3 Common Problems with John Deere Z915E and Their Solutions

John Deere Z915E ZTrak Zero-Turn Mower comes with an 11.5-gallon fuel tank, professional-grade seats with ComfortGlideâ„¢ suspension, large rear tires for a balanced ride, steel rear bumper, powerful 18.6-kW (25.0-hp) commercial-grade engine.

There are 2 seating options available – A deluxe comfort seat with armrests and a Deluxe comfort seat with armrests and isolation.

Among these best qualities, there are some drawbacks too like steering problems, starting issues, hydraulic pump issues.

So, if you want to troubleshoot the john Deere z915e problems, check out the article.

3 Common John Deere Z915E Problems and their Solutions:

There are some significant causes by which you can easily identify when your JD z915e mower needs proper inspection and repairing or replacement regarding the parts. 

So, let’s learn more about those reasons for the issues –

1. Starting

The very common complaints I have seen are the bad start and not starting the engine at all.

For wrong fuel grade, air in the fuel system, spark plug problem, or carburetor issue, Defective fuse, and disconnected wires, you can face starting issues. 

To troubleshoot the problem, check out the following measures.

There may not be enough left in the tank to start the motor so top up the tank with fuel.  

Replace the dirty fuel or if the fuel has been standing for a few months. Moisture can find its way into the fuel tank and stop the engine from starting. Dirty fuel is harder to use and can damage the engine.

Next, move the “Neutral Lock” lever to the “Lock” position and hold down the operator presence control lever on the handlebar while you pull the starter cord. 

John Deere z915e lawnmowers won’t start unless both these safety measures are met. Move the “Neutral Lock” back to “Unlock” once the motor is running.

You need to check the spark plug.

Put the rubber boot covering the end of the plug in place and start the mower again. Unscrew the spark plug and take it to your local hardware store for an exact replacement if the lawnmower won’t start. Screw in the replacement. Replace the rubber boot and start the mower again.

Remove the air filter from the side of the lawn mower and wash it in warm, soapy water. Debris and oil block the air filter and prevent the mower from starting. The exact location of the filter will depend on your model of the mower. It’s usually accessed by unscrewing a panel on the side of the engine. Let the filter dry before replacing it.

2. Steering issue

For the incorrect tire pressure, slipped steering gear, wheel bearings issue, and debris, you can face steering problems. 

Sometimes steering can be wobbly. This can happen for the tie rod. You may need to replace it. Your steering may also be suffering due to a destroyed or bent wheel spindle. You may also need to replace the wheel spindle.

 To avoid awkward steering, you need to loosen the two arms. And then align them to an ideal position.

For fixing the tire pressure, you need to check the mower’s operator manual to ensure the correct amount of tire pressure. Then examine each tire by using a tire gauge.

If you see that the psi of the tire is off, release or inflate air from the tires until you get the correct amount of psi mentioned in the manual.

3. Hydraulic Pump Failure

The most common problem encountered by the users with the Hydraulic pump of this mower is the mixture of water and air. Very often, the pump becomes full of air instead of oil, and as a result, it cannot generate enough pressure needed to provide power.

This problem is commonly known as cavitation.

Sometimes air enters the pump cavity from outside. Loose connections or leaks can be responsible for this. Aeration creates a knocking sound when the pump is running.  Sometimes the temperature of hydraulic fluid gets too high.

So, you need to maintain the hydraulic system regularly to enhance the longevity of the pump. Purge the hydraulic drive system. Check the oil level, connections, and hoses every day so that you can catch any problem instantly. It will prevent the build-up of bigger issues.

The common failure places like filters, components should be in regular check and maintenance.

What Majority of the Users Feel About John Deere z915e?

Irrespective of users of all levels, the Z915E is a good machine. I would recommend it if you can’t fit the Z930M in your budget. 

However, its Kohler engine does have hydraulic lifters, which create more engine noise. But you don’t have to adjust the valves since the lifters do that automatically.

The Kohler, even though about the same HP as the Kawasaki, has a different torque curve, and tends to bog down and take longer to recover in high, thick grass. It all depends on your budget and mowing conditions. 

For someone who is only mowing their own property, and if you keep up with your grass, it will do fine and give you many years of service! 

Final Words

This John Deere z915e is a hydrostatic mower. So, you should check the hydrostatic transmission with the PTO. And the other John Deere z915e problems have been discussed with the possible solutions. Check them out and let us know your experience.

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