John Deere E120 vs E130: The Major Differences

A John Deere E130 produce slightly more power than E120. But is this the only reason to buy an E130 over E120? How can you choose between these two?

John Deere E130 can be differentiated from John Deere E120 by its bumper at the front and larger tires. Some factors must be considered before choosing which one should I buy such as driving system, engine power, cost, maintenance etc.

I will try to explain everything in this article so that you can understand the differences between a E120 and a E130. Now just relax and read the full article.

Joh Deere E130 vs John Deere E120: Quick Comparison Table

There are a few important differences between a John Deere E120 and a John Deere E130. Let us have a look.

John Deere E120 vs John Deere E130:

FeaturesJohn Deere E120John Deere E130
Engine Power20 HP22 HP
Drive systemBelt driveHydrostatic drive
Displacement656 cc724 cc
Weight420 lbs.438 lbs.
Rear tire size20×8.00-820×10.00-8
CostCosts lessCosts more due to upgraded design

What’s the difference Between John Deere E120 and John Deere E130 Based on Features?

1. Engine Power

John Deere E120 has an engine power of 20 HP. It provides a smooth cut but requires additional efforts.

And John Deere E130 has an engine power of 22 HP. With its deep deck design, this powerful engine provides a smooth superior cut.

Thus, it is clear that the E130 engine has an advantage over the E120 engine, since more power equates to increased production.

2. Drive System

Hydrostatic driving system is used in E130. Here, hydraulic pump is used to deliver power to the wheels

On the other hand, E120 uses a belt driving system. Which means it supplies power through belt.

A belt-driven system demands considerable effort, but a hydrostatic drive system is far simpler to operate. As a result, it can be determined that the John Deere E130 also wins this round.

3. Displacement

Here, E120 has an engine displacement of 656 cc. Which means the cylinder volume capacity of the engine is 656 cubic centimeters.

The E130 has an engine displacement of 724 cc. It means the cylinder volume capacity of the engine is 724 cubic centimeters.

The bigger the cylinder and hence the higher its capacity for air and fuel absorption, the greater the CC. Thus, when the displacement values of the two engines are compared, it can be concluded that the E130 is better than the E120.

4. Weight

John Deere E120 weights 420 lbs.

And John Deere E130 weights 438 lbs. The additional weights come from the bumper at the front and larger rear tires.

Under the above circumstances, we may infer that the E120 is far simpler to handle manually than the E130 because of its lower weight.

5. Rear Tire Size

Rear tire size of John Deere E120 is 20×8.00-8.

In case of John Deere E130 the size is 20×10.00-8.

Because of the difference in rear tire size of the E130, the John Deere E130 gives significantly greater comfort when riding than the E120.

6. Maintenance

The E120 requires high maintenance. It usually includes belt tightening and replacement.

But the E130 requires relatively low maintenance. The hydraulic oil and filter need to be changed only once a year.

We can observe that E130 is less difficult to maintain than E120 from this comparison. As a result, the John Deere E130 has been proclaimed the winner of this round.

7. Costs

The cost of John Deere E120 is relatively low because of its belt-driven system. Its maintenance including repairing is also cheap.

Due to the upgraded design, E130 costs more than E120. Its maintenance cost is also relatively high.

So, if you are looking for a powerful machine under low budget, E120 is perfect for you.

John Deere E130 or John Deere E120 Which One to Choose?

If we analyze the differences between John Deere E120 and John Deere E130, we can see that John Deere E130 has better driving system, more powerful engine, better engine displacement and in short, it provides better performance than John Deere E120.

Also, the wide body with larger rear tires provides greater comfort. Due to hydrostatic driving system, E130 can be easily operated on the large hilly or bumpy but the engine of E120 requires additional efforts due to its belt driving system.

The E130 has several advanced features compared to E120. Though its maintenance cost is much higher than that of E120, the functions of E130 holds indicate that the price is justifiable.

Therefore, my suggestion would be to use John Deere E130 particularly for large hilly yards and John Deere E120 for small yards if you have a limited budget.

Should I always choose John Deere E130 over John Deere E120?

Not necessarily. The E120 has a belt driving system that allows it to be mainly used for small yards whereas the E130 is usually used for large hilly yards due to its hydrostatic driving system with a more powerful engine.

Therefore, if you have to choose for a small yard, E120 is the preferable option for a limited budget. Although it requires higher maintenance than E130, the repairing cost is relatively low.

Why can’t I use John Deere E120 for hilly yards?

John Deere E130 is easier to use on uphill lawns thanks to the hydraulic system that distributes additional torque to the wheels. As a result, no physical effort is required and anyone can easily operate it.

Whereas John Deere E120 requires extra physical strength in this case because of its belt driven system.

John Deere E130 or E120 which one is difficult to maintain?

It depends on the user. John Deere E120 requires more maintenance than John Deere E130 such as tightening or changing the belt. But repairing of an E120 is easier and cheaper than that of an E130.

Again, E130 does not require much maintenance as E120. If the user feels that it is a hassle to repair a machine repeatedly, he can choose E130 and if the user is concerned about his limited budget, it will be best for him to choose E120.


Now that you have learnt the differences between John Deere E120 vs E130 after the detailed discussions above, you will be able to decide precisely to choose the suitable lawn tractor according to your preference.

John Deere E130 provides more comfort and power at the expense of a greater price and regular upkeep. On the other hand, John Deere E120 is relatively cheaper but does not provide the performance that we can have from E130.

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