John Deere X300 vs X304: Which One You Should Buy?

John Deere provides a variety of lawn tractors that are built to deliver a consistent high-quality cut. Consider the John Deere X300 and X304; how competent are they of aiding you with a variety of landscaping tasks?

The X300 and X304 from John Deere are equivalent in terms of their ability. They are, however, not interchangeable. Additionally, they have distinguishing characteristics like the dimension of the lawn, mower deck, capacity of the engine, steering wheel, price and so on.

The comparison between the John Deere X300 with the John Deere X304 will be discussed in detail in this article. As a result, take your time and finish reading the article to the end before deciding which one to choose.

John Deere X300 vs John Deere X304: Quick Comparison Table

Apart from several common characteristics found on all John Deere lawnmowers, there are some significant variations between the John Deere X300 and X304. Consider the following.

John Deere X300 VS John Deere X304:

FeaturesJohn Deere X300John Deere X304
AppearanceComparatively smallerLarger in size
Weight501 lbs. (227 kg)540 lbs. (244 kg)
TransmissionTuff Torq K46Tuff Torq K58
Mower Deck38″ mower deck with mid-mount, 42″ mower deck with mid-mount, 48″ mower deck with mid-mount42″ mower deck with mid-mount
Rear TireComparatively smallerLarger
Price$2,999 (2010)$3599 (2010)

What’s The Difference Between John Deere X300 and John Deere X304 Based on Features?

1. Dimension

The John Deere X300 weighs 483 pounds (219 kilograms). It has a lesser track width and has a smaller rear tire.

The John Deere X304, on the other hand, weighs 540 pounds (244 kilograms), has a wider track width, and a bigger rear tire. Also, the larger rear tire will allow for the mowing of a wider surface area due to the extra coverage.

The X304’s greater width enables it to mow more grass at once. Additionally, the larger rear will provide more friction, resulting in less slippage. As a result, the tires are prevented from sinking into the ground and getting stuck in the dirt, mud, or another loose terrain.

2. Steering Wheel

The X300 is a lawnmower with two-wheel steering that is ideal for small yards. A restriction in the movement of the rear wheel is present in two-wheel steering systems.

The X304 is a lawnmower with four-wheel steering. When trimming around trees, bushes, fence corners, and garden beds, it minimizes the area of the uncut circle by spinning both front and rear wheels left and right.

When it comes to steering wheel, the X304’s four-wheel steering provides a substantial advantage over lawn mowers with two-wheel steering, such as the X300. The X304 outperforms the X300 when it comes to mowing around narrow turns and, in particular, around flower beds.

3. Transmission

The transmission of the X300 is a Tuff Torq K46. In the world, it is the most widely used IHT (integrated hydrostatic transaxle).

Whereas, the X304 is equipped with a Tuff Torq K58 transmission. The K58 is equipped with enhanced materials and unique features that combine to make it the most durable transaxle in the household series.

The X304’s Tuff Torq K58 transmission is an upgraded version. It has various new features, and you’re much better off with the K58 if you want to conduct more work in the future.

4. Mower Deck

There are three variants of mower deck available for the X300. Typical mid-mount mower deck sizes include 38″ mid-mount mower decks, 42″ mid-mount mower decks, and 48″ mid-mount mower decks.

The X304 is only available with one type of mower deck, which is a 42-inch mid-mount mower deck.

In terms of mower deck size, the X304’s bigger cutting deck is preferable for mowing more grass. Because of the X304’s bigger size, you can cut more grass in less time by making fewer passes over it. As a result, the X304 will exceed the X300 in terms of mower deck performance.

John Deere X300 or John Deere X304: Which One to Choose?

Both the X300 and X304 have advantages and disadvantages in certain categories. However, if you must have to select from one of them, you may be hundred percent certain of your choice after reading the above-mentioned common distinctive characteristics.

Taking into consideration all of the differences between the John Deere X300 and the John Deere X304 that have been discussed so far, it is safe to conclude that the John Deere X304 has more attractive features than the John Deere X300.

If you have a bigger field to mow and a heavier work load, the John Deere X304 is the mower for you. On the other hand, if you have a relatively small field to mow and a limited budget, the John Deere X300 is the better choice.

Is It Appropriate to Upgrade My John Deere X300 to A John Deere X304?

Yes, upgrading from the X300 to the X304 is undoubtedly a wise decision for 300 series John Deere owners. As previously indicated, the X300 falls short of the X304 in a variety of ways. Therefore, there is no reason not to upgrade from the X300 to the X304.

Which Factors to Focus on Choosing Between John Deere X300 and X304?

When it comes to choosing the best lawnmower from the John Deere X300 and X304, there are a few factors to consider.

To begin, define the specific purpose for which you will be using the lawnmower. Then there’s the matter of how much field you’ll be mowing, which is another factor to consider.

Following that, you’ll need to determine the amount of work you’ll be performing. After that, you should choose your lawnmower model.

Knowing the preceding, if you have a small garden to mow, you may opt for the X300 at a budget price. However, if you need to mow a few acres of land, you should strongly consider the X304.

Does The Engine Differ in John Deere X300 and X304?

No, the engines are completely interchangeable and provide the same amount of power as one another. The engines in each of these lawnmowers are manufactured by Kawasaki.

Therefore, just changing the engine will not be sufficient to bridge the performance gap that exists between the two lawnmowers’ outputs.


After reading the article, you must definitely get a better understanding of the differences between the John Deere X300 and X304. Now you will be able to make accurate selection about which one to employ for your application.

For many home gardeners, the X304 mows perfectly, as they said in their evaluations on several known websites.

The X304 is a luxury product from John Deere, including various trademark features such as a high-back seat, power transmission takeoff, power steering, a large gas tank etc.

Due to the wide variety of features available, many owners use their mower for additional reasons than mowing.

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