7 Common Problems with John Deere X485 and Their Solutions

John Deere is a well-reputed company famous for providing unique tractors. And the X485 is one of them. It’s a well-featured tractor that can provide satisfying performance. However, the tractor might show some common issues after using it for a while. So, you should learn the John Deere X485 problems and prepare the possible solutions.

The most common problems of a John Deere X485 are overheating, engine running roughly, hard to start the gas engine, and Kawasaki engine misses. You might also notice issues like electrical shut down, machine vibrations, and no fuel pump activity after starting the engine.

The problems can go far and damage your engine permanently. So, it would be better if you find the causes and solve them from the root.

Quick Table for John Deere X485 Problems and Solutions

Tired of the details? You can check out this short table to find out the problems, their symptoms, and quick solutions. But don’t go immediately without checking the details of solutions.

ProblemsShort Solutions
1. Electrical shut down● Check the fuses
● Check the battery voltage
● Repair the cables
● Adjust the starter solenoid
2. The machine vibrates● Replace the traction belt
● Install new pulley
● Check the driven belt
● Adjust the blade bent
3. Kawasaki engine misses● Check the spark plug
● Inspect and overhaul the carburetor
● Check the ignition coil
4. Hard to start the gas engine● Repair the spark plug
● Check the carburetor
● Remove the clogged pipes
● Upgrade fuel quality
● Check the electrical connections
● Repair the choke cable
5. Engine is running roughly● Clean the cooling fans
● Inspect the electrical connections
● Check the spark plugs and repair
● Change choke cableClean the air filter
6. No fuel pump activity while starting● Check the main fuse and others
● Check the wire connections
● Repair the pipes
● Check the ignition coil and the air gap
7. Engine overheats● Reduce the load
● Check the oil level
● Clean the air intake
● Change the engine oil
● Adjust the crankshaft
● Check the carburetor

7 Common Problems with John Deere X485 and Their Solutions:

Having a John Deere X485 is quite impressive. It provides the service you need. However, it can show some problems, and you will have trouble while riding it.

That’s why you need to learn about the common problems of your John Deere and ways to solve them. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Electrical Shut Down

There are many circuits inside the tractor. So, electrical problems are pretty common. But full shut down! That could be a headache.


When you face such an issue, you will immediately notice some signs and can’t ignore them because your tractor won’t run.

  • No sign of ignition on the dashboard
  • Key doesn’t activate the lights
  • Tractor doesn’t start


It will be a problem if your tractor stays shut down. You need to locate the causes of these problems and take some steps.

  • Damaged fuses
  • Battery voltage is low
  • Loose battery connections
  • Damage electric wires
  • Trouble with the starter solenoid


Can you tolerate when the tractor stays asleep and has tons of work in the field? Then solve the issue by trying these techniques:

  • Check the fuses and repair them
  • Charge the battery
  • Repair the wire connections and battery connections
  • Adjust the starter solenoid

2. The Machine Vibrates

You may think that machine vibration is normal, but it’s not. Sometimes the tractor might vibrate longer than usual. And it will create several problems for the engine.


When the machine vibrates, you will obviously notice the signs. So, just observe closely and make a list of them.

  • Unusual vibration than regular
  • Vibration doesn’t stop even running for a while


There are some reasons behind such vibration issues with the engine. All you need to do is find those reasons as fast as possible.

  • Damaged traction belt
  • Worn driven belt or damaged attachments
  • Drive sheaves are dirty
  • Blades bent is imbalanced


Don’t just ignore the issue after finding out the reasons. You need to solve it, or else colossal damage might occur to your engine.

  • Repair the driven belt and the attachments
  • Check the traction belt and replace it if necessary
  • Clean the drive sheaves
  • Install a new pulley
  • Adjust the blade bent

3. Kawasaki Engine Misses

Engine miss means the engine has failed to reach its full potential. So, can you work with such an imbalanced power supply? Then, get it fixed!


It’s tough to follow this issue if you don’t observe too closely. So, if such a thing happens to your Kawasaki engine, you will see these signs:

  • Poor performance
  • It can’t provide or produce its full power


You can’t work with a poorly performed John Deere tractor. So, you need to search for the reasons why it misses to develop full power.

  • Defective spark plugs
  • Damaged carburetor
  • Air gap between ignition coil
  • Damaged ignition coil


Found the causes and done with the situation! No, you need to fix the issues. Therefore, start with trying these techniques:

  • Repair or replace the spark plug
  • Fix the carburetor
  • Check the air gap between the ignition coil
  • Change the ignition coil

4. Hard to Start the Gas Engine

Struggling with your engine because it’s hard to start? Well, you are not the only one with this problem. Don’t just give up. Find the causes and fix them.


When the engine is hard to start, you will notice the following symptoms, and you need to note them down.

  • Struggling to start the engine
  • Doesn’t even start sometimes


It’s tough to work with the John Deere X485 when it’s hard to start. You have to locate the causes and take immediate action. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Malfunctioning spark plugs
  • Clogged fuel pipe
  • Damaged choke cable
  • Incorrectly set carburetor
  • Low-grade gasoline
  • Starter fault
  • Damaged electrical connections


Solve the problems as soon as you locate the causes, or else some other engine parts might get damaged. Here is what you can do:

  • Change the spark plug
  • Clean the fuel pipe
  • Replace the choke cable
  • Check the carburetor
  • Upgrade your gasoline fuel
  • Repair the electrical connections
  • Test the starter and adjust it

5. Engine Is Running Roughly

When the engine runs roughly, you might get hurt, or your work might be full of blunders and damage. Do you want that!


It’s pretty to notice such changes when your John Deere X485 engine runs roughly. Here are the signs you might see:

  • Irregular performance
  • Struggling with the tractor during operation


With such imbalanced performance, it’s tough to ride the tractor. So, you need to find out the possible causes quickly.

  • Damaged electrical connections
  • Clogged cooling fins
  • Incorrect ignition
  • Choke cable is sticking
  • Blocked air filter


As you have found the reasons, get back to work to solve these issues quickly and smoothly ride your John Deere again.

  • Repair the electrical connections
  • Clean the cooling fins
  • Repair the choke cable or replace
  • Clean the air filter
  • Check the ignition and spark plug

6. No Fuel Pump Activity While Starting

When you try to start the engine, it may not start and not show a fuel indicator. But you have just filled the tank. What could be the problem here!


It’s such a headache when there is no fuel pump activity. So, you will obviously notice the following signs:

  • Fuel pump doesn’t after turning the key
  • Engine doesn’t start


Some causes are working behind this issue, and you need to find them if you want to start your engine. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Damaged main fuse
  • Damaged wire connections
  • Defective pipelines
  • Air gap in the ignition coil
  • Defective ignition coil


You need to apply the solution after making the list of those particular causes. Here’s what you can start trying:

  • Repair the main fuse and also check the other ones
  • Repair the wire connections
  • Replace the damaged pipes
  • Adjust the air gap in the ignition coil
  • Install a new ignition coil

7. Engine Overheats

Overheating is common for all types of engines out there, and John Deere X485 is not out of the list. You need to deal with it.


You can get confused to be sure of overheating or regular heating. Here are some obvious signs you can’t ignore:

  • Engine is overheating
  • Can’t touch the hood or the engine because of excess heat


Overheating is an issue that can’t be overlooked. So, locate the reasons quickly and take measures before something serious happens.

  • Clogged air intake screen
  • Oil level is low
  • Excess load in the tractor
  • Fast idle speed
  • Incorrect engine oil
  • Issues with the crankshaft


Here are the solutions you need to try after finding the reasons:

  • Reduce the load
  • Check the oil level
  • Use high-quality oil
  • Adjust the carburetor
  • Inspect the crankshaft


What’s the transmission type of my John Deere X485?

The transmission of a John Deere X485 is Tuff-Torq K92, and its type is shaft-driven hydrostatic. This shaft operates with dual foot pedals.

You can control the cruise on the dashboard. It has infinite forward and reverse gears. The transmission oil type should be low-viscosity HY-GARD.

What’s the cost of buying a John Deere X485?

A John Deere X485 is pretty costly. Typically, the price range is $4200 to $4500. That’s why most farmers get it on rent and work with it.

The rent can vary from $50 to $100 per day and around $500 per week. That’s more efficient than buying it.

What’s the power of a John Deere X485?

The John Deere x485 can provide 25 horsepower (18.6 kilowatts). The starter power is 1.07 horsepower (0.8 kilowatts). It can produce up to 3550 RPM, which is pretty compared to other models. This engine can last several years with proper maintenance.

What type of engine is in the John Deere X485?

The John Deere X485 has a Kawasaki FD711D gasoline engine. It’s two cylindered and has a liquid-cooled horizontal shaft V twin.

All the power comes from the oil tank that can fill 2 liters of fuel. The displacement of this engine is 745 cc or 45.5 ci. There’s no doubt that it is a powerful engine.


John Deere X485 is a terrific tractor. Its features and durability are good enough to serve you for years. But after some weeks or months, you might face some problems with your John Deere.

That’s why we have discussed John Deere X485 problems and the best ways to solve them. Hopefully, the passage has been able to cover all the topics. It will help you to deal with the situation whenever you feel necessary. Good luck with your John Deere ride!

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