John Deere 1025R vs 2305: Which One You Should Choose?

John Deere makes a variety of configurational tractors with a high market value. Both the John Deere 1025R and the John Deere 2305 are the most popular tractors. However, due to certain significant discrepancies, they have two distinct models.

Before purchasing, it is critical to understand the differences between those models in terms of lift capacity, hydraulic system, weight, warranty service, gross power, and so on.

Hopefully, this article will assist you in your shopping endeavors. You can also get ideas for the specification and confirmation of two mowers’ warranty service.

John Deere 1025R vs 2305: Quick Comparison Table

Between the John Deere 1205R and the John Deere 2305, there are only a few differences. This chart will provide you a clear assumption, allowing you to confidently choose the best option.

John Deere 1025R VS John Deere 2305:

FeaturesJohn Deere 1025RJohn Deere 2305
Engine Gross Power23.9 HP24.1 hp
PTO power17.2 HP18 HP
3PT HitchCategory 1Limited 1 Category
Fuel Capacity24 L20.8 L
Hydraulic System13.2 L/min12.9 L/min
Lift Capacity344kg308 kg
Rated rpm32003000
Price15,970 USD11,069 USD
Charging Capacity40 Amp20 Amp

What Are The Differences Between John Deere 1025R vs 2305 Based on Features?

1. Engine Gross Power

The tractor and electrical equipment are both powered by a 23.9 HP John Deere 1025R engine. It is in charge of the mower’s operation and all of its actions.

In contrast, the John Deere 2305 has 24.1 horsepower. It is higher than the 1025R. As a result, the John Deere 2305 is significantly superior to the 1025R.

2. PTO Power

A 17.2 HP power engine is installed in the PTO (power take-off) of the John Deere 1025R. The PTO on the John Deere 2305, on the other hand, features an 18 HP power engine.

Finally, the 2305 demonstrates its superior ability to maintain the mower for the consumers.

3. 3PT Hitch

The 3PT hitch on the John Deere 1025R is a category 1 hitch that is critical in the production of the pump. With its three arms, it connects to the pump. In contrast, 2305 has a backdated 1025R Limited 1 Category kind of 3PT hitch.

In this regard, the John Deere 1025R comes out on top. If the customer wants their tractor, they will be drawn.

4. Weight

The John Deere 1025R weighs approximately 654kg. It means that the overall mass, including all tools and machines, is 254 kg.

The John Deere 2035, on the other hand, weighs roughly 658kg, making it slightly heavier than the 1025R.

Finally, the John Deere 1025R is the winner since the mower’s users will enjoy driving it.

5. Fuel Capacity

The volume is the most important factor for using the feature in the tractor since the fuel deposit is regarded the fluid tank. The John Deere 1025 has a fuel capacity of approximately 24 litres.

The John Deere 2305, on the other hand, has a fuel capacity of 20.8 L, which is lower than the 1025R. As a result, the users will select the first option.

6. Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system on the John Deere 1025R can transport 13.2 liters of fluid per minute to convert potential energy to electrical energy.

2305, on the other hand, can move 12.9 liters of fluid per minute. As a result, the 1025R is a more powerful system than 2305.

7. Lift Capacity

The John Deere 1025R has a maximum lifting capacity of 344kg. Lift capacity is the indicator of a machine’s ability to load mass. In reverse, 2305 can move a weight of 308 kg.

In this regard, the John Deere 1025R outperforms the competition.

8. Rated Rpm

The John Deere 1025R has a rated rpm of roughly 3200. The number of revolutions per minute (rpm) is a measurement of how powerful an engine is and how quickly it can perform any duty.

The John Deere 2305, on the other hand, has a rated rpm of 3000, that is less than 1025R. The conclusion indicates that the engine of the 1025R is superior to that of the 2305.

9. Price

The John Deere 1025R costs approximately USD 15,970. As the manufacturing costs are high, the market price is quite high.

On the other side, 2305 is less expensive than 1025R, costing around 11,069 USD. As a result, 1025R is significantly more expensive than 2305.

10. Charging Capacity

The 1025R has a charging capacity of roughly 40 amp. Because the battery generates electric power, it is a suitable source of energy for the tractor.

The John Deere 2305, on the other hand, features a 20 amp battery.Finally, the capacity of the John Deere 1025R is more than that of 2305.

11. After Service & Warranty

The 1025R comes with a 6-year/2000-hour Powertrain Warranty. The 2305 comes with a 3 year/2000 hour warranty.

In case of the 2305, you will get very minor issues up until 200-500 depending on usage. In case of the 1025R, you may get more frequent issues. The warranty coverage is more on this one however, 1025R is a downgrade from 2305.

12. Durability

The 2503 is more durable than 1025R. Not just because of it’s bigger size. It has larger turn radius. It also has bigger tires.

The 1025R is also a clean machine with more upgrades than 2305. However, in terms of durability, the 2305 is slightly better than the 1025R.

13. Engine Reliability

The 1025R tractor comes with a Yanmar 3TNV80F-NCJT engine. The 2305 has Yanmar 3TNV76. Yanmar engines are usually pretty reliable. The engine of the 2305 has slight driveshaft issues. Otherwise it holds up pretty great.

On the other hand, the 1025R has many issues with the engine. A bad start is quite common. Engine stuttering is frequently reported too. So between these, the 2305 wins this one.

John Deere 1025R or 2305 Which One to Choose?

The John Deere 2305 is a vintage tractor based on the John Deere 1025R. You won’t find anything more advanced than the John Deere 2305. The 2305 tools are all older than the John Deere 1025R.

As a result, there is nothing new to see in the John Deere 1025R. So, you will find the John Deere 1025R to be extremely useful for their farming needs.

Furthermore, individuals lose interest in spending a lot of money on older model tractors. The John Deere 2305 is not deserving of it. In this situation, the 1025R is within your budget.


The John Deere 1025R performs better, attracting customers’ attention. You’ll buy it because you can acquire it with many advanced tools.

Furthermore, it is more reliable than the 2305 model. Therefore there is no risk of becoming dysfunctional early. Because the tractor’s manufacturing costs are expensive, it is well worth the investment.

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