioti and Mahindra can go forward and reverse. The speed is decent and both the forward and reverse switching is smooth.

Mahindra can go at a speed of around 8 mph which is quite good for a mower. And the reverse speed is around 4 mph.

The top speed of Kioti is around 7 mph and the reverse speed is 3 mph.

High speed not exceeding 12 mph is always better. Hence, Mahindra wins the drive and speed.

3. Tire:

The tire size of both the mowers is the same. Both have 24- and 16-inches tires for rear and front wheels respectively. The tire size is decent for a mower this size.

It can boost the handling and speeding and also help carry heavy loads. There is no winner in the tire section as both have the same kind of tires.

4. Price:

Price can be a serious issue because everyone has their own budget.

Kioti has a mid-range price tag on its mowers and is definitely a budget-friendly mower.

But you can get some more expensive mowers from Mahindra but there are also options for budget mowers.

Hence, for varieties, Mahindra will win the price section.

5. Cutting Width:

The cutting breadth of a mower may tell you a lot about it. You will be able to clear the field more quickly and effectively if you use a large cutting width. It will also save expenses associated with personnel and gasoline.

Well, no need to worry, the Kioti has 60 inches of cutting deck and Mahindra will give you 72 inches of cutting deck.

Both of them are gigantic. However, Mahindra has a massive deck which makes it a winner over the Kioti.

6. Weight:

When shopping for a mower, weight is often a significant consideration. There are a lot of individuals who believe that a heavier mower is better for commercial usage, but there are also a lot of people who believe in the reverse.

The truth is a mower with a weight that is more in the middle between heavy and light is the best option.

The weight of Kioti and Mahindra is 1,485 lbs. and 2459 lbs. respectively.

7. Charging Capacity:

If the battery is of poor quality and has a low-grade charging capacity, then you are going to find yourself with a lot of problems. Therefore, a regular battery with 12 volts is required.

Both the Kioti and the Mahindra feature a battery that has a voltage of 12 volts, which is a healthy amount; as a result, you should not have any issues charging the batteries or drawing power from them.

8. Transmission:

When looking for a lawnmower, it is strongly advised that one pays careful attention to the lawnmower’s gearbox. You are going to require a transmission that is in good working order to do the task in a timely and effective manner.

The Kioti and the Mahendra both have transmissions that are quite similar to one another. They are equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which will make the mower easier to use.

9. Fuel Capacity:

When shopping for a mower, it is prudent to take into account the machine’s fuel capacity. It is advisable to get a mower that has an oil capacity that is standard.

Purchasing a bigger size will just add more weight to the mower while purchasing a model with a lower capacity will make it difficult for you to replenish the fuel tank.

Both the Kioti and the Mahindra have a strong capacity for holding fuel. Kioti has a capacity of 6.7 gallons, whereas Mahindra will provide you with 7.1 gallons of space to work with.

Even though the difference is relatively little, Mahindra comes out on top again because of its larger fuel capacity.

10. Starter:

Both the Kioti and the Mahindra are equipped with electric starts, and both of these starters are of great quality. There have only been a very small number of issues with the starter, and the overall quality of both of the starters is fairly excellent.

11. Warranty:

Any form of the product really has to have some kind of warranty. It is a very important and necessary service for mowers.

Kioti will provide you with a warranty that is valid for up to 4 years and covers a wide range of components, including the powertrain.

You will get an additional year of warranty from Mahindra, bringing the total number of years to 5.

Even when it comes to the guarantee, it is very evident that Mahindra is superior.

Kioti vs. Mahindra: Which One to Choose Finally?

Which one of them should you choose at this point? Is Kioti a more desirable option than Mahindra? The correct answer is that you should undoubtedly go ahead and get Mahindra.

There are many aspects of this mower that are not up to the mark, despite the fact that the Kioti brand is more affordable and has several nice features.

When compared to Kioti, Mahindra is superior in a number of respects. It has a more powerful engine, and a stronger cutting deck and even the driving speed in Mahindra is quicker than in other brands.

In addition to this, you will get improved transmission, an extended warranty, and flexible pricing.

Each one of them will come with a high-quality design and construction to complement it. For this reason, if you’re torn between Mahindra and Kioti, you’d be better off with Mahindra.


Mahindra has many features that are remarkable for any mower. Kioti is also a good option for many people. When the budget is low Kioti can be a great mower despite the negative aspects.

But it is better to choose Mahindra from these two mowers for a better experience.

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