The Key Differences Between John Deere S130 vs X350

John Deere is one of the best leading companies all around the world. It has launched the S series X series one by after. Both series perform fabulously but still there exists a winner model. If you want to fix your choices this article will help you.

To select your desired and efficient version between John Deere S130 vs X350, you can distinguish among them which will make your decision more precise and helpful. It is necessary to compare those models based on price, engine efficacy, warranty service, air cleaner, etc. before buying.

Hopefully, this article will assist you to choose the desired one which will bring you happiness.

John Deere S130 vs X350: Quick Comparison Table

There are a few considerable differences between John Deere S130 and John Deere X350. The following box will give you a crystal clear assumption that makes you assertive to choose the best one. Have a look.

FeaturesJohn Deere S130John Deere X350
Power22 HP18.5 HP
Displacement44cu.-in.36.8 cu.-in.
Choke/Speed ControlSingle lever with spring return on chokeCruise Control
Price2,399.00USD3,199 USD(42-inch ) 3,599.00 USD ( 48 inch)
Charging Capacity8 Amp15 Amp
Air cleanerCartridgeS-type, replaceable
Fuel capacity9.1 L12.5 L
Transmission typeHydrostatic Transmission side-by-side pedalsbelt-driven hydrostatic Gears
Engine ModelV-twinCyclonic V-Twin
Deck Size42 inches42 inches 48 inches

What Are The Difference Between John Deere S130 vs X350 Based on Features?

1. Power

John Deere S130 has 22 HP engine power. Engine power is the indicator of how much power a tractor is.

On the other hand, the John Deere X350 engine has 18.5 HP power which is less than S130.

So in the end, John Deere S170 is more powerful and active for producing energy compared to X350.

2. Displacement

The displacement range is around 44.2 cu- in. of John Deere S130. The more it has displacement efficacy the more it can increase productivity.

In contrast, 36.8 cu.-in. displacement contains John Deere X350. This means it is less capable of supplying ignition and power.

So, the winner is S130 because its market value has expanded its demand.

3. Choke/Speed Control

John Deere 130S’s speed controller has a single lever with a spring return on the choke. Having that type of choke the mower has the freedom not to be concerned about the throttle hand of the brake.

On the other side, John Deere X350 has Cruise Controller for regulating the mower’s speed. It helps to keep your speed steady regardless of varying engine load.

So X350 is more advanced than S130.

4. Price

The price of John Deere S130 is around 2,399.00 USD for 42 inches deck size.

On the other hand, John Deere X350 costs nearly 3,199 USD for the 42-inches deck. In addition, by expensing 3,599.00 USD you can get the 48-inch deck of John Deere X350.

Finally, John Deere X350 is quite expensive compared to S130. The price can vary on the deck size of the mower.

5. Charging Capacity

The charging capacity of John Deere is 8 Amp.

On the other hand, the charging capacity of the John Deere X350 is around 15 Amp which shows the implication for starting and regulating the motor.

Finally, if you want to get a high-frequency battery you must choose X350.

6. Fuel capacity

As storage of fuel is considered a fuel tank, the capacity is the major factor for implementing the feature in the tractor. The fuel capacity of John Deere is around 9.1 Liter.

In contrast, John Deere X350 has a 12.5 Liter fuel capacity for its fuel tank. So if you have a large fuel tank you don’t have to be concerned about checking your fuel level frequently.

So, customers’ preferences will get biased to the side of John Deere X350 for its large fuel tank.

7. Air cleaner

Various type of foreign particles enters inside the engine and decreases the flow rate of air and restricts the air which is necessary for the engine.

Air cleaner plays a major role in handling the condition. John Deere S130 uses a cartridge air cleaner.

In contrast, John Deere X350 has an S-type air cleaner that is replaceable.

So, John Deere X350 has a better cleaner compared to S130.

8. Transmission type

John Deere S130 has a transmission that is hydrostatic and can drive with side-by-side pedals. So, the transmission system can run through the mechanical process. A hydrostatic transmission system is powerful in producing energy for the mowing procedure.

In reverse, John Deere X350 has belt-driven hydrostatic transmission which can run by gear. So, belt assists the transmission system to be more durable in the long run.

So X350 is better than S130 because it associates with the belt for combining and sustaining the whole transmission process.

9. Engine Model

The John Deere S130 has a V-twin engine.

In contrast, John Deere X350 has a Cyclonic V-Twin engine which is more powerful than S130. The engine can circulate the regenerating power by circulating more and more.

In the end, John Deere X350 is the winner for having an advanced engine. So the customer will give priority to the model for its better performance.

10. Deck Size

John Deere S130 has 42 inches deck which is available. There is no other size of the deck for the model.

John Deere X350 has 42 inches and 48 inches of deck. You can get both sizes of mower according to your working purpose.

So, I think X350 is better in this perspective.

11. After Service & Warranty

For the John Deere S130, the B&S motor was the most frequent complaint. Frequently, customers complain about needing a replacement before or after the warranty has expired.

Some reported they ended up replacing the motor with a different brand, but a good mower seemed to be let down by a bad motor.

Moreover, the driving belts break off often. The troubleshoot is mentioned in the manual (section 70). So, you may or may not get it under warranty.

John Deere X350 on the contrary are solid mowers. They do have some transmission issues. It seems to be common with the Kawasaki engines. But the after service and warranty is usually properly maintained by JD.

12. Durability

The S130 runs sweet even after 500 hours. Repairs are rarely required within this time except for the engine issues mentioned earlier. John Deere X350 also is somewhat similar in terms of durability.

13. Engine Reliability

Engine reliability is more on the X350 as it has a Kawasaki engine. It performs better and withstands better than the B&S engine on the S130.

John Deere S130 or X350 Which One to Choose?

John Deere X350 is a reliable mower. It proves its efficiency through its engine, fuel capacity, hydraulic system, and transmission power.

There are thousands of reviews that John Deere has incredible features which make it unique.

John Deere S130 is another wonderful mowing product but it carries some limitations. So you cannot find a compatible mower with John Deere X350.

So John Deere X350 has been endowed with an overrated model tractor.


Now you are pretty sure of your choice and which one qualifies your requirements. So according to the specification of X350, it gets the vote for its reliability and warranty service.

The maintenance of X350 is quite easy to follow. Moreover, you can repair the tractor with minimal cost after the ending of warranty service.

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