John Deere S160 vs S170: Which One You Should Buy?

John Deere is one of the most popular brands of tractors all around the world. It has launched thousands of models from the very beginning.

John Deere S160 and S170 are the most demandable products among them. But they are very different and so the best among them is only one!

It is mandatory to compare these models based on price, deck size, fuel capacity, weight, etc. before buying.

Hopefully, the distinguishing characteristics of the two models will be clear to you after reading this article.

John Deere S160 Vs S170: Quick Comparison Table

There are various considerable differences between John Deere S160 and John Deere S170. This comparison box will show you a crystal clear difference between the models.

John Deere S160 VS John Deere S170:

Fuel Tank9.1 L8.3 L
BrakesPedal SpringIntegral mechanical transmission disc
Weight217 kg258 kg
Charging capacity12Amp13 Amp
Transmission12Amp Heavy pedal hydrostaticHeavy-duty, two pedal hydrostatic
Mower Deck Height43.5 inches45.7 inches
Mower Deck Length74.9 inches 75.3 inches
Mower Deck Wide51.7 inches60.8 inches

What Are The Difference Between S160 and S170 Based on Features?

1. Fuel Tank

Storage fuel capacity is a major factor in determining the value of the tractor. John Deere S160 has a fuel tank that can carry a maximum of 9.1 Litre of fuel.

In contrast, John Deere S170 has a fuel tank of 8.3 L which carries fuel in the tank. So Therefore, the users prefer John Deere S160 for its larger fuel tank.

2. Brakes

The brake type of John Deere S160 is made up of a pedal spring which is so updated feature. So it can inhibit motion by energy from a moving system very easily compared to John Deere S170.

In reverse, the John Deere S170 brake consists of an integral mechanical transmission disc. It is undoubtedly a good one too. This type of brake is involved with flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch for engaging and disengaging the engine from the transmission.

Therefore, the conclusion is that John Deere S160 has a better brake type. From this perspective, it should get the appreciation from the buyers for its sophisticated feature.

3. Weight

John Deere S160 weighs 217 kg. It means the total mass with all the tools used in the mower is 217kg.

In contrast, John Deere S170 is about 258 kg. So it is heavier than S160. A bigger mower is always not good. The more weight it takes up, the less convenient it is.

Therefore, S160 is lighter which gives an ease of use for the users. Ultimately winning this round against the S170.

4. Charging capacity

The battery of John Deere S160 is near at 12 Amp. On the other hand, John Deere S170 is about 13 Amp

Therefore, John Deere S170 is a more powerful battery for having a high capacity of energy production for the regular function of the tractor.

5. Transmission

The transmission system of John Deere S160 has consisted of two-pedal hydrostatic types. It means the tractor uses two numbers of the pedal which facilitate the power from the engine to the wheels.

It is also responsible for optimizing the acceleration of the tractor. This happens by altering the torque and adjusting to the condition.

On the other hand, the John Deere S170 transmission makes up of heavy-duty and two-pedal hydrostatic which is more advanced than S160.

In this regard, the latter one is better for the users.

6. Price

John Deere S160 costs around2,399.00 USD. On the other hand, John Deere S170 costs near to 2,499 USD. So the former is more expensive than S160.

As it has various types of latest features it frankly deserves the pricing point!

7. Mower Deck Height

John Deere S160 has a deck whose height is around 43.5 inches. On the other hand, John Deere S170 has 45.7 inches height-based deck. So S170 has a much longer height deck that is preferable in a mower.

8. Mower Deck Length

John Deere S160 has 74.9 inches length deck. Contrarily, John Deere S170 has 75.3 inches length deck. So, S170 has a larger length deck for the tractor.

9. Mower Deck Wide

John Deere S160 has 51.7 inches deck width. On the contrary, John Deere has 60.8 inches deck width. So the winner is John Deere S170 for having larger width of the deck.

10. After Service & Warranty

The S160 and the S170 both have a 2 year/120 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty. After service work with both these models include the ignition, PTO and neutral switches malfunctioning. Additionally, there is brake pedal depression and getting stuck.

The warranty work is honoured most of the times. There’s very little difference in warranty work and after service.

11. Durability

Many durability issues come up with the S160. Breakage of under-hood wiring harness’ zip tie. Unscrewed fuse holder pressing on the engine. Anti-seize is slathered all over the battery terminals.

Terminals on the battery slack. Insufficient positive terminal cover. The reverse safety switch wiring is rubbing against the transaxle control linkage. The gas gauge only shows half-full when the tank is full, which is a bad design.

Cut height of mower deck is 34” lower than the setting. Front and back of the mower deck were a quarter of an inch out of level. Misaligned throttle cable (full throttle was running 3700 RPM vs. 3350 spec).

In case of the S170, these same issues may occur. But there have been lesser complaints.

12. Engine Reliability

Both models have a Briggs and Stratton engine. The reliability of these engines are not too high. You may get 500-1000 hours on these. But they will not be without repairs.

John Deere S160 or S170 Which one to Choose?

John Deere S170 is more reliable compared to John Deere S170. It has an advanced functioning tool as well as a warranty service that grabs the customers’ attraction.

It contains an integral mechanical transmission disc for brake material. It renders great service for stabilizing the steady-state. It can also uptake and lift the heavy load for mowing purposes.

John Deere S160 has a larger fuel tank. Therefore, the users do not need to be worried about checking frequently the fuel amount. Besides, it is less expensive than S170. But S170 requires more demand in the market.


From this article, you now know well that the best version of the John Deere S series model is the S170. For reliability issues, people choose S170 for buying.

From my research, I found that S170 is more sustainable than S160. It is mainly due to a high-frequency hydrostatic system. Eventually, the users will prefer S170 for the advanced functions.

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