Gravely vs Bad Boy: The Showdown of the Greats

The zero-turn lawn mowers are the new generation of lawnmowers that are far better than their ancestors. There are a variety of lawnmowers in the market that will attract your attention but finding the right one is more important.

Usually, people tend to buy zero-turn lawn mowers before knowing what to look for. In this guide, I will help you to judge between two awesome zero-turn mowers that will fit the criteria for the best lawn mowers out there namely- a bad boy and gravely. 

Let’s dive into the details below.

Bad Boy vs Gravely: At A Glance

If you don’t have enough time to read the entire article then it’s okay. You can take a quick look at our comparison chart:

Comparison FeaturesGravelyBad boy
EngineKohler 7000 series twin Kohler 7000 series twin
Engine Power18.5 horsepower22 horsepower
Warranty3 years2 years
Fuel Capacity2.8 gallons5 gallons
Mph7 forward and 3.5 reverse6 forward and 3 reverse
FrameHeavy-duty 1.5x 3 wielded tubing2x 2 wielded tubing
Deck sizeComes in three sizes- 42”, 52”, 60”Comes in only one  size- 42”
Front tires11 x6 x511 x6 x5 
Rear tires20 x10 x818 x8.5 x8
Seat Plush 18inch high back with sprint and arm restMid back plastic with no arm rest
Cutting Height1.5 to 4.5 dial to height1.5 to 4.5 dial to height

Who Makes Gravely?

Gravely is a manufacturer of powered lawn and garden implements.

Benjamin Franklin Gravely manufactured a hand-pushed plow fitted with an auxiliary Indian motorcycle engine and driven by belts in 1916.

A significant change in their product design came in 1970 by introducing belt-driven 4-speed transmission and an 8HP Kohler engine named 408.

The brand has survived more than 100 years of difficulties and prosperous times. They are still selling their products through the exclusive dealer network.

How Good Gravely Mowers Are?

The Gravely Zero-turn mower has improved quite a lot over the years. The current additions to its family have a quite sleek design that specializes in ensuring your maximum comfort.

It can provide you with promisingly good performance and an easy yet strong maneuver over the vehicle.

The gauge-steel deck can withstand any weather along with any type of lawn. No matter what the terrain is, this mower will give you a precise cut to your grass.

My Recommended Gravely Zero Turn Mowers:

  1. Gravely Pro-Turn 600 is the most powerful in their line of zero-turn mowers. It is a commercial riding mower with a massive 999cc engine.
  2. On the other hand, Gravely ZT X is an entry-level mower. With 725cc Kohler 7000 Pro engine, the mower can handle heavy-duty tasks.

Who Makes Bad Boy Mowers?

Bad Boy Mowers are manufactured in the USA by their own for commercial and residential uses.

Their location was in the Ozark Mountains. Over the years, the company has grown to more than 700 employees from only 20 in the beginning.

2005 was the year when their first mower hit the market named ZT. After getting a huge positive response, Bad Boy completely upgraded their product lineup and introduced the famous Outlaw series.

How Good Bad Boy Zero Turn Mowers Are?

The Bad Boy is truly an incredible mower that has a great performance engine and well-constructed heavy-duty frame that will not disappoint you in any way. This mower is built in a way to lasts for a lifetime.

The deck is featured with enough functions like the sloped nose, anti-scalping system, etc. that will leave your grass precisely cut every time.

Not to mention, the fuel tanks that hold up to 5 gals each. The dual fuel tanks system will help you run throughout the day with ease. 

You have full control over your mower as well with a steering dampening system that gives you smooth and straight maneuver over your vehicle.

My Recommended Bad Boy Zero Turn Mowers:

  1. Bad Boy MZ Magnum is the perfect entry-level ZTR mower with great performance and comfort. 747cc KHL Pro Engine can keep up with continuous mowing tasks.
  2. Bad Boy ZT Elite is an expensive ZTR mower from Bad Boy. If budget is not an issue, I will recommend you to buy it. Besides beast-like performance, you will like its ergonomic and compact design.

An In-Depth Comparison Between Gravely and Bad Boy

As I am comparing two brands, don’t expect to see any specific model comparison. Here, you get an overall idea about which brand mowers are suitable for what tasks.

Engine and Performance

Because of having the same type of engines in both brands’ products, you can expect almost the same performance. But I have seen a slight difference in their overall speed.

After going through the spec sheets, it is clear to me that Gravely mowers are 1 MPH faster than the Bad Boy zero-turns in both forward and reverse operation.

Furthermore, the number of deck wheels is more in Gravely products. As a result, it can ensure better stability.


The strength of the frame depends on the material type and thickness. You will see from their features and specs that their deck material is the same.

However, there is a slight difference in the thickness. It seems that Bad Boy mowers have a thicker deck meaning more strength.

But the difference is so minimal that the overall longevity of both brands does not differ that much.

Oil Tank Capacity

For comparing the oil tank capacity of the zero-turn mowers from both Gravely and Bad Boy, I have taken the specs of several models into my account.

The side-by-side comparison showed me that Bad Boy mowers have a larger oil tank capacity.

Those who are planning to mow larger lawns with minimal breaks must choose a Bad Boy ZT mower.

To give you an idea, let me give you an example. A Gravely ZT XL has only 2.8 gallons capacity whereas a Bad Boy MZ Magnum can hold up to 5 gallons.

Hence, Bad Boy is clearly the winner in this section.


Both brands offer comfortable padded seats so that the user can comfortably mow the lawn for a long time.

But Gravely is ahead of its competitor by providing armrest. Also, they provide high-back seats for maximum comfort.

Comparing the control system positioning, and ergonomics, both of them are almost the same.

Indeed, a few Bad Boy models have armrests but those are made of cheap plastic; not so comfortable.

So, I think that Gravely win this section for ensuring more comfort than its counterpart.


In this last segment, Gravely ZT mowers win over Bad Boy.

After going through the warranty periods of their products, I have seen that the Bad Boy mowers come with only 2 years or 200 hours of warranty.

On the other hand, Gravely offers 4 years or 500 hours of tension-free mowing.

There is another matter. Letting your Bad Boy mower be used by other persons than the owner does not enable the 200 hours warranty period.

But you or anyone can use the Gravely mower you have purchased, and still enjoy the 500 hours of warranty.

From this point of view, Gravely is a better option for homeowners.

So, Gravely vs Bad Boy: Which One is Better?

From the comparison above, you can see that Gravely aces in almost all segments.

Both of them are almost the same in terms of quality and performance. But you can’t ignore the slight margins.

Therefore, going with the Gravely ZTR models is the wisest decision. Now, it doesn’t make Bad Boy look bad.

Based on any kind of personal preference, your decision can be anything. And, don’t hesitate to choose any of the brands as both of them are worth investing in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the alternatives to Bad Boy mowers?

Ariens, Husqvarna, and Troy-Bilt are some of the most popular alternatives of Bad Boy Zero Turn Mowers.

What are the alternatives to Gravely mowers?

Toro, Ariens, Troy-Bilt, Husqvarna, John Deere, and Cub Cadet are the best alternatives to Gravely Mowers.

How much is a Gravely zero turn mower?

The price of a Gravely zero turn mower depends on the size and model. To give you an idea, getting a 60” Gravely mower can cost you around 6000 bucks.

How much is a Bad Boy zero turn mower?

As I have told you in the previous answer, the price of a zero-turn mower depends on several factors. For comparison purposes, the same 60” Bad Boy mower, same as gravely, can cost you around 6200 dollars.

Is Gravely and Bad Boy made in the USA?

The mower assembly of both brands takes place in the United States. And, most of the parts are manufactured in the US too.

Final Verdict

Both the zero-turn mowers are equally incredible in their own way. If you want comfort and great adaptability, then Gravely is the best one for you. However, Bad boy is the one that ticks all the right criteria and is quite a good mower to look up to.

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