5 Common Problems with John Deere x360 and Their Solutions

What would you do if you see your John Deere x360 sputters or refuses to run? It will put a crimp on your overall garden maintenance. To prepare yourself for such unexpected events, you must learn basic repairing knowledge and potential issues with x360.

The Issues you might encounter with John Deere x360 are failure to start the engine, excessive vibration of the mower, mower leaving uncut grass, failure of the starter motor to turn the engine, and bad spark plug.

This article will walk you through the possible solutions, symptoms, and reasons behind these troubles. Let’s go ahead.

Quick Table for John Deere x360 Problems, and Solutions

In a hurry, have a look at this table. We have listed a few problems and precisely mentioned the symptoms and reasons behind these issues.

1. Engine Does not Start● Add fresh fuel to the tank.
● Check out the faulty spark plug and replace
● Properly clean the fuel filter and clogged carburetor;  
2. X360 Vibrates Excessively  ● Change the worn parts
● Remove clogging from the mower deck
● Change the damaged blade  
3. X360 Leaves Uncut Grass● Clean the Deck
● Sharpen the blade
● Remove the grass from the bag
4. The starter motor of X360 fails to turn the engine● Install a new fuse
● Clean the terminals contact if it is corroded too much
● Charge the battery  
5. Lose Power in the Middle of Mowing● Simply cleaning the air filter
● Clean or replace the dirty spark plug
● Sharpen the blade
● Clean the deck.

5 Common Problems with John Deere x360, and Their Solutions:

Here we will go over x360 problems in greater depth. By going through them, you will have a better grasp of these issues and be prepared yourself for future events.

1. John Deere X360 Engine Does not Start

Mower owners often face this difficulty. If this arises, investigating the following points might help you assess the problems. We hope you will get the complete picture.


The engine refuses to start and produces a splitting sound. Even if it starts, it lasts for a few minutes before dying. Sometimes this problem happens due to a fuel issue, in which case the engine runs for a maximum of 15 minutes before shutting down.


Lack of fresh fuel is one of the popular reasons behind this issue. In some cases, old fuel remains in the tank, preventing the engine from starting. Other factors to consider are as follows:

  • If the gas tank is empty, the machine won’t start
  • Check whether the Spark plug is defective. Faulty sparks fail to produce a spark.
  • Outside dirt, old fuel might jam the fuel filter
  • Clogged carburetor and also check the Valves and Compression System.


You can do the following to solve the issue

  • Add fresh fuel to the tank. Also, Ensure better quality of the fuel
  • Check out the faulty spark plug and replace it if cleaning does not work.
  • Properly clean the fuel filter and clogged carburetor; if necessary, replace them.

2. X360 Vibrates Excessively

At some point in time, X360 might produce vibration. This occurs if the X360 hits something or runs over concrete in the yard, causing an imbalance in the deck level or other misalignment.

Symptoms: It occurs mainly when you start the engine but can also happen during mowing. Vibration occurred, especially in the steering area. Along with the vibration, you might hear a sputtering sound.


A misaligned belt usually causes this problem. Other possible reasons include:

  • The mower deck could be filled with debris
  • Faulty belt
  • The cutting blade is not balanced, or maybe there is a mismatch of grass height with the blade.


The vibration issue should not stay long. If it persists for a long time, it could lead to other problems.

  • Change the worn parts, especially faulty belt
  • Remove clogging from the mower deck
  • You might solve the issue by changing the damaged blade or adjusting it correctly.

3. X360 Leaves Uncut Grass

What is the benefit of buying if the machine can’t cut properly? Well, it happens and is considered a typical problem. You can fix it by yourself. Let’s find out how to solve this issue.

Symptoms: You might be surprised in the middle of the mowing that the grass remains the same even if the mower passes over it.


When the mower leaves uncut grass, it is most probably that the deck level is too low. And the other reasons for such issue are.

  • If the cutting deck is blocked with debris.
  • Wear and tear of the blade
  • Maybe the grass bag is overloaded
  • If you go too fast, that blade fails to cut the grass properly


Fixing this issue requires much less effort and time. Let’s find out what you can do.

  • Clean the Deck
  • Sharpen the blade. If wear is excessive, fit a new edge.
  • Remove the grass from the bag
  • Adjust the deck level and also adjusts the speed of the X360

4. The starter motor of X360 fails to turn the engine.

One of the most startling issues your X360 could face is the starter motor fails to turn the engine. Anything that happens to this crucial part makes the mower worthless. So to keep your yard clean, you might have no other option than to fix it.

Symptoms: It does not matter how many times you try; the motor does not turn on. You might hear a sputtering sound.


One of the leading causes behind the motor issue is low battery voltage. Also, you might check the damaged electrical wire. Several other reasons include:

  • The faulty fuse may lead to this issue
  • Check for damaged terminals
  • The starter itself could be faulty


Here are a few ways you could follow to solve this issue:

  • Install a new fuse
  • Clean the terminals contact if it is corroded too much
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged
  • Also, installing a new ignition switch might solve the issue.

5. Lose Power in the Middle of Mowing

You might face this problem due to a dirty air filter or maybe a faulty spark plug. Anyway, since this happens in the middle of the task, you can’t stay idle without solving it. Let’s see what you can do, or do you require experts or technicians.

Symptoms: X360 stops suddenly. You might hear an unusual sound before it loses power. Most of the time, the mower makes noise, and very rarely the engine suddenly loses power without making a noise.


There are many possible reasons. It could be due to a mismatch of the cutting blade with grass or the sudden damage to the spark plug. Let’s find out.

  • Dirt from the landscape could clog the air filter
  • Dirt can also build up in the mower deck
  • If the blade becomes dull or bent and caught in the grass


Solutions for these problems require replacing or cleaning a few parts of the engine. These are easy to follow and take less effort and time.

  • Simply cleaning the air filter may turn on the engine; on the other hand, you might have to replace it.
  • Clean or replace the dirty spark plug
  • Sharpen the blade. If the blade break or is bent, replacing is a good idea.
  • Also, you can clean or replace the deck and carburetor.


Here we will discuss a few relevant questions about John Deere X360. Maybe you will get the answer you are looking for; you might also better grasp the subject matter.

What engine is on John Deere X360?

John Deere X360 uses an FH661V engine with 675 cc and 41.2 ci displacement. And 2.96×2.99 inches bore /stroke ratio enables it to produce more rpm, which means it can produce more power. It has a Gross horsepower of 22.

What transmission is in a John Deere X360?

X360 is equipped with a Tuff-Torq K58H transmission. With a fine reverse gear, you can roll backward without any hassle. It can hold up to 3 Qts or 2.8 L HY-GARD oil. It is nonetheless the best investment you can make on a mower tractor.

Who makes the John Deere engine?

Yanmar does the job for john Deere, and they have been doing it since the 1970s. Such a strong relationship proves that Yanmar never fails on its promises to deliver a high-quality engine. Moreover, the engine is easy to maintain and durable.


You can’t deny that your X360 is likely to have issues at some point. With this in mind, it is better to acquire fundamental preparatory skills to deal with these problems. More importantly, if you are aware of these issues, you will at least know what to do.

Checking for early symptoms is the most straightforward strategy to avoid recurring problems. Furthermore, you can prevent these issues by doing routine maintenance. Above all, you now know the symptoms, causes, and remedies to common X360 problems. We hope you find our effort helpful.

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