5 Most Common Problems of John Deere D170 and Their Fixes

John Deere d170 is one of the best mowers for owners with more extensive lawns. For challenge terrains, the experts always suggest going for this beast. But John Deere’s d170 problems are part of it as well.

Like every other lawnmower, John Deere d170 faces carburetor problems and engine issues. Unwanted vibrations and transmission issues are some of the common issues of John Deere d170. 

However, this guide will pave the solutions for your mower’s problems. My team and I have struggled hard to come up with this masterpiece, and I’m sure it will flourish you with benefits.

Key Points:

  • Choosing an A-grade lawnmower plays a vital role in the appearance of your business or residential lawn.
  • There are several problems relating to the John Deere D170 lawnmower. But once you know how to solve them, life becomes more accessible. 
  • A clean carburetor is the most underrated yet essential thing for the condition of your John Deere D170.

Common Problems of John Deere and Their Solutions:

You’ll find piles of articles praising John Deere d170. But there is hardly one discussing its problems and solving them. Gladly the issues and solutions below can guide you! 

1. Transmission Failure

Transmission issues are one of the most affecting issues evident in John Deere’s problems. John Deere d170 can transform mechanical power into fluid power, and this hydrostatic mower then reconverts that fluid power into shaft power. 

The torque of John Deere d170 is good enough to serve you with 5,000 hours in general, and the machine will not require significant maintenance before that. However, exceptions are everywhere. 

If you detect transmission failure in your mower, remove it from your mower, and you can replace the faulty transmission with a good one. But inspect the transmission system before returning it.

2. Fuel Problems

Problems with starting the mower have a lot to do with its fuel system. This problem might not be the only problem evident but needs your attention. You’ll not believe that an empty fuel tank is a reason behind maximum fuel problems.

If your mower has been inactive for a more extended period, probably it’s out of fuel. Checking out the fuel level of John Deere d170 is a must before starting, and empty fuel levels can harm the overall condition of your mower. 

Old gas or bad grade gasoline can also be a wrong choice for your John Deere d170. Always maintain fuel grade and levels, drain the old fuel or replace it with gasoline. 

If the fuel’s color is unusual or smelly, you need to drain that. Water or air in your fuel tank causes hiccups, starting problems, or stalling, and getting rid of air or water is the only escape. 

3. Issues with Spark Plug

No matter which vehicle you pick, a faulty spark plug is evident in all of them. It’s not a significant issue. But it can be a matter of disturbance for the user. Attaching low-grade air plug wears out within months. 

On the other hand, An A-grade air plug will save you from the irritating replacement cycle.

Rust or corrosion can also spoil the condition of your pins. Wipe the black or rusty tip of your paper towel. And if it’s completely damaged, you’ll need a new one. 

4. Low Compression

Low compression issues can hinder your John Deere d170 from starting. In that case, some remedies can heal you eradicate lower compression situations. 

Take out your spark plug wrench and pull out the spark plug. You need to remove the tractor hood for executing it. Attach a compressor tester with the spark plug hole and cut the ignition coil connection. 

Grasp the crankshaft at the front of the engine. You can use a crankshaft using a wrench. Bring the crankshaft in place. Adjust the crankshaft levels if it’s too tight or loose. 

5. Loose Blades

Loose blades can cause obstruct your mower’s performance. Unlocked parking brakes and disengaged bypass levers can be the reason for flexible blades. You can go through the steps below for balancing your blades-

  • After parking your mower on a flat surface, disconnect the battery to prevent impromptu activating.
  • Adjust the cutting height as in 3-inch. This height-adjusted limit will provide you with adequate space to work under the deck. 
  • Please turn on the blades in such a direction so that they can face you. Calculate the distance between the ground and both the blades. The space is to be 3″ exactly. If not, you need to balance it. 
  • If the screws of your John Deere d170 blades are tight or loose, adjust them. 

What Majority of The Users Think About John Deere d170?

John Deere d170 is one of the biggest lawnmowers featured in 100 JD mowers. This model has significant similarities with John Deere d160, and it features an air-cooled engine requiring 1.9 liters of fuel for operating. 

The engine remains utmostly lubricated until the end. John Deere d170 is a mower that can bear 15.1 liters of gasoline in its regular fuel tank. On the other hand, the California-made model can hold 9.1 liters of gasoline. 

Some customers have exclaimed that John Deere d170 performs worse than other high-end lawnmowers. But it offers more withstand ability than many mid-range mowers. When it comes to durability, John Deere d170 has no opponents!

How to Solve the Clogged Carburetor Issues of John Deere d170?

A clogged carburetor will make your mower halt after its engine starts. We all know that your carburetor clogs when dirt enters. But you can face carburetor clogging issues even if you leave fuel inside the tank very long. 

The elements present in fuel gradually evaporate, making the fuel inside very thick. And those sticky elements progressively cause your carburetor to clog very severely. So, I suggest refraining from keeping old fuel inside the tank for a more extended period. 

If you end up clogging your carburetor, It’ll either demand replacement or fixation. You can purchase a carburetor cleaning kit following this article from Autovfix.com

And if cleaning your carburetor isn’t fixing your problems, it’s time for you to replace your JD D170 mowers carburetor. Replacing the worn part improves your mower’s performance. 

Final Words

John Deere D170 is undoubtedly one of the most highlighted models of the John Deere company. If you’re looking for a decent lawnmower within mid-range, this piece can be a good pick. 

No gadget or machine is free from issues. And John Deere D170’s problems are not even that severe. However, this article is an honest review about dealing with the issues.

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