7 Most Common Problems with John Deere 755 and Fixes

John Deere has been a reliable name in lawn tractor manufacturing. The John Deere 755 is one of their compact lawn tractors which have been widely used.  However, with time the tractor can come up with different problems.

Consumers have been complaining about some common John Deere 755 problems that they have experienced. They were sharing about starting issues, engine problems, vibration issues, steering issues, and more.

In this article, we are going to discuss the most common John Deere 755 problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Key Points:

  • The common problems can be starting issues, poor performance of engine or overheating. 
  • Most of these problems are due to clogged or damaged components and fuel issues.
  • Regular maintenance can prevent most of these issues and save a lot of money.

7 Most Common John Deere 755 Problems and Solutions:

These are some of the most common John Deere 755 problems, and some general ideas are shown about how these problems can normally be dealt with.

1. Engine Starting Difficulties

We found a lot of complaints from the users about the tractor not turning over or other starting difficulties. 

When the engine doesn’t start, first check the battery if they are charged and the terminals are clean. If the batteries are worn or damaged, replace them. Sometimes, blown fuse also causes starting issues.

Replace them if needed. Check the spark plugs if they are working properly and are connected properly. Loose or corroded connections should be secured.

The problem can be also with fuel system. Make sure the fuel tank is filled. Improper fuel can also be the reason.

Again, if you are using the fuel for long time, it can develop some sticky elements. Drain stale or improper fuel and refill the tank with correct grade fuel. The fuel filter can get plugged. Clean the fuel system and the filter or replace it.  

Air intake can be a possible problem area. Change or clean clogged air filter. Misadjusted carburettor can make the starting hard.  Adjust the carburettor properly.

2. Engine Power Loss

Sometimes, the engine dies or stalls especially when you are climbing a hill. Loss of power can occur due to an overheated engine. So check the reasons that can overheat the engine. Faulty spark plugs may also be the culprit.

Engine losses power when the oil level is too high in the engine. Drain the excess oil. Always use quality fuel as improper or low grade fuel can cause a lot of issues which lead to bigger damage over time.

Check if the air cleaner is clogged. Clean it or replace it. Driving too fast with too much of load can also cause this power loss. So adjust the speed according to the terrain type and work condition. If you are driving in a hilly side and your engine dies, make sure the fuel tank has enough fuel.

3. Engine Rough Running

Some users experienced rough idling of engine.  Such rough conditions are predominantly caused by clogged cooling fins. Clean the fins regularly to prevent the clogging. Other reasons are more or less same as that of the previous issues’.

 Loose electrical connections, dirty or improper fuel should be checked and overhauled. Clogged filters can thwart the flow of fuel which ultimately degrades the performance of the engine. So, check the fuel line for dirt, clogging and clean it. The air cleaner should also be cleaned.

4. Engine Overheats

Sometimes the engine produces excessive heat which leads to engine failure. Engine overheats when the cooling process of the tractor cannot work optimally. Check the engine oil level and adjust the amount of oil if it is low. Same applies for coolant. 

If the fan belt is loosen or damaged, the fan doesn’t get enough tension. Replace the belt if it is damaged and adjust the tension if it is loosen. The cooling fins can also get clogged. Clean it.

 The air intake is also important to cool the engine. Air cannot come through if the air filter element is clogged. So check the filter and clean it. You may also need to replace it if it is damaged. Apart from all these, excessive load can cause overheating. So be aware of how much load you are putting on your tractor. 

5. Black Exhaust Smoke

At times you may see black smoke coming out of the engine. You don’t need to fret. It is common when the fuel to air ratio becomes higher.

If the air filter is clogged or soaked with oil, air won’t be able to go to the chamber and there will be more fuel than air. Changing the air filter should solve this.

6. Steering Issues

Steering issues are also frequently experienced with compact tractors. To identify the root of this problem, first check if the hydraulic or transmission oil is at proper level.

After pouring oil to the recommended level, don’t start the tractor immediately. Let the engine runs and get warm a bit first. 

Lubricating the steering linkages may also help. But if the axle is bent you know better than trying to troubleshoot the problem on your own. Just take the tractor to an authorized service centre in that case.

7. Excessive Vibration

At times, the tractor starts vibrating excessively out of nowhere. It occurs when the drive sheaves are clogged.

Check the drive sheaves and see if you find any dirt there. Get rid of them. Loose drive belt also causes such vibration. Tighten the belt properly. 

Replace it if it is damaged. Balance the blades if they are off course.

What Majority of the Users Feel About John Deere 755?

Yes, it is a very good one for hobby farmers. Most of the users loved the performance of this compact tractor. As the users said, it is small but very powerful.  Even though it has an engine of 20hp, it can do it all by its loader and backhoe.

The users also vouched for its durability.  Some had been using it for almost 25 years.

However, there were few complaints regarding the overheating of engine. But that should not be a big deal as such problem is common with any tractors. So if you want to have a good utility tractor within budget, go for it.

Final Words

Knowing the causes of these common problems will not only help you troubleshooting them, but also preventing them.

It’s obvious that your tractor’s components will get worn and different problems will appear with time. But maintenance brings longevity.  So always prioritize the maintenance of your tractor.

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