John Deere 4 Series Vs 5 Series: What’s the Difference?

If you ask, which series John Deere tractor is the best, you will get a different answer than series 4 or 5. But based on the budget and certain requirements, it is okay to consider only these series. 

For your convenience, I decided to compare John Deere 4 series vs 5 series. Here, I have gathered the data and ranges considering all models from both series. Some points include discussions based on averaged data.

It is okay to not know the exact spec in this article because you are deciding on the series, not a specific model. Let’s get started.

John Deere 4 Series Vs 5 Series: Quick Comparison Table

Before starting the main discussion, let me show you a table that can give you an overview of the matter.

John Deere 4 Series Vs 5 Series:

Features4 Series5 Series
Rated Engine Power42.5 hp – 65.9 hp73.8 hp – 125 hp
Standard lift capacity2500 pounds4257 pounds
Wheelbase185.5 cm2350 mm
Cylinder linersCast-in-blockWet sleeved
Fuel tank capacity56.9 L111.9 L – 144 L
Hitch categoryCategory 1Category 2; Convertible to Category 1
Noise rating78 dBA73 – 78 dBA
Turning radius9.19 ft – 9.84 ft11.1 ft – 12.1 ft
Warranty6 Years6 Years

What’s the Difference Between John Deere 4 Series and 5 Series Based on Features?       

1. Engine Reliability & Power:

Both JD 4 series and 5 series tractors use engines from the manufacturer named Yanmar.

It is an old company with experience in manufacturing over 16 million diesel engines.

Their wide variety of product lines includes engines ranging from 4.5 to 5000 HP. Customers are happy about their performance and durability.

The life expectancy of these Yanmar engines is very high. Ensuring regular maintenance, you can get 15000-20000 hours of service life from them.

Don’t take my words for granted and see what users tell about Yanmar diesel engines.

One basic difference between 4 series and 5 series tractors is in their engine power. John Deere 4 Series tractors come with a range of 42.5 HP to 65.9 HP.

But the 5 series tractors are more powerful offering 73.8 HP up to 125 HP. In terms of power, 5 series are a clear winner here.

2. Durability:

In terms of durability and reliability, I haven’t seen major issues regarding both series tractor models.

Due to providing good-quality materials, sturdy build quality, and practical design, you can choose any tractor model from these series.

As long as the selected model matches your needs, you won’t have to worry much.

3. Performance:

For performance comparison, I am considering 4 small parameters. I know that there are many others but the difference is in the mentioned segments.

First of all, let’s talk about the standard lift capacity.

The 4-series tractors have an average lift capacity of 2500 pounds whereas the 5-series models can lift around 4257 pounds.

It is not logical to argue which one is good based on this info. The key takeaway here is that these data help you choose the right series and model.

John Deere 5 series is more suitable for heavier tasks and commercial applications than the 4 series.

Next, I want to mention the wheelbase. There is a 49.5mm difference in the wheelbase spec.

The benefit of a larger wheelbase which is available in the 5-series is that it offers better balancing and steering.

After that, consider the cylinder liners in this series. JD 4 series comes with cast-in-block cylinder liners whereas the 5-series has wet-sleeved ones.

Here, you can know more about the difference between liners and sleeves. Both types have certain pros and cons.

Telling which one is preferable is not possible because they have different use cases. Based on your needs, either sleeve or liner serves the best.

Lastly, the hitch category is on my list, to sum up, the performance comparison. Series 4 models have category 1 and series 5 models have category 2 hitches.

And, the series-5 models also have the option to convert it to hitch category 1.

Now, the difference between them is that category 1 hitches are used in tractors ranging from 20 to 50 horsepower whereas the other one is suitable in the range of 50 to 90 horsepower.

4. Fuel Tank Capacity:

The benefit of having a larger fuel tank is to get longer runtime and less downtime that happens during refueling.

In the comparison table, you have seen that the average fuel tank capacity of 4 series tractors is 56.9 liters.

On the other hand, the 5 series models have larger fuel tank capacities ranging from 111.9 liters to 144 liters.

Indeed, more powerful engines need more fuel. It seems that the runtime difference between the two series is not that significant.

Still, it is a difference worth mentioning. While buying a John Deere tractor, you should keep it in mind.

5. Comfort and Turn Radius:

Several models in both series have the compatibility to install a cabin. With a cab, smooth suspension, and better shock absorbers, it is no doubt that you will have a superior ride experience.

The noise rating of these tractors is around 78 dBA. But buying more expensive models in the 5 series has some extra benefits.

And, low noise operation is one of them. But 4 series tractors are ahead in one segment. It is in their turning radius.

Due to having a smaller dimension, John Deere series 4 tractors have a smaller turning radius making them suitable for certain tasks.

According to the spec sheet, models included in the 4-series have a turning radius of 9.19 ft to 9.84 ft whereas the counterpart models have 11.1 ft to 12.1 ft.

6. Service & Warranty:

Both series come with a warranty period of 6 years which is more than satisfactory.

These tractors are so well-built that maintenance is seldom needed. Still, there can be lots of minor issues, and you won’t have to pay to fix them for 6 years.

Now, if you ask about the service intervals, I will have to tell you to read the operator’s manual.

Under the maintenance section, there is a chart explaining which parts need to be serviced and when.

John Deere 4 Series or 5 Series: Which One to Choose?

I hope that you have got a clear understanding from this John Deere 4 series vs 5 series comparison.

It is obvious that 5 series tractors are more powerful and capable of doing heavier tasks compared to the other mentioned series.

Here, all you have to do is set your requirements, and choose a series accordingly.

For reliability, warranty, comfort, and other information, this article can give you a clear picture. 

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