Kioti vs Kubota vs John Deere: Which One Should You Get?

Are you are going to buy a tractor for the first time? It is okay to wonder, Kioti vs Kubota vs John Deere, which one should I choose?

Different people would recommend different brands but the best outcome is in choosing one based on your needs and budget.

In this article, I have gathered information about all 3 tractor and mower brands. Read till the end, and see which one fits your situation perfectly.

Kioti vs Kubota vs John Deere: Quick Comparison Table

 KiotiKubotaJohn Deere
ManufacturerDaedongKubotaJohn Deere
Engine Power21 – 110 HP16.6 – 62 HP17.5 – 25.5 HP
Seat AdjustmentYesYesYes
Warranty2 years or 1500 hours1-year or 2250 hours2 years/120 hours
Overall ComfortableYesYesYes
Overall EfficiencyEfficientEfficientEfficient
Handling AbilityGoodGoodGood
ReliableYesYesA bit less than the other two

What’s the Difference Between Kioti, Kubota, and John Deere Based on Features?


Among lots of agricultural machinery brands, Kioti is a big name, and they are a good South Korean brand with more than 70 years of experience.

People love Kioti engines for their excellent power and reliable performance.

The company started its journey in 1947 in Daegu, South Korea, and founded another headquarters in the US in 1993.

Kioti has a strong presence in Canada, Europe, and Asia. So, you won’t have to worry about parts or product availability regardless of your state or country.

Kubota is a very good and reliable brand for tractors and is recognized all over the world.

Since the 1800s, Kubota is making user-friendly long-lasting tractors that farmers appreciate.

In the sub-compact tractor segment, it dominates along with a few other brands such as Mahindra, Kioti, and John Deere.

Lastly, JD or John Deere is also a well-known brand in the tractor and mower industry.

Besides the US, John Deere has factories in 8 other countries making it a strong worldwide competitor. Let’s talk about the differences in these brands’ products.

Engine Power:

Kioti has the widest range of engine power among the 3 brands. Starting from 21 HP, you will find tractors capable of providing up to 110 HP.

In between, there are several different series with lots of model variations so that everyone can match a model to their needs.

Kubota tractors fall in the middle of two. It also has a versatile model list ranging from 16.6 HP up to 62 HP.

Among the 4 series (100, 200, X300, and X500), John Deere tractors offer a wide range of power options ranging from 17.5 HP up to 25.5 HP.

Compared to Kioti, I would say the product lineup is mediocre.

Seat Adjustment:

Whether it is sliding, back reclining, or adjusting the height, you will find every adjustable option a seat can provide in Kioti models.

But of course, you will have to choose a higher-end more expensive model to get such benefits. It is true for all brands.

So, I won’t be talking more on this topic for two other brands. Let’s move on to the next one.


From official sources, Kioti’s products come with a standard 24 months or 1500 hours warranty. The application deadline applies to whichever comes first basis.

I have found a third-party website that roughly represents the warranty periods for different Kubota tractor models. As it shows things on one page, I am referring to it.

From that source, you can see that most of their products come with a 1-year or 2250 hours of limited warranty.

But there is an option for an extended warranty. Visit Kubota’s official website for more information.

Basic JD tractors come with 2 years of 120 hours of limited warranty. And the more expensive models have 4 years or 500 hours warranty period.

For more information, you can check out this link that shows the terms and conditions of John Deere.

Overall Comfort:

I have already told you that Kioti tractors and mowers come with highly adjustable seats in selective models.

Also, the Kioti engineering team has made the control system practical and user-friendly so that anyone can use it spontaneously.

Smoother suspension, better-tuned engine, and more ergonomic design make Kioti products more comfortable than lots of other competitors.

Now, I don’t find differences between Kioti, Kubota, and John Deere in comfort features. What I have said for Kioti is true for the other two brands.

However, I think that JD tractors and mowers are not as comfortable as promised in the marketing statements.

Such assumptions are not made out of the blue as lots of customers complain about their products.

Overall Efficiency:

I can remember Daedong engine manufacturer being one of the most notable companies in the tractor engine industry.

With their engineering ideas and years of fine-tuning, you can expect one of the most efficient engines in the market right now.

So, yes, Kioti agriculture machinery has very efficient engines.

Those who have done a little bit of research know that Kubota and John Deere are also big names like Kioti.

Such fame and trust are not built overnight. After decades of research and product development, their engines are more efficient than ever.

Handling Ability:

Kioti tractors don’t have complex rider manuals or control settings. Not only you will adapt to the system very quickly but also you can handle it easily.

Give thanks to the practical dashboard design. Also, all levers, pedals, and control switches are close by. Hence, it has better handling ability.

The same goes for both Kubota and John Deere. You can check the images and review videos of their machinery on the internet.

And, you will see how easy and convenient they are to be handled by anyone.


From an individual tractor and mower price comparison, I think that Kioti agricultural products are more expensive than John Deere.

The same goes for Kubota products. Only John Deere in this comparison topic offers the most affordable tractors.

In Kioti vs Kubota vs John Deere comparison, JD has the most affordable tractors and mowers.

That doesn’t mean that JD mowers or tractors are cheap. The brand has a fanbase because of its fine products.


Over the years, Korean engine makers have made a strong name in the global market. So, you can trust Daedong and the brand Kioti.

I have read numerous customer feedback and more than 80% of them show positive feedback.

The same reliability statement goes for Kubota tractors and mowers.

Though they offer an affordable product lineup, they fall in the middle in terms of price and durability.

As you know that John Deere products are more affordable than the other two brands, but you should not expect the same durability.

John Deere tractors come with parts that are more prone to failure than Kioti or Kubota tractors.

Those words are not mine. I have gone through several forum threads where people are not satisfied with the recently made JD products.

Kioti or Kubota or John Deere: Which Brand to Choose? (The Verdict)

In this Kioti vs Kubota vs John Deere comparison, which one do you think is the best bet?

In my opinion, John Deere is the most decorated brand with lots of exclusive features and technology that you won’t find in competitor tractors.

Also, JD tractors and mowers come with very expensive price tags. If you have a limited budget, you can try Kioti.

For mid-level performance and benefits from both worlds, you can choose Kubota which is a renowned Japanese company.

In terms of quality and reliable performance, all three brands are considered to be on top of customers’ choices.

The best thing would be to set the requirements, shortlist a few models from top brands accordingly, and choose one. Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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