The Key Differences Between John Deere x330 vs x350

John Deere is a well-known tractor manufacturer that has earned the trust of its customers since its beginning. Both the John Deere X330 and the John Deere X350 are interchangeable. However, there is still a significant difference between the two models.

The John Deere X330 and X350 are part of the same John Deere series. However, because they have distinct models and features, there is a lot of variation when looking at the specifics. All of these specifications, including the speed controller, engine, pricing, and charge capacity, differ from one another.

Hopefully, this article will assist you in making your final decision before purchasing. Take your time reading till you’ve finished the article.

John Deere X330 vs X350: Quick Comparison Table

There are only a few distinctions between the X330 and X350 John Deere tractors. This table will provide you a clear scenario that will help you choose the best option.

John Deere X330 VS John Deere X350:

FeaturesJohn Deere X330John Deere X350
EngineV-TwinCyclonic V-Twin
Power20 HP18.5 HP
Displacement44.2 cu.-in.36.8 cu.-in.
Choke/Speed ControlAutomatic choke return with separate leversCruise Control
Price2,999 USD3,199 USD (42-inch ) 3,599.00 USD ( 48 inch)
Charging Capacity14 Amp15 Amp

What Are The Difference Between John Deere X330 vs X350 Based on Features?

1. Engine Reliability

The John Deere X330 engine belongs to the V-Twin engine family. It is well-known among users. The V-type twin engine is powerful and helps to gear up the motor as well as run the cooler.

The John Deere X350, on the other hand, features a Cyclonic V-Twin engine that is less powerful than the first. So, the John Deere X330 is the winner.

2. Power

The 20 HP power engine on the John Deere X330 assists to regulate and operate all of the tractor’s electric and mechanical functions.

The John Deere X350, on the other hand, has an 18.5 HP engine, that is less powerful than the X350. Because of its capacity, users will prefer the John Deere X330 over the X350.

3. Displacement

A mower’s engine can produce energy by burning fuel, which is referred to as displacement. The John Deere X330 has a displacement of roughly 44.2 cubic inches.

In contrast, the John Deere X350 has a displacement measurement of 36.8 cubic inches. It is significantly less than the X330. Therefore, buyers choose the John Deere X330 because of its capacity.

4. Choke/Speed Control

The speed controller on the John Deere X330 is an automated choke return type with separate levers. The speed controller operates in accordance with the engine’s pre-set speed. This choke is the most recent technology-based controller.

In comparison to the X330, the Cruise Controller of the John Deere X350 is less updated. Therefore the X330 is considerably superior to the X350.

5. Price

The John Deere X330 costs approximately $2,999 USD, which is a reasonable price for the consumer.

In contrast, the 42-inch mower deck on the John Deere X350 costs roughly $3,199 USD. In addition, the X350 costs 3,599.00 USD and has a 48-inch deck.

In light of the tractor’s price, the X330 is a user-friendly tractor.

6. Charging Capacity

The John Deere X330 has a charging capacity of 14 amps. It is in charge of starting and controlling the engine.

The X350, on the other hand, features a 15-amp battery that can supply energy to all electric sources for activation and operation. As a result, the X350 has a greater capacity to generate energy for the mower.

7. After Service & Warranty

The X330 and X350 both have 4 year/300 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty. The after service repairs include replacements of the tranny and the power steering. But these works are more on the X350 than the X330.

The engine is a bit problematic too. The old quality ones from B&S. But the good thing is the warranty is honoured. You can alwayscount on a John Deere warranty.

8. Durability

The X350 has more plastic in its built than the X330. The X330 is also heavier. This one’s is also known for its high durability. So X330 takes this one.

John Deere X330 or X350 Which One to Choose?

Because the John Deere X330 has such a powerful engine, it is clear that it will provide a reliable supply of energy for the tractor. The performance of a tractor is primarily dependent on its engine.

The model’s speed controller, on the other hand, demonstrates that it is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, the displacement is higher in order for it to fully rejuvenate its activities.

The John Deere X350 features a good battery that can power all of the tools. Given the tools utilized, it is extremely expensive. As a result, individuals will not be biased in favor of this paradigm. In this scenario, the users favor the X330.

What does the cyclonic V twin engine facilitate?

The longer an engine runs with a cyclonic air filter the cleaner the air. It also means the cleaner operates better.

The V-twin engine is naturally balanced for minimal vibration and incorporates Electronic Fuel Management (EFM) for easy starting, in addition to giving more power.

What is the fuel capacity of John Deere x350?

The large fuel tank, with a capacity of roughly 12.5 liters, helps you to go longer between fill-ups.


Overall, the X330 is a fantastic tractor that is very reasonably priced. In addition, the model comes with a maintenance and warranty service.

You would feel more at ease because the fuel capacity is more. It more satisfying that such a tractor is available at such a low cost. Moreover, they have a loyal service too!

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