The Key Differences Between John Deere 2210 vs 1025R

John Deere is one of the best brands in this era for agricultural and personal purposes usage. But there exist some comprehensive features that do not exist in all the models of the company. In this regard, you need to know the difference between John Deere 2210 and John Deere 1025R to get the desired one.

The fact that manipulates customers for buying a product depends on their demand, quality, upgrade version and well- designed. It is mandatory to distinguish John Deere 2210 and John Deere 1025R tractors ground on a hydraulic system, weight, lift capacity, rated rpm, etc. while buying.

From reading this article, you will be confident to proceed with your final decision easily. Hopefully, this article will help you to choose the right one.

John Deere 2210 vs 1025R: Quick Comparison Table

As John Deere 2210 and John Deere 1025R contain variety in their features undoubtedly. The following chart will show you the basic comparison between regarding two models. Take a look.

John Deere 2210 VS John Deere 1025R:

FeaturesJohn Deere 2210John Deere 1025R
Engine Gross Power23 HP23.9 HP
PTO power17.7 HP17.2 HP
3PT HitchLimited Category 1Category 1
Wheelbase57 inches57.1 inches
Weight635 kg654kg
Fuel Capacity18.9 L24 L
Hydraulic System12.9 L/min13.2 L/min
Lift Capacity317 kg344kg
Rated rpm3000 rpm3200 rpm

What Are The Difference Between John Deere 2210 vs 1025R Based on Features?

1. Engine Gross Power

John Deere 2210 has 23 HP average engine power. On the other hand, John Deere 1025R is built-in with a 23.9 HP gross power engine which is quite good for running a tractor.

So overall, the 1025R has a more powerful engine than the 2210 model. Because of having such type of engine the tractor will also perform better.

2. PTO power

2210 has a PTO power of 17.7 HP. It indicates an average value to transfer the mechanical power of the motor.

On the other hand, 1025R contains 17.2 HP PTO power which is quite less compared to the 2210 model. As a result, 2210 is a better performer considering this parameter.

3. 3PT Hitch

2210 has a 3PT hitch of ‘limited category 1’ which means it can transfer weight. But the feature is not upgraded in this model.

1025R has a 3PT hitch of ‘category 1’ that indicates it can transfer weight easily. Moreover, it has the resistance of the implementation to the steering wheel very easily.

So 1025R has more advanced technology compared to 2210.

4. Wheelbase

The wheelbase is around 57 inches of John Deere 2210.

On the other hand, the wheelbase of John Deere 1025R is near 57.1 inches which is a little bit large than 2210.

Overall, you can get a larger wheelbase in John Deere 1025R.

5. Weight

The John Deere 2210 weighs 635 kg. In contrast, John Deere 1025R weighs 654kg which is heavier than 2210.

The 1025R is quite heavier with extra cables and tools inserted into it.

6. Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity of John Deere 2210 is around 18.9 L. This means the tank can carry a maximum of 18.9 Litre of fuel.

On the other hand, John Deere 1025R has a fuel tank that can bear 24 Litre of fuel. So, John Deere 1025R is more capable of carrying extra fuel compared to 2210.

7. Hydraulic System

2210 tractor has the fluid pressure producing 12.9 L per minute. On the other hand, 1025R is capable of producing fluid pressure of 13.2 L per minute.

Therefore, 1025R is the winner of this research. So 1205R is considered a more powerful system.

8. Lift Capacity

2210 has a lift capacity of 317 kg which indicates an average quality for a tractor. It means the tractor can transfer a maximum 317kg weighed particle.

In contrast, 1025R has a lift capacity of 344kg which is higher than the 2210 model. So 1025R is more upgraded than 2210 regarding this parameter.

9. Rated rpm

Rated rpm is the measurement of how fast any machine can operate at a given time. The rated rpm of 2210 is around 3000.

On the other hand, 1025R is given 3200 rated rpm by a built-in system which is higher than 2210. So, 1025R is faster than 2210 tractor.

10. After Service & Warranty

JD in their manual for the 2210, advices a service at 50 hours stating that all fuel filters and oil should be changed. This is covered under warranty and very important for the tractor’s health. So it is good that this is covered under warranty.

The 1025R also covers the 50 hour servicing. However, the 1025R covers the powertrain and front axle. Under this, any PTO seal failure may also be covered, which is not offered by the 2210.

11. Durability

The 2210 should last you 3-4K hours on it. Whereas the 1025R should give you 2K hours. This with proper maintenance. The build quality od 2210 is much better.

12. Engine Reliability

The 1025R has faced some major engine complaints. This incudes the engine spitting, sputtering, shaking, light white smoke coming out and usually ends up shutting down entirely.

The reasons maybe a dirty coolant, broken valve cover or fuel filter being clogged. Bad start is very common with engines with mere 2-3 hours.

In the case of the 2210 however, have real tough engines. With proper maintenance, they last longer than any estimate made by any expert. Engine problems usually appear much later with many hours on it. So this one’s definitely more reliable!

John Deere 2210 or John Deere 1025R Which One to Choose?

John Deere 1025R has a powerful engine that produces 3200 rated rpm. Moreover, fuel capacity and hydraulic systems are more capable of generating energy. With higher lift capacity it can transfer load from one place to another for mowing purposes.

A hydraulic system can transmit 13.2 fuel per minute. So it performs better and fast compared to John Deere 2210. 

John Deere 2210 is quite good for its quality and service. But when you look over the comparison between 2210 and 1025R then you will notice that some features are not compatible with each other.

Though 2210 is lighter which gives users a comfortable and relaxing feeling. For regular use and an economical option, you must choose 1025R.


From reading this article you get details about John Deere 2210 vs 1025R. The 1025R has thousands of good reviews for its outstanding performance.

So as 1025R have a large market value and reasonable price, you should buy it undoubtedly. But if you want a lighter mower, you should buy the 2210.

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