John Deere Ignition Coil Problem: What’re the Solutions?


In 1837, a blacksmith named John Deere invented the first commercially successful self-scouring steel plow and formed the corporation that carries his name today. They know them and their businesses better than anybody else thanks to more than 180 years of experience.

You’re probably aware of the ignition coil issues if you’ve had a John Deere mower for a time. Consumers, on the other hand, have been complaining about a variety of issues related to the ignition coil in various John Deere models.

As a result, I’ve decided to cover the most typical issues that you can find with a John Deere mower’s ignition coil.

John Deere Ignition Coil Problems and Solutions:

Here I will discuss some of the John Deere ignition coil problems with solutions that you may find:

1. Shutting off difficulties

The spark plug in a mower engine ignites, generating an ignition source, which is the driving force that allows the engine to operate.

When you turn off the key on your lawnmower, it usually turns off the engine, but sometimes you’ll have to remove the spark plug wire to get it to stop operating.

This might be caused by several factors, but the most prevalent are faulty ignition switch connections or a severed or disconnected “kill” wire from the location it “grounds” to.

Check the kill wire to ensure it is connected and fully intact; if this appears to be the case, it is time to inspect the ignition switch.

You may use an ohmmeter to examine the connection between the “S” and “B” terminals on your ignition switch.

If there aren’t any, your mower’s ignition switch is faulty, and you’ll need to replace it to get it working again.

2. Mower won’t start

Another typical issue with your John Deere is it doesn’t start. And there are a few things that would be causing this issue:

  • Replace the air filter; a clogged air filter might prevent air from reaching the carburetor, resulting in the engine failing to start.
  • Old or broken spark plugs will not function correctly, and if there is no spark, there is no power.
  • Remove any fuel that is older than 30 days and clean the carburetor, just in case ethanol has built up and is blocking crucial ports in the carburetors.

Usually, if you perform these things, your problem will be solved.

If they don’t work, the issue might be engine failure, which would need taking it to a shop to be assessed and fixed.

3. Engine cranks but won’t Start

This is another problem that arose multiple times in my research.

Although that may be easily resolved. However, if none of these solutions work, your John Deere mower may need to be serviced.

First, check the gasoline level; if it is too low, the carburetor may not be getting enough fuel; if the fuel level is normal, there is a chance it is clogged.

Remove the carburetor and clean it at this time, as well as inspect the fuel system for any potential obstructions.

Next, check the throttle/choke to make sure it’s in the appropriate position; this information may be found in your owner’s handbook.

Finally, as with past issues, the spark plug or unconnected wires might be the source of the problem. The spark plug is critical to the engine’s operation, and any faults with it might result in a slew of other issues. Check the spark plug and ignition wire to make sure they’re both in good working order.

What Majority of the Users Feel about John Deere mower?

John Deere is an innovation-focused brand that always runs to create a new era of thinking and develop new ways of doing. Their mowers are customer demand focused with the notable time of providing the warranty.

People praise the machines for their performance, durability, and ease of use, according to John Deere mower reviews.

Using centuries-old technology is a legacy. Some people stated that they are completely fascinated with their machines.

Despite a few small issues, the machines perform flawlessly. John Deere offers several mower models, each with its own set of features and options available at various price points. Customer service at John Deere is also exceptional.

Final Thoughts

Their research & development and quality assurance teams are constantly looking for new methods to improve the quality and performance of each product line, ensuring that customers receive only the best things delivered to their homes. However, there are still restrictions, and the above-mentioned ignition coil issues can arise on any John Deere mower.

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