John Deere 333G Vs Cat 299D: Which One Is the Best?

Cat and John Deere, both are pretty big names in the world of compact track loaders. And, I am here to compare 2 of their very successful and popular models; John Deere 333G Vs Cat 299D.

This article solely focuses on the engine reliability, performance, efficiency, and some other parameters of these models.

It will give you a clear differentiating picture so that your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste. Read till the end without skipping any part, and I hope you will be able to make the best decision.

John Deere 333G Vs Cat 299D: Quick Comparison Table

I know that you are eager to read the full comparison but have a look at the table below that summarizes the whole thing. It will help paint a clearer picture.

John Deere 333G Vs Cat 299D:

FeaturesJohn Deere 333GCat 299D
Engine ManufacturerYanmarCat
Net Engine Output96.6 HP95 HP
Ground Clearance9.4”9.6”
Fuel Tank30 gal (US)31.7 gal (US)
Tipping Load11630 lbs.9945 lbs.
Speed7.8 mile/h8.4 mile/h
Maximum Lift/Dump106.1”96”
Operating Weight12,100 lbs.11464 lbs.
Dimensions (no bucket)122”L x 80.7”W x 90.5H125.5”L x 78”W x 83.6”H

What’s the Difference Between John Deere 333G and Cat 299D Based on Features?

1. Engine Reliability:

Where CAT manufactures engines for its compact loaders, Yanmar is the diesel engine manufacturer for JD machines.

So, there are some obvious differences in their durability, reliability, and performance.

Both companies are well known for their high-performing diesel engines. Over the years, they have perfected the recipe.

And, like many others, there are some issues with their engines which is perfectly normal.

Comparing Yanmar and Cat engines used in these machines, I have something to say. Users say that some Cat engines have serious issues. 

And, I am sure that there are some issues with the Yanmar engines too. In this particular case, I would like to keep John Deere ahead of Cat.

2. Durability:

Heavy-duty steel construction, long-lasting components, and rust-proof coatings make these compact track loaders durable.

I am not mentioning them individually which means that you can rely on any of the mentioned models here.

Your decision should rely more on other parameters discussed in this article such as engine reliability, performance, price, speed, etc.

3. Power:

The tasks a compact track loader has to handle include lots of different things which require power and stability.

You have seen that 333G from JD is slightly (1.6 HP difference) more powerful than Cat 299D.

Considering other parameters constant, this slight difference is not that significant. So, let’s move on to the next points, and see which one wins.

4. Performance:

You probably know that a 35% tipping load of compact track loaders is considered to be the operating capacity of a particular model.

And, from the table above, you have seen that JD 333G has a way higher capacity than Cat 299D. The difference is almost 1700 pounds.

It affects their performances as Cat can’t handle heavy-duty tasks as John Deere compact track loader in this comparison.

Ground clearance is another important factor. But the difference is not that significant in this case. So, I am skipping it.

While doing the research, I was stunned to see the difference (about 10”) in their maximum lift or dump height.

It can be a deal-breaker. I say that you should evaluate your work requirements, and match the specs with this maximum lift height.

At the same time, don’t forget to evaluate the dimensions of the track loaders.

Lastly, keep the operating weight into your consideration. More weight means better stability and heavier pushing ability.

But more weight also means more fuel consumption and slower speed. Here, the John Deere model weighs more.

5. Speed:

This is one segment where Cat 299D aces its counterpart by a slight margin. I’m talking about the fuel tank capacity and forward speed.

Their differences are 1.7 gallons and 1.2 miles/hour, and Cat 299D is on top in both parameters.

What it means is that you get more runtime and it is possible to finish a task slightly faster.

Again, the differences are so small that you can almost ignore them.

6. Service & Warranty:

John Deere provides 2 years or 2000 hours of warranty for its compact loaders which include the model 333G.

And, the same goes for Cat compact track loaders. But the recommendations for their service intervals are different.

After some research, I found that telling those separately is not possible in this article. The user manuals are the best place for that info.

For your convenience, I am providing the official service interval recommendations for both John Deere 333G and Cat 299D.

John Deere 333G or Cat 299D: Which One to Choose?

This John Deere 333G vs Cat 299D comparison is not as straightforward as many other articles on my website.

Due to the very marginal difference, it has been tough to give a clear answer to the question.

However, I think there is one segment that can help you decide; think about the engine performance and reliability.

Due to the Yanmar engine’s positive feedback, I think that JD 333G will be a better option.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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