John Deere s240 vs x350: Which One You Should Buy?

The corporate tractor, such as the John Deere S240 or John Deere X350, will help you overcome the obstacles in the yard. However, when minor differences in features are taken into account, the superior version remains.

Before purchasing, it is necessary to compare various models based on price, engine efficiency, maintenance, warranty service, fuel capacity, and other factors.

After reading the text, you will be aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of the two models. Furthermore, you will be able to easily recognize which one is best for your requirements.

John Deere S240 vs X350: Quick Comparison Table

Between the John Deere S240 and the John Deere X350, there are a few key differences. After looking at the table, you’ll be able to tell the difference between the two models.

John Deere S240 VS John Deere X350:

FeaturesJohn Deere S240John Deere X350
Engine ModelS240 SportCyclonic V-Twin
Price2,899.00 USD3,199 USD (42-inch ) 3,599.00 USD ( 48 inch)
Transmission typeK46 heavy-duty hydrostatic transmissionBelt driven hydrostatic gear
Engine Power21.5 HP18.5 HP
Deck Size42-inches42 inches 48 inches
Weight207 kg210 kg
Air cleanerDry, replaceableS-type, replaceable
Displacement44.3 cu in.36.8 cu.-in.
Fuel capacity9.08 L12.5 L

What Are The Differences Between John Deere S240 vs X350 Based on Features?

1. Engine Reliability

A 2-cylinder Kawasaki engine powers the John Deere S240. It also has an automatic drive system and an electronic PTO.

The Cyclonic V-Twin design, on the other hand, produces more power. The John Deere X350 incorporates cyclonic air filtering, which eliminates debris and extends the life of the engine.

It also naturally balances less vibration on John Deere S240 and X350 engines, which are not the same. However, the engine on the John Deere X350 is superior to that on the S240.

2. Price

The S240 costs USD 2,899.00 and features side-by-side forward and reverse pedals as well as an easy-to-read fuel gauge. It is covered by a three-year or 200-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Contrarily, the X350 costs 3,599.00 USD for a 48-inch deck and 3,199.00 USD for a 42-inch deck. One-touch and twin-touch forward and reverse foot pedals are included. It also comes with a 4-year or 300-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty.

X350 is superior here as well, but its price range is a little more than S240’s. The X350, on the other hand, is far more comfortable to drive. In addition, it comes with a longer warranty than the S240.

3. Transmission type

The S240 engine is a 21.5-horsepower engine with automated transmission and a smooth-running system. The John Deere X350 engine, on the other hand, has 18.5 HP and an electronic spark ignition system. It also has a vertical PTO shaft and a revolving grass cutter screen.

As a result, the S240 has greater power than the X350. However, X350 is more convenient to use.

4. Engine Power

S240 engine power is 21.5 HP with an automatic drive system and smooth-running system.

On the other side, John Deere X350 engine power is 18.5 HP with an electronic spark ignition system. It has also a rotating grass chopper screen and vertical PTO shaft.

So S240’s power is more than X350’s power. But X350 is better for use.

5. Deck Size

The stamped steel deck shell of the S240 has a 42-inch accel deep mower deck. It’s a simple level deck. The accel mower deck on the X350 is 42 inches and 48 inches long. The thickness of the material is 0.10 5inch.

Finally, the X350 offers two deck sizes and a wide range of applications. So this is a step up from S240.

6. Weight

With a cargo mount system, the S240 weighs 207 kg. The front tire of the X350 weighs 210 kg.

The tire weights of the S240 and X350 are the same, however, their weights are not. Because of the differences in weight, the S420 is the preferred choice because it is lighter and easier to drive.

7. Air Cleaner

S240 air cleaner defense with dirt which is dry and also replaceable.

X350 air cleaner is like an S-type cleaner and it is also replaceable.

X350 is S-type so while cleaning, dirt can’t get easier but S240 cleaner is dry so dirt can easily vanish.

8. Displacement

The 44.3 cu in. engine in the S240 provides exceptional performance and durability. The engine displacement of the X350 is 36.8 cubic inches, which is a huge displacement engine capable of producing maximum torque.

9. Fuel Capacity

The X350 engine has a larger displacement and a larger fuel capacity. The fuel tank on the S240 is neither too big nor too tiny. It has a capacity of 9.08 liters.

The X350 gasoline tank is huge, with a capacity of 12.5 L, allowing for lengthy periods between refills. Finally, the X350 is superior because of the larger fuel tank.

10. Durability

The s240 and the X350 are essentially the same. But the durability on the X350 is better. Except for the overheating transmission, there is lesser issues.

11. After Service & Warranty

The s240 comes with a 4-year warranty and the X350 comes with a 4-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Both these mowers are pretty durable and do not show much problems during the early years.

However, the warranty on the X350 is more alluring. As most of the specs are same, you get a better warranty for this price point. But you have to decide id the extra $800 is worth it.

John Deere S240 or X350 Which One to Choose?

Both models are superior after learning all of the basics about lawn tractors. However, depending on the feature, the X350 is occasionally superior to the S240.

S240 has a more advanced and up-to-date specification that is incompatible with S240. Furthermore, it provides users with an additional year of warranty, demonstrating the mower’s excellence.

S240, on the other hand, is less expensive than its older standards. It does not require as much money to manufacture.

Because it appears to be an older model, it is unlikely to receive much attention from customers. For the company, this is a source of considerable regret.


Although the John Deere X350 and S240 are both manufactured by the same company, there are several significant differences between the two lawnmowers. Both offer excellent services to the public.

In comparison to the S240, the X350 is an improved version of the lawn tractor, therefore consumers will like it. Furthermore, it provides consumers with increased safety and reduced maintenance requirements.

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