5 Most Common Problems with John Deere X758 and Solutions

John Deere X758 comes from the splendid John Deere X700 Signature Series. The series is allegedly faultless, as regarded by the American agriculture department. 

But is the machine faultless? Do you know what the most common John Deere X758 Problems are? Do users also think that it is faultless? Where does the mower stand in their opinion?

In my opinion, the machine has many faults like rough running engine, engine overheating and mechanical issues. And the reason and solution is not one-dimensional. 

Wondering how to fix that? Relax! I have summarized the problems and their solutions for you in this article. Read in full to find out! 

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

John Deere X758 ProblemsSolutions
Engine Starting ProblemsChange starter, fix other issues.

Rough Running Engine
Fix or replace the carburetor and check other errors.
Engine OverheatingDesign issue. Change oil, and remove the excess load. 
Electrical System IssuesFixing faulty electrical wiring. 
Mechanical IssuesMaintenance of proper user manual. Inspect the alignment of parts. 

John Deere X758 Problems and the Solutions

You may experience a few troubles if you use the John Deere X758 for an extended time. Here are a few frequent problems and how to solve them.

1. Engine Starting Problems:

One of the most common issues is John Deere X758 engine starting problems. The engine stalling may also occur. The engine runs but then stops and this is repeated over time. 

This is one of the most frustrating John Deere X758 problems. There can be many reasons behind starting problems or the difficulty of starting. The most prominent reason is a faulty starter. 

One of the reasons can be stale fuel or debris and grime in the fuel system. A clogged gasoline filter may also be one to blame. 

There may also be a fuel injection pump failure as a symptom. To sum up, any fuel transfer issue may be noticeable along with the starting problem. 

The Fix:

First of all, check the starter. Replace it or any other problematic parts. 

Stale fuel should be drained and replaced with new excellent gasoline. Debris and grime in the fuel system should be removed. If the gasoline filter is clogged, it should be replaced.

If the brake pedal is not depressed, depress it. Inspect and repair the fuel injection pump as needed. Check the output of the fuel transfer pump. Valve clearance should be checked and adjusted.

If you find that the fuel lines are clogged, clear the obstruction from the fuel lines. Make sure there is new fuel instead of stale or incorrect fuel to the lines.

Damaged electrical connections should be inspected and, if necessary, the wiring should be replaced.

2. Rough Running Engine:

The John Deere X758 roughing engine is quite a common problem. The roughing or stalling is noticeable when starting. It is as if the engine sputters and struggles for energy. 

Misfiring is another common symptom of engine roughing. It may even cause accidents. 

The Fix:

The carburetor of your riding mower’s engine could be blocked if it runs rough or misfires. If the carburetor is clogged, rebuild or replace it. 

Check the flywheel key if the engine runs rough after hitting a rock or stump. A damaged flywheel key will cause the ignition timing to be disrupted.

Examine the spark plug for fuel, oil, or carbon deposits. If the spark plug is fouled, replace it.

A rough-running engine is caused by bad fuel. If the gasoline in the tank is older than 6 months, drain it and replace it with new gasoline. To keep the gasoline fresh, use a fuel stabilizer.

Moreover, the problem also occurs from low cylinder compression. If you notice poor cylinder compression, check and adjust the valve lash on the engine. 

Also, check idling speed and set up properly if needed. A clogged air filter should be replaced as well. 

3. Engine Overheating:

The X754 receives negative feedback on the Deere website due to overheating. This is due to the air intake being too close to the deck discharge. According to user reviews, the screen becomes blocked, causing the engine to overheat.

But the Yanmar diesel engine overheating doesn’t happen due to this only. There are more reasons like excessive load, poor engine oil, and blockage posed by internal bearings. 

The Fix:

Excessive engine load should be reduced. Then, clean and wash unclean components if cooling fins or an air inlet are clogged. 

Check the oil level if it’s too low or too high. Check the oil pressure in the engine. Change the engine oil if the oil is of poor quality.

Check the clearance of the internal bearings. Moreover, adjust the fast idle if it’s too quick. But mainly overheating is a design problem of the mower. 

Another not-so-ideal fix is removing the removable screen from between the radiator and the oil cooler, and opening the engine cover. You can last a day of light mowing by this without overheating issues. 

4. Electrical System Issues:

Some electrical issues may arise and manifest as engine issues. For example, the engine may not start because of a blown fuse. The battery may not accept charging.

That is, a new battery when discharged, may fail to charge even after connecting to the charger. You may see that there is no power to charge the battery. Even when the outlet functions properly. 

Again the lights and other electrical components of the mower may not be functioning.

The Fix:

When you check and find that the main fuse has blown, replace it. Corroded battery contacts must be cleaned. Charge the battery if its voltage is low (when the battery is accepting the charge).

If not, change the wiring if the electrical cables are damaged. In case one of the battery cells fails, replace it. Clean or replace the cable if battery terminals and cables are filthy.

Reconnect if the light plug is not attached. Replace the lamp if it isn’t working. Check and replace any broken wiring. 

5. Mechanical Issues:

John Deere mower X758 may present a plethora of mechanical issues. For starters, the clogged discharge chute. 

It happens in case of overuse or overkill. The belt slipping is also another problem. Moreover, the mower is infamous for its excessive vibration!

The Fix:

To fix the clogged discharge chute use the suggested speed. Don’t operate at too fast a speed. Use a reduced cutting height if the grass is too tall. Do not mow wet grass.

Open throttle wide at low engine speeds. Set higher RPM if air flow is restricted. Change the cutting height if the cutting height is too low.

If the belt was placed incorrectly, it should be reinstalled correctly. In case of debris in the sheaves, the pulley needs to be cleaned.

If your belt is too loose, you should get a new one. In case of problems with belt tension, it needs to be changed.

To help with the vibrations, clean material from the pulley and the deck if the mower is jammed or stuck in the pulleys. Replace any worn pulleys or belts with new ones.

Inspect and align any pulleys or belts that are out of alignment. Moreover, if the blades are out of balance, they need to be balanced.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Although some people love the tractor, many speak otherwise. They seem to be unhappy with the simpleness of the ‘merely diesel-powered garden tractor’ at such a price point.

With tall grass (6 inches) or even a couple of inches of snow, it lacks power. Then the mower demands to be operated slowly. 

The people do attest that while snow blowing, the four-wheel drive is great and stable. But below 20 degrees, it’s nearly impossible to keep the cab warm since the windshield freezes over. 

It’s a headache to get the auto-connect mower properly positioned. It’s deafening. Moreover, there are several design issues. 

Final Thoughts

John Deere X758 is an above average tractor. The expectations on quality mower making is higher from John Deere. So, John Deere X758 Problems, although easy to solve, pose as a great disadvantage.

I hope this article was able to make you clearer on the problems and solutions of those problems of this John Deere production.

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