The Key Differences Between Gravely ZT XL vs. ZT HD

For extra comfort during extended mowing sessions, the Gravely ZT XL offers a soft high-back seat with seat isolation and cut and sewn armrests.

Tubular Frame in Automotive Style for Gravely ZT HD, however, increases durability by allowing it to bear force from all directions.

In this article, I’ll compare and contrast all of the features of the Gravely ZT XL and ZT HD, as well as provide a final opinion so you can make an informed decision. Thus, complete reading the article.

Gravely ZT XL vs. ZT HD: Quick Comparison Table

There are some comparable features between Gravely ZT XL vs. ZT HD. So, take a look at the quick comparison between these two powerful models of Gravely.

Gravely ZT XL vs. ZT HD:

FeaturesZT XLZT HD
Deck Size42 inches to 60 inches44 inches to 60 inches
Power21.5 HP to 25 HP21.5 HP to 26 HP
The capacity of the fuel tank2.8 gal5 gal
CostCosts less than ZT HDMore expensive
Warranty4 years4 years

What are the Differences between Gravely ZT XL vs. ZT HD Based on Features?

1. Engine Power:

The Gravely ZT XL’s engine power ranges from 21.5 HP to 25 HP. This fantastic lawn mower comes with an engine that has several improvements that will make operators’ jobs easier. Moreover, users will be provided with added value to the uses.

Gravely ZT HD does not have a big difference from ZT XL in terms of engine power.  The Gravely ZT HD’s engine power ranges from 21.5 HP to 26 HP.

In any case, a lawnmower with a powerful engine is desired. In this case; you can choose HD for an extra 1HP which is available in the ZT HD 60.

2. Cutting Quality:

The cutting quality of Gravely ZT XL makes you cut the lawns like a pro. You are getting zero-turn capability, cutting precision, or professional-grade quality in XL which cannot be compared with any other mower.

Thus, you are now able to raise your joy to expand to unusually huge dimensions by making a few passes across your land.

The cutting quality of Gravely ZT HD is so amazing that you do not have to worry about any angle of the ground.

It is worth mentioning that the smaller you go with the deck size, the better that cutting quality gets.

However, with the 60-inch deck of ZT HD, you can perfectly be satisfied with the cutting quality. You do not have to encounter any scalping on any parts of your yard.

In terms of cutting quality, I would recommend ZT HD as you will not face any kind of issue with any size of the deck.

According to many users of ZT XL, ZT XL 48 shows poor cutting quality while mowing. Although all blades are sharp, low lift causes too many missing pieces of grass of varying lengths.

3. Overall Comfort:

You will receive a completely welded 3-inch tall tubular frame with your Gravely ZT XL. A welded frame gives a strong, sturdy backbone that a bolted frame does not.

With 20-inch driving tires and 11-inch x 6-inch front caster wheels, the ZT XL outperforms the competition in terms of handling.

Furthermore, the cut and stitched armrests on the ZT XL’s plush, high back seat provide extra comfort during extended cutting operations.

In gravely ZT HD, you are getting an automotive-style tubular frame that boosts durability by enduring force from every direction. This superior, high-strength frame has a lower center of gravity to improve stability when working on the hillsides.

Moreover, the ZT HD’s seating isolation system reduces discomfort by absorbing the uneven terrain so your body doesn’t have to take extra pressure.

Both Gravely lawn models will supply you with the utmost flexibility that you seek in terms of comfort. As a result, both lawnmowers are reliable.

4. Cost:

Gravely ZT XL comes up at a lesser price than the ZT HD, ranging in price from $4,749 to $5,099. At this price, you will get an 11-Gauge Fabricated Deck in your lawnmower which will not disappoint you in any situation.

Its 1/2-inch-deep design allows enough airflow to handle even the most difficult mowing situations, resulting in skilled cut quality and longevity.

Gravely ZT HD, on the other hand, is more expensive than ZT XL, with prices ranging from $5,899 to $6,399.

The lawnmower exceeds expectations in terms of style, comfort, speed, and precision at this price point. It is designed to meet commercial power and durability requirements.

Furthermore, the CBT system maintains constant belt tension, reducing wear and heat while extending belt life with minimal modifications. You’ll also get a flip-up side discharge chute, which helps to protect the ecosystem.

Even though ZT HD comes at a higher price, I would still prefer to choose ZT HD instead of ZT XL. To many users, ZT HD is worth the extra money whereas XL shows up with some shortcomings at a lesser price.

5. Warranty:

Both Gravely ZT XL and ZT HD come up with a 4-year warranty. With a 4-year of warranty, you can fully enjoy the Zero-Turn system in your ZT XL.

 The Gravely ZT XL is made of the same high-quality materials as the Gravely ZT X. This lawnmower, however, offers more enhanced features that are required by entry-level landscaping firms.

The 4-year guarantee on the HD is balanced by several special features. The foot-operated deck lift system has a vertical pin option that enables quick changes between 15 cutting position adjustments.

Moreover, a folding ROPS option is supported by a ROPS-capable design frame for increased operator protection.

In the case of warranty, both ZT XL and ZT HD are worth accepting. Thus, there is nothing to get confused about between these two options.

Gravely ZT XL vs. ZT HD: Which One to Choose Finally?

Overall, if all of the features and dependability of the Gravely ZT XL and ZT HD are compared, ZT HD can be your best choice over ZT XL.

Even though Gravely ZT HD appears with extra expanse than ZT XL, the money will be worth using. You will not have to face such disappointments from HD that XL may show in terms of uses.

It is worth mentioning that ZT-3100 Hydraulic Gear transmissions in ZT HD are commercial-grade, high-efficiency designs. Such a feature provides fast control and enhanced torque for the users.

In contrast, regardless of the cut height, the cut quality in XL is sometimes a big problem. Many users assume that by lowering the deck, they will be able to get higher suction; however, this is not the case.


You should have a good understanding of these lawnmowers after reading this article. You can tell the difference between these two lawnmowers now and choose the better option.

If you ask any user, the Gravely ZT HD is a winner even when it comes up at a higher price tag.

The HD appeared worthwhile to the majority of consumers. According to them, they desired something durable and long-lasting that they have got in ZT HD instead of XL.

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