John Deere 1 Series vs 2 Series: What’s the Difference?

John Deere, the popular tractor manufacturer comes with two series of tractors, namely series 1 and series 2. Series 1 consists of sub-compact tractors, while compact tractors are included in series 2. But how are they different?

Sub-compact tractors refer to the John Deere series 1 and compact tractors refer to the series 2 to 4. Both the tractors are versatile and designed to lift heavy weights. To state simply, series 1 and series 2 tractors differ in size, capacity, and power.

If you’re here to identify, the differences between John Deere 1 series vs 2 series, this article is a must read. I’ll discuss in detail their features and how are they different.

So, let’s get started!

Comparison of John Deere 1 Series VS 2 Series

As I already said that most of the specifications are the same for John Deere 1 series and 2 series. However, they still have differences.

The following table regarding a comparison of features between these two types of John Deere tractors will provide a better visual.

John Deere 1 Series VS 2 Series:

Features 1 Series2 Series
Lift Capacity754 lb.1,120 lb.
StabilityLess stableHighly stable
Prominent Features60-in. Auto Connect drive-over mower deckLoad-N-Go compatible Optional heated cab72-in. Auto Connect drive-over mower deckCommand-Cut Height of Cut Optional heated cabOptional heated cab Load-N-Go compatible
Available ModelsJohn Deere 1 Series 1023E John Deere 1 Series 1025RJohn Deere 2 Series 2025R John Deere 2 Series 2032R John Deere 2 Series 2038R

John Deere 1 Series:

John Deere 1 series sub-compact tractors are designed to handle mowing, garden tilting, and many more. You can attach or remove the loader on your tractor anytime having the Quick-Park loader mounting system.

John Deere 1 series includes two models including the 1023E and 1025R that may look similar in most of the features, size, and frame.

However, the 1025R comes with some upgraded features which may make you feel interested in the sub-compact utility tractor.

Notable features of 1 Series (1023E and 1025R)

  • Series 1 tractors have almost similar engine sizes, except that 1025R has a bit larger engine size. 1023E has a gross engine power of 21.5 HP and 1025R has about 23.9 HP. It allows the 1025R to add larger attachments.
  • The 2020 models come with the self-leveling loader feature. It reduces the chances of falling off the load. Also, increases the lifting capacity.
  • The 1025R offers a 3-point depth control to set implements at certain heights. On the other hand, the 1023E has only an up or down setting.

John Deere 2 Series:

John Deere’s 2 series compact tractors are stronger, larger, and perform heavier duties as compared to the 1 series. They are popularly called the “Ultimate Mini Landscaper”. The utility tractors include attachments such as a Quick-park loader, auto-connect same as the 1 series along with many more attachments to be used for different projects.

There are three models of 2 series including the 2025R, 2032R, and the 2038R with different engine sizes and horsepower. Each of them has unique features as well.

Notable features of 2 Series (2025R, 2032R, and the 2038R)

  • If consider frame size, the 2038R and 2032R have a larger frame than the 2025R model. If you need a compact tractor for easy and quick maneuverability, 2025R would be a great option. However, its frame size is bigger than the 1025R.
  • The 2032R and 2038R are also heavier than the 2025R which results in high stability. Again, the 2025R comes with the heated cab feature which provides more comfort, unlike the other two models.
  • John Deere 2 series models feature an e-throttle command button that automatically adjusts the speed of the tractor and provides the right amount of power. The feature makes the job easy and saves fuel consumption easier at the same time.

John Deere 1 Series VS 2 Series

John Deere 1 series and 2 series are different in terms of power, capacity, weight, and size mainly. 1 series mowers are called the sub-compact utility tractors.

 They are relatively small in size and have less horsepower and capacity. Also, they are more user-friendly and affordable option.

John Deere 2 series, on the other hand, features industrial-grade compact tractors. They have more power and capacity. Their heavy weight improves stability.

Both the series of tractors have hydrostatic transmission and auto-connect drive-over mower deck options. However, series 2 have a few updated features than series 1.

Which One Is The Best?

To put it simply, if you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight, and user-friendly tractor, John Deere 1 series wouldn’t disappoint you at all.

On the other hand, 2 series are bigger in size, more powerful to do an industrial job, and highly stable. Consider buying them, if you’re looking for something like this.

Final Words

So, John Deere 1 series vs 2 series comes to an end here. I hope you have already found a suitable for the job.

Thanks for the read.

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