John Deere E170 vs S240: Which One You Should Choose?

John Deere E170 and S240 both have some common features but still the silly differences will change your mind.

It is necessary to compare those models based on price, engine efficacy, fuel capacity, transmission system, HP power, etc. before purchasing.

From this article, you can differentiate between two models and be able to make your choice. Both have their pros and cons but still you can select them after reading the article. Hopefully, it will assist you to choose the desired one.

John Deere E170 vs S240: Quick Comparison Table

There remain some considerable differences between John Deere E170 and John Deere S240. This chart will give you a crystal clear view which makes you confident to choose the best one. Take a look.

FeaturesJohn Deere E170John Deere S240
Engine ModelE170S240 Sport
Price2,399  USD2,899.00 USD
Battery Capacity16 amp15amp
Transmission typebelt-driven hydrostaticK46 heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission
Braking system  wet discInternal wet disk.
Engine Power25  HP21.5 HP
Deck Size48 inches42-inches
Weight232 kg207 kg
Air cleanerCartridgeDry, replaceable
Displacement44.2 cu in.44.3 cu in.
Fuel capacity9 L9.08 L

What are The Difference Between John Deere E170 vs S240 Based on Features?

1. Engine Reliability

John Deere E170 has the engine model of E170 which has more updated features. In contrast, John Deere S240 has an engine which is known as 240 Sport. So, in this regard, John Deere E170 is highly appreciable to the users.

2. Price

The cost of John Deere E170 is 2,399 USD which is considered the average amount for the users.

On the other hand, one can buy John Deere S240 after investing 2,899.00 USD to buy the tractor.

In the end, John Deere E170 is inexpensive compared to S240.

3. Battery Capacity

The battery power of the John Deere E170 is 16 amp.

In reverse, 15amp is given to S240 for supplying the power to the machine.

Finally, E170 is more favorable to the customers for its high-frequency battery power.

4. Transmission type

The transmission system of John Deere E170 is made of belt-driven hydrostatic technic.

On the contrary, S240 has a transmission system which is consisted of K46 heavy-duty hydrostatic technology.

So, from research E170 transmission is more productive for the tractor compared to S240.

5. Braking system

The brake of E170 has consisted of the wet disc which shows an average standard quality.

In contrast, an internal wet disk is included in John Deere S240 for the braking system.

So E170 has a cost-effective braking system that attracts the customers.

6. Engine Power

The engine power of the E170 is around 25 HP which is quite a good amount for a heavy-duty mower.

In reverse, S270 possesses a 21.5 HP engine power for its machine.

At last John, Deere E170 gets the preference for its high engine power.

7. Deck Size

The deck size of the John Deere E170 is near 48 inches according to its internal configuration.

On the other hand, John Deere S240 has a deck that is around 42 inches.

As John Deere E170 has an advanced deck size tool it will easily catch up the attraction for the first choice of the buyers.

8. Weight

The weight of E170 is approximately 232 kg.

On the contrary, S240 is made up of 207 kg contained tools.

So, in the end, E170 is heavier than S240. For running your mower easily, S240 can be a great choice for users.

9. Air Cleaner

The air cleaner contained in the E170 is cartridge type.

In reverse, S240 carries the dry and replaceable type of air filter for its safety tool as well as a heat releasing part. In addition, this type of tool is easy to use and good for tractor health.

The air filter of E170 is quite difficult to handle because the cartridge contains troublesome substances. So, In this respect, S240 is the winner.

10. Displacement

The displacement system dimension of E170 is around 44.2 cu in. which is collected from research.

On the other hand, S240 has a displacement dimension of 44.3 cu in.

So, it means the power of movement of S240 is a little bit higher than E170.

11. Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity of S170 is around 9L.

In contrast, the S240 tractor has a 9.08 L of the fuel tank which means it can carry 9.08 Litre of fuel in it.

In the end, there is a silly difference between them in this respect. S240 has a better quality fuel tank.

12. After Service & Warranty

The S170 come with 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. The S240 comes with 3-year or 200-hour warranty. Whichever comes first, you have it.

The S170 has many fixes on it due to the cheaper engine (B&S). The S240 has a better engine than any of the 100 series. The warranty on both is maintained reputably by John Deere.

13. Durability

The durability of the S240 is better simply because of better engines, transaxles, and the craftsmanship. And yes, I am talking about heavier gauge steel and better spindles.

The S240 clearly wins this one.

John Deere E170 vs S240 Which One to Choose?

John Deere E170 is more reliable than S240 because its engine has more power. As the mower stands on its engine gross power, it is obvious that E170 can deliver the best output to the users.

Besides, the cost of E170 is quite inexpensive so people will go for it. It renders the best service having higher rated rpm of its engine. It means the mower is also a fast working device.

So S240 is less demandable while E170 gets the priority from customers. Distinguishing features show the productivity of power which one is more capable.


Now you are well upon knowing of the drastic dissimilarity between John Deere E170 vs S240. People will buy according to the reviews and service reliability of the mowers.

In this case, they consider the maintenance, safety, and expense for their product management after purchasing the mower. Both models contain recent technologies but still E170 is a far better performer in the yard.

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