Johnny Bucket Jr vs John Deere Tractor Shovel Comparisons

A John Deere Tractor shovel’s capacity in front of the Johnny Bucket Jr can be different, which allows the tractor to scoop up topsoil, mulch, and some processed gravel. However, is that reason enough for you to choose John Deere Tractor Shovel over Johnny Bucket Jr?

The Johnny Bucket doubles as a large “dustpan,” allowing you to rake enormous amounts of rock, pebbles, garbage, and other debris directly into it before picking it up and hauling it away. Cost, capacity, size, and other variables must all be considered before deciding which shovel to employ.

In this article, I’ll explain the distinctions between the Johnny bucket Jr and the John Deere Tractor Shovel. So, buckle up and take your time reading the entire thing.

Johnny Bucket Jr Vs John Deere Tractor Shovel: Quick Comparison Table

Apart from the extra safety measures, there are a few important differences between Johnny Bucket Jr and John Deere Tractor Shovel. Now is the time to take a look.

Johnny Bucket Vs John Deere Tractor Shovel:

FeaturesJohnny Bucket JrJohn Deere Tractor Shovel
AppearanceLarger in size.Comparatively smaller.
Back Dragging / ScrapingYesNo
Downward Max Angle of Cutting Edge90 Deg0 Deg
Lift Height10 in from the ground4-6 in
Ability to use on other tractor modelsYesNo
CostCosts more than John Deere Tractor Shovel.Less expensive because of the simplicity of the design

What’s The Difference Between Johnny Bucket Jr and John Deere Tractor Shovel Based on Features?

1. Installation

It only takes a few minutes to set up your Johnny Bucket Jr. All you have to do is remove the deck and attach it to the front hitch points of the tractor. After that, pin the lifting rod and you’re ready to start hauling and mowing in minutes.

Moving mulch, spreading gravel, ground grading, and other back-breaking tasks are made easier with the John Deere tractor shovel in terms of installation. It does, in contrast, take a lot longer to set up than the Johnny Bucket Jr.

JD Tractor Shovel, unlike Johnny Bucket Jr, lacks attachments such as the tooth bar, which causes installation complications. As a result, JB Jr is a better option because it allows you to engage the ground more strongly with a flip.

2. Down Force Pressure

The Johnny Bucket Jr has the same amount of downforce as it does lift capability. It’s wonderful for scraping and dragging your back.

JD Tractor Shovel’s technology will apply the necessary downforce row by row to maintain ground contact. It should be noted, however, that this system’s lifting capability is not as extensive as the Johnny Bucket Jr.

Comparing both sides, it is to finalize that John Bucket Jr wins in the case of downforce pressure because of its lifting capacity.

3. Refit

The JB Jr can also be refitted to a different tractor in the future, which is a better alternative. The major drawback is having to wait a month or more for the JB Jr, so get it before you go on that lengthy vacation and have it waiting for you when you return.

On the other hand, it is to mention here that John Deere Tractor Shovel cannot be used in other tractors in the future even if you want.

It is very easy to decide that Johnny Bucket Jr is the best option to use from the beginning which can be used later in other tractors, unlike John Deere Tractor Shovel.

4. Cost

Johnny Bucket Jr is more expensive than John Deere Tractor Shovel since it has more functionalities. At a high price, you can enjoy the option of using this system as a dozer blade, which assures that it can work for pushing, leveling, backfilling, and scraping.

In contrast, because of its simplicity, the John Deere Tractor Shovel is less expensive. It is quite understandable as it cannot either work in back dragging or craping like Johnny Bucket Jr.

Despite being high cost, Johnny Bucket Jr provides great features with facilities that John Deere Tractor Shovel cannot. Thus, you can undoubtedly choose JB Jr if you want qualities over anything else.

Johnny Bucket Jr or John Deere Tractor Shovel:  Which One to Choose?

Overall, if one is to compare all the features and facilities that Johnny Bucket Jr and John Deere Tractor Shovel share, JB Jr should be decided to choose as the best option for using.

Instead of loading the wheelbarrow by hand and then guiding it up and around tough areas, you will be able to experience with your Johnny Bucket Jr that it will shovel and transport any material without the user.

The Johnny bucket Jr is constructed to last and can even dig into the ground, making it an excellent choice as a loader for spreading mulch around planting beds.

It’s also worth noting that your JB Jr can help you move objects around your property and even do some light scraping.

Is Johnny Bucket Jr a full-fledged front loader or skid steer replacement?

No, because a Johnny Bucket is a fraction of the price of one of those pricey instruments, thus it is not a valid comparison. Due to its limited lifting height, this method is not suitable for loading carts, wagons, truck beds, or other similar items.

 Furthermore, you can’t “dig” as well with a trip bucket as you can with a loader’s double-action buckets, and the bucket won’t contain as much.

There’s no need to be concerned about such a problem because your Johnny Bucket Jr. can easily lift, transport, and disseminate items from time to time.

Would renting a loader or skid steer for the weekend be a better option?

Either one would be larger and faster, allowing you to complete more tasks in less time. The cost of renting one for the weekend is comparable to the cost of purchasing a Johnny Bucket Jr.

However, keep in mind that, despite all of this, the Johnny Bucket Jr still has one major advantage over renting: you won’t have to return it on Monday morning like you would with a rented one!


You’ll now be able to make informed judgments about which one to employ for your personal need as you know the distinctions between Johnny Bucket Jr and John Deere Tractor Shovel.

Even though the Johnny Bucket Jr has a high price tag, it is simple to put up and use, and it serves its purpose admirably. In nutshell, you will not be disappointed with your JB Jr which is one of those uncomplicated, well-designed, and well-made goods that will last for years.

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