John Deere 300 Vs 500 Series: What are The Key Differences

John Deere manufactures a wide range of lawn tractors. The 300 and 500 series are two of the company’s most well-known product lines. Both series are distinctive in their skill and capabilities. But are you uncertain which series is the best? Which one should you select?

The various distinguishing characteristics between these two models are in the size of the lawn, the engine capacity, the mower deck capacity, and the steering make the two series not equivalent in their performances.

This article will compare the John Deere 300 series to the John Deere 500 series in depth. Therefore, take your time and read the article completely before making your selection.

John Deere 300 vs 500 SERIES: Quick Comparison Table

There are several notable differences between the John Deere 300 and 500 series lawnmowers. Take the following into consideration.

John Deere 300 Series VS John Deere 500 Series:

FeaturesJohn Deere 300 SeriesJohn Deere 500 Series
AppearanceComparatively smallerLarger in size
Weight500 lbs. (227 kg) – 550 lbs. (249 kg)655 lbs. (297 kg) – 720 lbs. (326 kg)
Tires SizeComparatively smallerLarger
Mower Deck38″ mower deck with mid-mount, 42″ mower deck with mid-mount, 48″ mower deck with mid-mount48″ mower deck with mid-mount, 54″ mower deck with mid-mount
Engine Capacity17 HP – 22 HP25 HP – 26 HP
TransmissionTuff Torq K46, Tuff Torq K46Tuff Torq K72B, Tuff Torq K72C
Displacement472 cc675 cc

What’s The Difference Between John Deere 300 and 500 Series Based on Features?

1. Dimension

John Deere 300 series tractors typically weigh between 500 and 550 pounds. It features a narrower track width compared to the 500 series.

On the other side, the John Deere 500 series weighs between 655 to 720 pounds and compared to the 300 series has a larger track width.

The 500 series lawnmowers can cut more grass at the same time because it has a bigger width.

As a result, they can cover more ground because they have a bigger cutting deck. This means that when it comes to build quality, the 500 series lawnmowers will be a long way ahead of the 300 series lawnmowers.

2. Tires Size

The 300 series lawnmowers come standard with a front tire measuring 15×6.00-6 and a rear tire measuring 20×10.00-8. 

The 500 series lawnmowers come standard with a front tire measuring 16×6.5-8 and a rear tire measuring 24×12-12.

The 500 series lawnmowers cover a bigger surface area than the 300 series lawnmowers due to the increased tire size on both the front and rear tires. As a result, the 500 series will triumph in terms of tire size.

3. Mower Deck

For the 300 series lawnmowers, three different mowing deck options are available. Mid-mount mower decks are typically 38″ in length, 42″ in length, or 48″ in length.

On the other hand, there are two mowing deck options available for the 500 series lawnmowers. Mower decks with a typical width of 48″ and 54″ are available as mid-mount mowers.

In terms of cutting deck size, the bigger cutting decks of the 500 series are preferable for mowing more grass. Due to their increased size, they allow you to cut more grass in less time by making fewer passes over it.

As a result, the mower deck performance of the 500 series lawnmowers will triumph over the 300 series lawnmowers.

4. Engine Capacity

The 300 series lawnmowers are powered by engines capacity ranging from 17 to 22 HP.

Whereas the 500 series lawnmowers include engines capacity between 25 to 26 HP.

Therefore, the 500 series lawnmowers are preferred in terms of engine capacity over the 300 series lawnmowers.

5. Transmission

The transmissions used in the 300 series lawnmowers are the Tuff Torq K46, and Tuff Torq K58. 

The 500 series lawnmowers, on the other hand, are equipped with a Tuff Torq K72B or K72C transmission. The Tuff Torq K72B and K72C transaxles include upgraded materials and unique features that come together to make them the most durable and powerful.

The 500 series lawnmower’s Tuff Torq K72B and K72C transmissions include a number of additional features, and these transaxles are as dependable as they are powerful.

So, in terms of transmission, the 500 series will be the easier of the two series to choose.

6. Displacement

The 300 series lawnmowers use a 472 cc engine. This indicates that the engine’s cylinder volume capacity is 472 cubic centimeters.

On the other hand, the 500 series lawnmowers feature a 675 cc engine. This indicates that the engine’s cylinder volume capacity is 675 cubic centimeters.

Without a doubt, the bigger the cylinder, the higher the capacity for air and fuel absorption and, thus, the larger the cubic capacity. Thus, when the displacement values of the two engines are compared, the 500 series lawnmowers outperform the 300 series lawnmowers.

John Deere 300 or 500 Series: Which One to Choose?

John Deere’s 300 and 500 series are both well-known products. However, if you have to select between these two series, you must consider the objective of your purchase first.

The John Deere 300 series is a more compact lawnmower than the John Deere 500 series. This series lawnmower’s appearance is preferable if you want to mow a small field.

Additionally, their engine capacity, mower deck size, and transmission are appropriate for small fields with a modest workload.

However, the John Deere 500 series includes a better engine capacity, a stronger transmission, and a larger mower deck, which enable it to cover a larger area and handle a heavier workload.

To sum it up, if you will want to do some heavier work in a larger ground the 500 series lawnmowers are perfect for you.

There is also an extra push button in the 500 series lawnmowers. It will help to mow in the muddy ground or hilly tract.

Otherwise, if you want to mow in your small home garden, you can choose from the 300 series lawnmowers with a limited budget.

Are There Any Similarities Between John Deere 300 and 500 Series?  

Yes. Apart from the distinguishing characteristics mentioned above, the lawnmowers in these two series share a few similarities.

Both have the same engine manufacturer, and both are snowblower-type lawnmowers. Their mid PTO, clutch, and a few other characteristics are similarly comparable.

Is 500 Series of John Deere a Garden Tractor?

The John Deere X500 lawn tractor is the best mower for yards with complicated landscape features or hard to get around.

The John Deere X500 lawn tractor has full four-wheel drive steering and a mower deck that can be changed. This makes it the most flexible lawn tractor on the market.

Starting now, you’ll be able to do all of your home lawn maintenance with ease.


After reading the article, it will be very clear to you which one to buy between John Deere 300 and 500 series lawnmowers for your specific purpose.

John Deere’s 500 series lawnmowers simplify work, particularly in muddy soil or mountainous terrain that is prevalent in most situations.

I will recommend the 500 series lawnmowers to everyone who has to mow this type of area. Otherwise, the lawnmowers of the 300 series are capable of reliably making high-quality cuts.

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